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Night Birds
Fresh Kills Vol.1

Label: Grave Mistake Records

  • LP 12,90
With the NIGHT BIRDS first three 7" singles all now out of print, we decided that the easiest solution to keep these tunes available on vinyl for the masses would be to press up the "Fresh Kills Vol. 1" collection onto 12" format! This LP compiles the first two years of the band's existence; including their 2009 demo, their highly sought after "Killer Waves" 7" on Art of the Underground, the "Self-Titled" EP on Dirtnap / Grave Mistake, and their "Midnight Movies" 7" on No Way Records; 15 tracks in all. We've also added concise liner notes from the band discussing each release collected on this LP. These Jersey boys take all of the best elements from bands like ADOLESCENTS, D.I., AGENT ORANGE, and DEAD KENNEDYS (to name a few), to create some of the most infectious snotty surf-influenced hardcore punk this side of Rikk Agnew's cat corpse.