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Original Three
Been Dealt A Losing Hand

Label: P.Trash

This Memphis based trio, founded by BLACK LIP's guitar player Ian, creates its minimalistic, yet damn catchy and melodic Garage Punk by using the classic OBLIVIANS ingredients: Two guitars, grooving CRAMPS-like drums, a slightly distorted and snappy voice and a swampy Memphis feeling. The majority of these 9 songs range in a slower sector with cheap driving guitar leads and a drifting groove. "This is the way I'm walking", "Needs fixing" and "Unplug" stand out as faster tracks in the vein of OBLIVIANS or even THE REATARDS, whose boss JAY has a guest appearence here. His ex ALICJA TROUT (LOST SOUNDS, RIVER CITY TANLINES,...) not only functioned as the producer of 2 songs, but also plays the piano on "It's not the way you're thinking".
Licensed from Empty Records, who did the CD.
This LP comes in black silkscreen artwork on white cover/ clear wax, limited to 500 copies! All sleeves handnumbered.