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Peter Pan Speedrock
Lucky Bastards

Released: May. 26, 2003

Without any doubt, Peter Pan Speedrock, the 3-headed Rock'n'Roll beast from Eindhoven, is the most performing band from Holland over the last years. They attract a wide diversity of fans: anarchy-punks, rockabillies, hard rockers, metals, skaters, farmers, angry white collar workers and bikers; you see them around with a PPS-shirt and a glass of beer in the hand. There's a mutual loyalty between band and fans: honesty, sincerity and the love for straight and pure rock&roll. After three records and no less than 150 shows all over Europe only in 2003, Peter Pan Speedrock comes up with a brandnew album called "Lucky Bastards". Thirteen hardrockin' speedrock killers that will once again pose a serious threat to your eardrums, but will also have you rockin' like a madman in a blink of an eye. This record is a special thanx to Motorhead and kicks your ass like Zeke! 'Lucky Bastards' is produced by Seattle punkrock'n'roll icon and mastermind Kurt Bloch. As he was responsible for some of Peter Pan Speedrocks favourite records like 'Saturday Night Fever' (Devil Dogs), 'The Evil Power Of Rock'n'Roll' (Supersuckers) and the first two Nashville Pussy records, it was just a logical step to ask him for this job. Suburban Records is taking care about BeNeLux, the Bitzcore version comes with various bonus tracks: the CD version has one bonus track called 'Boys are back' while the exclusive vinyl pressing (strong gatefold cover and 180g vinyl) has two tracks ('My GTO' and 'Boys are back').

Song Titles

  • Surfwrecker
  • Go Satan Go
  • Killerspeed
  • Back in the city
  • Knuckleboys
  • Dead End
  • Twist of fate
  • Smokin' Ass
  • Black Beauty '69
  • Always Drunk, Always Loud, Always Right!
  • Lone Star City
  • Lucky Bastards
  • Bitch on Wheels