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Peter Pan Speedrock
Spread Eagle

Label: BitzCore

Released: Apr. 25, 2005

After kicking asses with the split-release with Zeke, the three dutchmen are ready to take the next step and release their 6th record. Together with Tomas Skogsberg who worked with bands like The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies and Entombed, they banned another masterpiece of speedrock on tape. 13 songs, made to break your neck! Peter Pan Speedrock never sounded tighter!

Song Titles

  • Cock-Teaser
  • Tonight Allright
  • Time to Get Down
  • Damn You All To Hell
  • Pay the fuckin' bill!
  • Alfa Female
  • Ain't No Part o'Nothing
  • Good Stuff
  • Better Off Dead
  • Red Wings
  • Short Road to Nowhere
  • Outta Control
  • Domino