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Out Of Anger

Label: Not Just Words

From the ashes of DeathXChamps and Spirit84 a new band arose with the intention of playing straight up hardcore in 2003. REMAIN. Five years, several bandmembers, a lot of shows and a well-received 7" later they're back! Bringing you hardcore in a way that you haven't seen too much in the last couple of years filled with punkrock and rock 'n roll bands. OUT OF ANGER by REMAIN! Containing 14 hard hittin' tracks concerning today's hardcore scene and personal issues and songs to mosh and stagedive to. With OUT OF ANGER, REMAIN proves that it's not too late for a good hardcore record inspired by Floorpunch, No Warning and Judge. They took things to the next level since their last 7' out on NOT JUST WORDS RECORDS. Get ready for OUT OF ANGER it will be out in the spring of 2008 and prepare yourself for the moment REMAIN will come to tear your local venue apart!

gatefold sleeve