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Label: P.Trash

After appetizing us on various small platters, these four Minnesotites finally deliver the main course on their first big one. What you get is 12 crazy and overdriven chunks of finest Garage-Punk stuffed down your throat and flushed deep down your guts on a wave of surfy guitarlines, crashing cymbals and distorted vocals. From the fast and sharp openers ''Waste of time'' and ''Gimme a pill'' to the more relaxed, but not less threatening ''Next to you'' or ''Commit crime'' right down to the farewell instrumental ''Outerspace rainbow'', this is a raw and stripped-down mash of rattling KBD Punk, the melodic outbursts of JAY REATARD, some rolling Memphis Punk plus a little Surf here and there banned straight and analogically on a 4-track with the helping hand of beers and burgers. A feast for all you noisehungry hounds out there sincerely brought to by P.Trash and Radio 81. Enjoy!

Limd. 482 black wax