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Shai Hulud
That Within Blood Ill Tempered

Label: Revelation

  • LP 12,90
Shai Hulud's highly anticipated That Within Blood Ill-Tempered is a testament of heart, passion, and sincerity. The new album clearly illustrates the effectiveness metal influenced hardcore can offer. Musically, Shai Hulud has maintained the sound they initially invented - an angered and melodic, multi-layered blend of beauty and aggression - and continued to expand its boundaries within That Within Blood Ill-Tempered. Shai Hulud is uncompromising, musically, lyrically, and idealistically - not having succumbed to current trends.

Throughout their career, Shai Hulud's lyrics have been revered, and duly noted as being highly influential to fans and their musical contemporaries. That Within Blood Ill-Tempered is a veritable book of poetry as well as an epic album musically. In every aspect, That Within Blood Ill-Tempered boasts a maturity and intelligence seldom found, even in the scene of underground music.

Shai Hulud is reminding the music buying public that aggressive rock is a potent and viable art form, and not just a means to showcase hollow anger, expensive clothes, and bad tattoos. There is a reason for this music, as well there should be. It is no surprise That Within Blood Ill-Tempered is this year's most anticipated hardcore / metal album. The public is wiser than they are given credit for. They demand substance, and substance they shall receive. That Within Blood Ill-Tempered is passion's promise, and true love's reward. For all the true and passionate lovers of aggressive music.