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Sista Sekunden
Aldras Med Stil

Label: P.Trash

Swedish Punk devotees SISTA SEKUNDEN's new big plate is filled to the brim with enthusiasm and joyous anthems that go against time and serve as a brilliant manual to age with style.
Still angry, still pissed-off and still loving the healing powers of punky Hardcore the four midsters keep on delivering a sweeping 13-song swipe on politicians, priests and other pigs who want to tell you what to do, left wing hooligans, hispster bands and their overpriced products, welfare states and police violence. They really took their time to rasp and file some hard edges off their sound and stepped a little off the throttle in favor of more melodic and catchier mid-tempo tunes that let us have a glimpse on personal issues like being the last Punk standing, leaving your boring hometown behind, the never ending love for Punk and Hardcore and growing old in style, just like singer Dempe's grandpa Knut, looking at us proud and sincere from the cover of this album. A man who spend 50 years as a steelworker for a goldwatch and a handshake and to whom the song 'Morfar Knut' is dedicated. For all the professional againsters who refuse to give in to a prefab life and rather keep on keeping on listening to some timeless music; get this record that is bound to become a milestone in Swedish Punkrock for generations ahead to enjoy!