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Label: Narshardaa

This fabulous and fucked up duo, Matt Truck and Nate Ropple (Ultra Dolphins!) hail from Brooklyn and Philadelphia. In the footsteps of contemporary experimentalists Lightning Bolt, Mens Recovery Project and Cromtech with a little Steve Albini and Mike Patton unruliness thrown into the mix, Snacktruck continue to devestate the dancefloor / dance area with their infectious grooves, thunderous beats and squeling wall of guitar. After several totally ripping demos, a couple years of sporatic touring and guerilla shows, an honest full length documentation for these dudes is much deserved. The CD version of this record will be coming out on the fantastic THE PERPETUTUAL MOTION MACHINE Records label, who have worked with a lot of this great bands: Circle Takes The Square, Stop It, Page 99, etc.

Song Titles

  • movement number one
  • Movement Number Two
  • the belgian congo
  • pheasant
  • terrier of the pale moon
  • big dumb guy
  • movement number four
  • g2
  • peyote
  • Iron Apocalypse
  • endangered species battle arena