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Sonic Avenues
Television Youth

Label: Dirtnap Records

Released: Feb. 02, 2012

  • LP 12,90
  • LP 10,00
SONIC AVENUES are just four Montreal kids who started riffing punk tunes in 2006, but since getting swept up in the booming punk epicentre of neighbouring Ottawa, they've been catapulted into the ranks of the best pop-punk acts in Canada! After releasing a few singles, SA dropped a bomb in late 2009 with their debut LP on Ottawa's infamous Going Gaga Records. Within a few short months, the record had sold-out twice, including a European repress by Germany's fine Taken By Surprise and Sabotage Records. Two years later, after obliterating eardrums from stages across North America and Europe, they returned home to record a crushing follow-up, Television Youth for Portland-based label Dirtnap Records. Featuring more of the over-driven guitars, infectious harmonized melodies and blazing 2-3 minute songs that powered their debut, SA have nonetheless pushed the limits into new territories with this latest offering. In short, Television Youth is punkier, poppier, louder and dirtier than anything they've done before. Armed with this devastating new arsenal, as well as ambitious touring plans spanning the (un)civilized world, SONIC AVENUES are sure to keep fists in the air and beers a-flyin' for years to come.

Song Titles

  • Givin' Up On You
  • Throw It Away
  • Television Youth
  • Late Summer Goner
  • OCD Vibes
  • Waste Away Alone
  • Fadin' Luv
  • Static Attraction
  • Back Up Back Down
  • Always Looking for Something