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Last Days

Label: New Dark Age , Sabotage

Released: 01.09.2010

  • LP 9,90
Spectres were originally formed in 2006 by Brian Gustavson and Steve Hanker in a small town called Coombs, British Columbia. The pair wanted to experiment with peace punk and post punk influences and made a few demos that were mailed out and given away to various friends. Whisper in Darkness label heard one of these demos and expressed an interest in what eventually became the "Cold War" 7". At this point Brian and Steve set about putting together a band to start playing shows, and Heather Szilagyi (drums), Nathan Szilagyi (bass) and Zach Batalden (guitar) were added to the band's roster. Not long after Heather left the band and Steve Gerencer joined to fill in on drums, and this line up went on to make the "Visions of a New World" 7" later that year. The band toured to support this release in the spring of 2008 and Steve Hanker left the band after the tour to persue other projects. Tyler Pilling joined shortly after to play guitar in Steve's place and this line up has been consistently playing shows in the Pacific North West ever since. The band's first LP, "Last Days" began when Spectres partnered with Felix Fung of Little Red Sounds in January of 2009, working in multiple sessions through the next few months to complete their debut full length album. The new record expands the song writing skills from their two previous ep's to include some more angular writing abilies. The vocals are more dynamic and overall better thought out. Being compared to bands like JOY DIVISION and SISTERS OF MERCY is a hard thing to live up to, but they have definitely taken those influences and molded them into something heartfelt and profound. This release is being jointly released by Whisper In Darkness Label in North America and Sabotage Records/New Dark Age in Europe.

Song Titles

  • Time Is Out
  • Stasi
  • Romans
  • Our Time
  • Longinas
  • City Of Ghosts
  • Standing East
  • Nazca