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State Of Mind
Knowledge Of Self

Label: Take It Back

  • LP 5,00
"Knowledge of Self" marks the band's return. Around since the beginning of 2005, and originally inspired by bands like Maximum Penalty, Breakdown, Supertouch, and Leeway, STATE OF MIND has been playing groovy NY-styled hardcore, adding different influences along the way. Blending their original sound with more of an emphasis on rhythm similar to "Meantime"-era Helmet, "Knowledge of Self" proves STATE OF MIND to be one of Europe's few standout bands. "Knowledge of Self" is a record about new beginnings and about changes in life, maintaining a critical stance in their lyrics towards society as well as towards oneself. In a time where hardcore seems to be getting more superficial by the day, STATE OF MIND tries to stand out from the masses, choosing its own path.

Song Titles

  • Modern Force
  • Answers
  • Human Failure
  • The Quest
  • Without Fear
  • Modern Eyes