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Label: P.Trash

Released: 12.28.2005

  • LP 10,00
After the release of their second full-length "New people make us nervous", these Canadians are becoming more and more popular. To keep your cold turkey for their sweet and gritty sound at bay, P.Trash did a little diggin' in the musical past of the trio and puts out "Aux", same title as their first full-length, originally released as a CD only on Californian Pelado Records. In agreement with the band, we picked the best 8 songs from this record (a choice that definitely wasn't easy) and the boys chipped in 2 more unreleased songs with the snappy "View from here" and the WIPERS-influenced "Mortar & Mason", both recorded somewhere between the releases of the two records. It's hard to believe that pearls like these haven't found their way on a record before. If you liked the pop-appeal of "New people'" you'll get your fix of harmonies and catchy melodies here. This ain't no lame-ass "early-years-stuff", these recordings are even more poppy and smoother than their latest material! The guitar work in "Fine tuned'' and "Division" heavily reminds of THE CLASH and THE JAM, while songs like "Caught" and "Picket" are more on the JAWBREAKER side, all mixed up with a typical Canadian sense for power-pop and topped lyricwise with a critical eye on society. Also contains the hymn "Signals" from the band's first 7inch.
Comes in a hand-printed silkscreen cover done by Antipesto-Graphics.

Song Titles

  • Fine Tuned
  • Caught
  • barstool
  • Division
  • Roger, Copy That
  • Picket
  • Still There Are The Ones
  • Step Up
  • Collateral
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Signals
  • Urbania
  • There Are Things I Think You Should Know
  • Telecommunication
  • Vintage