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Holiday Cops

Label: P.Trash

Released: Apr. 12, 2010

Canada is so proud of their native sons that the country erected a massive golden monument to the STATUES in the middle of their hometown and sent all cops on holiday so that the punks could dance around it singing 'Hurray Hurray! a new STATUES album saw the light of day!'
The three Pop-Punk scientists refined their formula in these 10 brandnew songs and poured in some drops of DEVO, SPITS and WIPERS that lets the test tube eruptively foam over with joy, heart, guts and splendid melodies! You want your beloved poppy tunes? You got 'em in 'Holiday cops', 'Reflux' and your new hymn to youth and the weekend 'Young enough'. You need more cool and loud bass lines? Try 'Stop watch' and the critical, exploding 'Self Help Con Job' to satisfy your appetite.
Choppy DEVO style guitar riffs and a good SPITS-like beat anyone? Then go listen to 'Uptime' and 'Up scope, fire one' and get the chills in the slightly more dissonant and yet fantastically melodic 'Broken parts' and 'Start time'.
Fresh out of the laboratory and back on European stages everywhere soon!

440 copies made.

Song Titles

  • Up Time
  • Holiday Cops
  • Reflux
  • Stop Watch
  • Broken Parts
  • Up Scope, Fire One
  • Start Time
  • Self Help Con Job
  • Young Enough
  • Home Life