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Teen Crud Combo
Judgment Night Soundtrack Part Two

Label: Deranged

It is with extreme pleasure that I release into our vein and mostly pathetic existence TEEN CRUD COMBO's long lost 12inch masterpiece entitled 'Judgment Night Soundtrack Part 2'. This recording has been sitting idle for over 6 years and is now thankfully available - rejoice! At a time when Toronto had no good bands to speak of, came TEEN CRUD COMBO with their DWARVES, ZEKE, and MOTORHEAD worship to grace Toronto's eager punk and rock souls. Now long broken up, TCC consisted of people who went on to play in RUINATION and BRUTAL KNIGHTS and put on an excellent live show. It didn't take long for TCC to become the best thing Toronto had to offer but for the most part, this new found fame was pretty much limited to Toronto. They did release a 7" on BlackLung records but broke up before really becoming more than just a local phenomenon. This LP features 13 speedy punk songs which includes 4 from the BlackLung 7" and 9 previously unreleased tracks. I have said this many of times, this is one of the best Canadian punk records in many moons.