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Terra Tenebrosa
the tunnels

What do we know about TERRA TENEBROSA? Well - apart from the fact it features ex-members of Swedish band BREACH. From first pulse of noise to final sudden punch of silence, "the tunnels" is a stunning masterpiece of musicianship. Deep, dark, ethereal and full of sonic menace, it strips you bare and naked of all security, and you are left cold and ravaged in a world where they make all the rules and you are at their every mercy. It is not unrelentingly heavy, indeed, what it has in spades and uses to maximum assault is a mastery of music as a weapon, the beats build and build and build and you fall into the peaks and troughs being created and are soon lost in a landscape of ambient, perfectly crated darkwave soundcreation that is as brilliant written as it is performed. The vinyl version of this fantastic album contains an exclusive bonus track.

Song Titles

  • The Teranbos Prayer
  • Probing The Abyss
  • The Mourning Stars
  • The Arc of Descent
  • Guiding The Mist / Terraforming
  • Through The Eyes of The Maninkari
  • The Tunnels