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Terrible Feelings

Label: Sabotage

Released: 15.04.2012

  • LP 10,90
The album was recorded at Tambourine Stu­dios in their hometown, in January 2012. Co-producer Erik Sunding spurred them to use more than ten different guitars and amps, a quirky violin bass played over a massive amp from the 70s, old beat up drums, farfisa, hammond, piano and tons of rippling percussion. The outcome is 12 quite different songs, somehow all tied together by a common notion; walking hand in hand towards a bleak future. For those with a weakness for melancholic yet danceable punkrock, this record might just prove to be an essential staple in any collection.

Song Titles

  • Days To Come
  • Intruders
  • Lady Luck
  • Another Night
  • Darkness Of Man
  • Wicked Skull Pt1
  • Wicked Skull Pt2
  • Shadows Follow Me
  • Simultaneous Beats
  • Sleep As Deep As The Sea
  • Next Round's On You
  • Rest In Peace