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The Higher Elevations
The Protestant Work Ethic

Label: Time For Action

After several EP's and the critically acclaimed debut album The Higher Elevations are back. The new album 'The Protestant Work Ethic' is the group's finest effort so far. Here it comes all to appear. Neo-sixties , UK Mod, US-Powerpop, guitar-pop from the second half of the eighties and american guitar-stuff from the early nineties. But without to appear a copy, rather a dignified presentation and hommage to altogether with the intuition , to cook a own soup.

Song Titles

  • Breaking The News
  • European Holiday
  • Streetlights
  • Nights and Days
  • The Lighthouse
  • In Place
  • Saturday Night Out Again
  • Long Journey
  • Outskirts Of Town
  • Piano Interlude
  • The Paperback (feat. Suspiria Franklyn)
  • Better Times City Nights (For The Goth Kids)
  • The Children's Courtyard
  • A Lesson Learned