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The Holy Mountain

Label: Alerta Antifascista Records

Hailing from Tampa, Florida The Holy Mountain play a brutal brand of hardcore punk. Using the d-beat, the blast beat, bitter demented vocals, and fucked-up over the top guitar leads, The Holy Mountain dishes out musical violence that has been compared to bands like World Burns To Death, Driller Killer, From Ashes Rise, and Deathside.
Dan from Combat Wounded Veteran handles vocal duties and pens bleak, spitefull lyrics railing against attoricities and oppression and the concentraitions of power responsible for them.

Song Titles

  • Manufacturing Political Leverage
  • The Will Of The People
  • Penned In
  • Historical Reassurance
  • Rope or Bullet
  • Spilling Currency
  • the sovereign state
  • re-construction
  • wrath
  • America
  • Slaves