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The Untamed
Eerie Stories

Label: Heptown Records

Released: 2003-10-19

"Who Will Save Rock'n'Roll?" pleaded Handsome Dick Manitoba on the latest DICTATORS album. Well, the raunchy rockers of THE UNTAMED are more than ample candidates for instant salvation so, brothers'n'sisters, enter the unholy church of twangy r'n'r thrills!
Marco Burro (vocal & guitar molesting), Jakob The Ghoul (drums) and Helle Hellcat (bass & screams) sure ain't no rookies of Copenhagen's rock scene, they've more than paid their dues in kickass combos likes THE JETSONS and THE BURNOUTS. And lo and behold, their sensational debut album, "EERIE STORIES", is truly an inspired love poem to the likes of LINK WRAY, JOHNNY BURNETTE and THE CRAMPS with a wonderful sinister twist. From in-ya-face rockers like "The Big Black Cat" and "Hellcat Blues", to frantic psychobilly ("Skeleton Dance"), SONICS-style garage stomp ("I Want My Baby") and catchy beatpop ("She Tried To Be Good") THE UNTAMED show their superior skills at creating wellcrafted rawk'n'roll mayhem like no other Danish act! Anyone who witnessed their explosive gigs during the last year will be pleased to know all of that ferocious energy is more than intact in these 13 killer tunes. The excellent production captures both atmospheric heartfelt hillbilly twang and full-on garage/punkabilly of the r'n'r gospel according to THE UNTAMED, the Ying and the Yang, dude!

So gather around, greasers, punks, supervixens & rock'n'rollers, and embrace the new demonic testament of THE UNTAMED!

(Jens Kofoed-Pihl. on-line zine and author of "Kitsch, Camp & John Waters")

Song Titles

  • The Big Black Cat
  • Papa Bumwallah
  • Why Do I?
  • Demons Of The Past
  • Soul For Sale
  • Skeleton Dance
  • She Tried To Be Good
  • Reborn Teenage Rock Messiah
  • I Want My Baby
  • Nighttime
  • Surabaya
  • Beauty Born In Hell
  • Hellcat Blues