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The Untamed
Strange Unknown

Label: Heptown Records

Released: 2005-10-01

Sequels are usually weaker than the original, but "Strange Unknown" improves on already documented truimphs and conquests as the thirteen rock'n'roll nitro parasites eat their way into your defenseless skull. The Untamed are seasoned creatures of the Copenhagen rock'n'roll and punkrock scene (The Burnouts, Hellvis Deadly, Jetsons etc.) but age sure hasnĀ“t mellowed our funloving fiends. Nope, the sound is meaner, rawer and more carnivorous, literally, just listen to the first single "The Cannibal King", a track so fierce Reverend Horton-Heat would've sold his soul and sideburns to write an equal.

Song Titles

  • The Cannibal King
  • Villagers With Torches
  • Roadkill
  • The Coughin??? Killers
  • Postcard From The Grave
  • Tears In Dead Eyes
  • Zouweena ??? Queen Of The Jungle
  • Nocturne Girl
  • Meat Me At Midnight
  • The Kissin I???ll Be Missin
  • Monster Under My Bed
  • Don???t Be A Tease
  • The Cat Is Back!