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Label: React with Protest

Released: 29.06.2012

Hell yes. Here's the new Titan LP. Over two years in the making, Burn features ten new songs from Titan. Titan is a metallic post hardcore, sludge, and metal band from Toronto, Canada. Titan draws influences from bands such as Union Of Uranus and His Hero is Gone and merge them with an Isis type of drone. Burn is Titan's latest release and should please any fan of heavy music. Definitely a must for people who enjoy bands like Cursed, Tragedy, and slower doom bands such as Isis...... Highly recommended!

Song Titles

  • Feast
  • Indulgence
  • Myopic
  • Sermon
  • Warmer Months
  • Corrupt
  • Little Seeds
  • Telepaths
  • Vitiate
  • The Fire Sculptures