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Tongan Death Grip
Chula Vista

Label: P.Trash

Holy fox, this Halifax machete swingers cut right to the chase on their debut album which P. Trash delivers right on time before your Power Pop shakes start kicking in again and you start scratching off the wallpapers on a cold Punkrock turkey. This sounds like the DICKIES holding a lighter under a tin foil where the MARKED MEN are ready to take a big drag while the grinning BRIEFS are throwing peanuts at them.
Burning down fast on 45 tokes a minute, the pacing ''Rad moves'', ''I'm not listening'' and ''Pizza jerk'' will cause a head rush and the full pack of melodies and hook-filled choruses in ''Scientology'', ''Something's wrong'', ''Stupid kids'' or ''Watching you'' , mixed with the unknown psychedelic substances of ''Billie's genes'' will keep you nailed on the floor with your own personal Chula Vista projected on the bedroom ceiling of your inner eye.
Once more, this is pushing some serious Punkrock stuff to the needy. Rehab is futile.

Song Titles

  • Rad Moves
  • Scientology
  • watching you
  • really not listening
  • something's wrong
  • stupid kids
  • 57th street
  • alien brain
  • pizza jerk
  • i don't wanna go