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Useless Eaters

Label: P.Trash

Released: Jul. 01, 2011

After an essential singles on Shattered, Goner, Goodbye Boozy,... and a great first LP on TicTacTotally the USELESS EATERS are back with the third strike: A new 9 song LP. This is timeless unique music, catching the spirit and energy and rage of the first generation of so called punk bands to the deconstruction and nihilism of weird post-punk sound like JOY DIVISION to KBD fucking punk sound aka LEWD, URINALS or BOBBY SOXX.
The songs are sharp, tight and stripped down to bare necessities. Precise staccato guitar riffing matches Seth barking shouts perfectly. There are wilder punkers and cool a bit slower tunes dealing with girls as well but don’t get me wrong, expect no ballads here! It’s this genius rhythmic thing where guitar and voice once alternate and then again support each other that gives the songs their electrifying sting. You can read this in almost every review but I really think Seth wrote some great new songs. A number of major hits here like “Radioactive” where the breathless staccato verse leads to a melodic and flowing refrain. “Sticking Daggers” the kind of timelss punk song I want to hear! You can hear all the youth anger frustration and disgust in “Filthy Cop”. And you get “The Nausea” with JAY REATARD drumming like a maniac really driving the song onward and Seth’s overdriven voice close to hysteric really desperate shouting “I just wanna leave I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” Definitely gives you the feeling of what state the guys where in…
Fans of fellow Memphis Punk bands like FINAL SOLUTIONS, JAY REATARD or DESTRUCTION UNIT will love them.
"Zulu" is dedicated to IAN CURTIS & JAY REATARD!!!

Song Titles

  • Customer
  • Enthusiastic
  • Filthy Cop
  • Radioactive
  • the nausea
  • Shapes of a Mannequin
  • Sticking Daggers
  • Telepathic
  • Zulu