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We Live In Trenches
Modern Hex

Label: P.Trash

Released: 2009

  • LP 5,00
Their sound has been seething slowly in dark and mud-filled trenches way up north in those Swedish realms and finally the desperados of a vile church signal and embrace the end of all ends with this record that immediately pops up in everybody's top ten list these days like the epiphany of the holy mother of Noise. If tomorrow never comes this is the soundtrack to your final hours. When the walls close in and everything implodes, this is your fix of reality! ”Modern Hex” is an attention-seeking atom bomb ready to explode through the plasticity of your life. Through every syllable spits conviction, with every dissonant note thought pierces through, with every beat there's nail hammered down.
Filtering the pounding bassline and shattering drums of UNSANE and the stoic sonic brutality of FUCKED UP in dragging songs like ''White knuckles'', ''I owe my soul'' and ''Black Friday'', adding some galloping speed, FLIPPER's insane distortion and the craving urge of early Touch & Go bands like THE JESUS LIZARD in ''Vatican strap'', ''Male damage'' and ''After dark'' and flavouring this cocktail of ugly anthems with some furious female growls in ''Deported'' and the title track ''Modern hex''.
This ain't sheet music but the noise emanating from a palpitating sick heart that passionately smashes against a wall.

Limd. to 452 copies