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Doodle-Li Bop's
Last Gig

Label: P.Trash

Santa Claus will bring you this unforgettable gig into your house! Once upon a time, before Christmas eve. Someone out of curiosity taped a video of a show that would've been otherwise lost to the mists of time like an unrecorded HASIL ADKINS session. The Doodle-Li Bop's entered stage to pay their tribute to the Mighty Doodle-Li Boop. And putting a final stop to the two-headed-Monster that was created three years before, through the inspiration of Santa And The Doodle-Li Boop. A guitar/drums bashing ceremony was held on that final night. A sound as raw and simple and funfilled as can be. If you know your DEJA VOODOO and P. Trash stuff, you were in for a treat. Don't expect glossy (but empty) TV pictures here. Nor expect the latest videogame craze action.
As dark and loud and smoke filled as it was, you won't experience a lot of that in this crumsy little video. You have to use your imagination. Then you get an idea, what the Doodle-Li Bop's was about. You neither will feel the beer soaked floor. When was the last time you're feet moved over a staircase filled with splattered bottles, that feeled like you were walking on thin ice, and feeling like you're in The Spiral Staircase? Fakir Musafar'd have his pleasure. But, hell wasn't freezing over. Stay tuned to this channel and chances are you'll have the opportunity to experience more trash of brothers and sisters of the like. To hear their unrecorded work like "Doodle-Li Bop Mama", "The Last Doodle-Li Bop", or "Rolling Like A Doodle-Li Bop on Benzedrine" - this is left to their legacy of followers to come.
May the Mighty Doodle-Li Boop bless them.(Lee Crow)

Comes in a special silkscreened metal box limited to 50 handnumbered copies!