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Mundane Lullaby

Label: Sabotage

Finally, 3 long years after 'viva viva threatening' came out, the now-denial deliver their 3rd album 'mundane lullaby'. And it's no surprise, it is a big step forward. They come closer and closer to capture their live-energy on a piece of plastic. The sound is very good, still dirty, but powerful and huge like a bulldozer, with love for the detail, which makes it fun to listen to the record over and over again to smell the diesel and find something new with every listening. Yeah, it's still a hardcore/ punk record, it's still pissed off, but the limitations are gone. There is rock every now and then and it suits them well. And it's good to hear a real 2nd guitar again. On top of 12 great songs, varied in speed and mood,you get a well thought out lsd-influenced cover artwork with rabbits and flowers and lyrics that are far away from your average punk-cliché, but still angry and to the point.
A record like a journey on the road to nowhere, armed with a smile and a middlefinger up in the air, always pretending to have an insane masterplan up the sleeve.

Song Titles

  • Shades Of Gold And Shit
  • Osmosis
  • Cesspools
  • The Fat Cat
  • Mundane Lullaby
  • Glittering Lights/mallratstraps
  • Mouthful Of Shit
  • The Frame
  • Promenade And Warzone
  • The Roaring Mob
  • Picnic
  • The Coffin Is Open