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Peter Pan Speedrock
Loud Mean Fast & Dirty

Label: BitzCore

Loud Mean Fast & Dirty! It is exactely what Peter Pan Speedrock stands for: rockin´and rolllin´and kickin´butts since almost 7 years.This is an ass kickin´compilation of the band' s older stuff, a string of Speedrock favourites taken from those kind-of-hard-to-find albums and other cool stuff. Pedal to the metal!

Song Titles

  • Rocket-Fuel
  • Goodyear
  • Rockcity
  • Dead Mechanics
  • Gotta Get Some
  • Resurrection
  • Donkeypunch
  • Next Town
  • Boom!
  • Big Toy
  • Pedal to the Metal
  • Come On You
  • Dukes Of Danger
  • Megasdelitas
  • Hellalujah!
  • Motorblock
  • Auf Der Axe