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Scandinavian Leather

Label: Burning Heart

Released: 2028-04-20

  • LP 15,90
Turbonegro spent a good ten years wreaking havoc on rock'n'roll, sexual stereotypes, European and American stages, as well as their own bodies and minds, before dissolving in the waiting room of a psychiatric emergency ward in Milan, Italy 1998.
Before the split up, Turbonegro released numerous earth shattering & life-changing records, like "Apocalypse Dudes", "Never Is Forever" and "Ass Cobra" to mention a few. Many consider them the founders of Scandinavian Rock.
The band reformed in the summer of 2002, making unforgettable appearances on the "Res-Erection Tour", headlining at Festivals in Sweden (Hultsfred), Norway (Quart) and Germany (Bizarre), performing for a total of 100.000 dedicated denim disciples on these three shows. After the successful Festival tour, the band decided to record a new album.
Now the alpha denim recruits are back, stripped down to their Scandinavian leather!

Song Titles

  • Intro: The Blizzard Of Flames
  • Wipe It Til It Bleeds
  • Gimme Some
  • Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
  • Sell Your Body (To The Night)
  • Remain Untamed
  • Train Of Flesh
  • Fuck The World
  • Locked Down
  • I Want It All
  • Drenched In Blood (D.i.b.)
  • Le Saboteur
  • Ride With Us