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Corporate Rock Knockout
#1 W/ Glow Kids 7"

Watch the needle on your Rock'n'Roll Geiger Counter go crazy loco when this ready-to-use-and-rock kit from Denmark sparks a explosion of Power Pop and Garage Punk that will make all LOVER!, YOUNG GOVERNOR and MANIKINS fans strip off their protective gear and dance in spasms in a lethal mushroom cloud of killer melodies of which ''Television too'' and ''Shatter'' are made of. Hell, it seems like the radioactive superpower of GLOW KIT even made JAY REATARD come back from Space Punk paradise and leaving ''Killing time'' and ''To the Floor'' on the bedstand of this duo. This slab of Uranium-like Punk will make your stereo glow like a firefly in the darkest of night. Try it. It works.

Duck and cover! The new CRKO (aka "Corporate Rock Knockout") Fanzine #1 will be out late September/early October 2010 and it comes with a vinyl-EP of the awesome Danish Powerpoppunkrockers GLOW KIT (from Aarhus)!!! Zine and EP limited to 600 copies! This is what you'll find in the zine: The Dænish Mønster (A big special on Danish Punkrock: past and present), Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb, FDH Records, Mean Jeans, Baby Shakes, The Montesas, Statues (Euro-tourdiary Pt. 1), The Zygoteens, Sugar Stems, The Mighty Stef, A tribute to Jay Reatard, The Makeouts, Zodiac Killers, Squoodge Records, tons of reviews, some columns, another focus on Punkrock-food (Dixigas BBQ Sauce!) and some more blah blah blah...