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Corporate Rock Knockout
#2 W/ Toyotas 7"

Label: P.Trash

  • FANZINE+7" 8,90
The 7":
It's time to cover your boredom box with gasoline... What the heck do you need a radio for anyways?...Here's a new record by the TOYOTAS that will make your Punkrock heart pump faster and your stereo work overtime for the next couple of weeks. Four new songs full of those shaky and epileptic riffs you like so much and an even bigger '77 Punk snottyness in the fast bashers ''Kicks & Screams'', ''Destroy your Radio'' and ''Remote Controlled''. Those ones surely kick you where you like it the most. And if you start your working week with the ├╝bermelodic mid-tempo hit ''Monday 8 A.M.'', nothing can beat that smirky smile out of your face anymore. Pure Punkrock satisfaction guaranteed! Now, put a match to your radio and off it once and for all!

The Zine:
With a little Punkrock-delay, finally here it is: the issue #2 of the CRKO Fanzine!!! As always you get a hi-quality vinyl-7inch with the zine, this time the new TOYOTAS single "Radio Off!" The zine has 80 pages of useless crap like the big CRKO-Canada-Special part 1 (focus on Ottawa/Montreal feat. Ian Manhire, Going Gaga Recs/White Wires, a Montreal-Undercover-report, Nomeansno), lotsa Canadian bands interviewed: Le Volume Etait Au Maximum, McRackins, Strange Attractor... Furthermore: Bad Sports, Bobby Hussy/Kind Turkey Recs, Burger Records, Cyanide Pills, Kidnappers, Modern Pets, Riverdales, Sonic Surf City, Toyotas, Ty Segall, Derby Dolls, Terrible Feelings, Gonerfest 7 travelogue, tour-diary White Wires/Mean Jeans fall 2010, plus tons of reviews and other stuff...