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Corporate Rock Knockout
#3 /#4 + Strange Attractor 7Inch

Label: P.Trash

Reverend Beatman/The Monsters/Voodoo Rhythm Records, Straight Arrows, Night Birds, The Gits, Mickey Leigh - Joey Ramone, Nikki Corvette, CANADA-SPECIAL Part 2 (with Needles//Pins, Tourdiary: Strange Attractor/No Problem in Europe 2012, Crusades, Ottawa Explosion 2012), Imperial State Electric - Nicke "Royale" Andersson, Trouble In Mind Records, Ben Lyon, Occult Detective Club, Tyred Eyes, Impo and the Tents, Sing Sing Records, Stencil Trash Records, Two Tears, Wild Mustang, Brat Farrar, Gary Wrong Group, Certified PR Records, Hysterese, Uzbeks / Twintoe Records, Food-column: Modern Pets in the US of A, Bloodstains, Burger Boogaloo 2012, Gravys Drop, Golden Helmets, Erotic Devices, The Jimmy C, Black Hole Records (Tokyo)
plus columns and tons of reviews...