Adam West Hi-balls are rolling (colored vinyl (500 copies) LP 17,90
Aluminium Knot Eye Trunk Lunker LP 9,90 NEU
angry dead pirates garage music for mind and body lp 13,00 NEU
Atomic Suplex Bathroom Party LP 9,90 NEU
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Dig Yourself (Tofc) LP 9,90
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Ow! Ow! Ow! LP 12,90
Battered Suitcases Oblivion LP 11,90 NEU
BBQ the complete recordings vol. 1 LP 9,90 NEU
billy childish and the buff medways the XFM sessions LP 16,90 NEU
Bitter Sweet Kicks Eat Your Young LP 9,90 NEU
Brimstone Howl We Came In Peace LP 12,90 NEU
Buried Horses Tempest LP 13,90 NEU
C-Types Something Awkward 7" 4,90 NEU
cannibale not easy to cook lp 14,90 NEU
Cannibals Trash for cash LP 9,90
Captain 9's & The Knickerbocker Trio Scum Of The Earth LP 9,90
Carnation Gothenburg Rifle Association LP 12,90 NEU
Carnation Human universals CD 6,50
Carnation Human universals LP 9,90
Charms Strange Magic LP 9,90
Cramps .. off The Bone CD 8,00
Cramps Bad music for bad people CD 10,00
Cramps From the vault 7" 15,00
Cramps Human fly (red vinyl, postersleeve) 7" 10,00
Cramps Human fly / Domino (re-issue) 7" 30,00
Cramps Kizmiazs 7" 10,00
Cramps Psychedelic jungle CD 10,00
Cramps Rockinnreelin in Auckland CD 8,00
Cramps Songs The Lord Taught Us CD 8,00
Cramps Surfin bird / the way I walk (re-issue) 7" 30,00
Cramps What's inside a gril (purple vinyl) 7" 20,00
Crawdaddy Simone S/t (Cover Vg) 7" 9,00
Crawdaddys Crawdaddy express LP 14,90
Demons Claws Lost In The Desert V2 LP 15,00 NEU
Destination Lonely Nervous breakdown 2xLP+CD 18,90 NEU
Dialtones S/t LP 9,90
Dm Bob & The Deficits Bad Wimen LP 12,90
Downliners Sect the country sect (Charly Records) LP 18,00
Droogs Anthology LP 13,00
Droogs Guerrilla Love-In LP 7,90
Flamin' Groovies Now LP 14,90
Flamin' Groovies Sneakers LP 15,00
Flamin' Groovies Teenage Head CD 6,50
Flamin' Groovies Teenage Head 2xLP 18,00
Flash Express Introducing The Dynamite Sound Of... LP 14,90
Fleshtones More Than Skin Deep CD 6,50
four slicks in bonneville lp 12,90 NEU
Freaks Of Nature Songs For Savages LP 14,90 NEU
Gasoline Fake to fame LP 13,00
Gasoline s/t LP 10,00
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side, Sixfthick Abandon Ship / Acquaintances 7" 4,90 NEU
Greed, Tommy Histoires de l'ombre 7" 9,90 NEU
Haint, Hank Blackout LP+CD 15,90 NEU
Hara-Kee-Rees Explode! CD 4,90
Head On Changing Shape LP 12,90 NEU
Headcoats Heavens to murgatroyed, even! it's .. LP 21,00 NEU
Heart Attack Alley Living In Hell LP+CD 15,90 NEU
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers Primitive Rock LP 15,90 NEU
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers Snakepit CD 6,50
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers Square Guitar LP 12,90 NEU
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs Dirt Don't Hurt LP 15,00
Holy Souls Superkangs LP 11,90 NEU
Inhalants S/t LP 7,90
Jack-o & the Sheiks live! from Burgundy Ballroom LP 12,90 NEU
James Mccann & The New Vindictives S/t LP 12,90 NEU
James Mccann's Dirty Skirt Band Lost Property LP 11,90 NEU
Jeffrey Novak Lemon Kid LP 12,90 NEU
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Damage CD 4,90
King Automatic In The Blue Corner LP 15,90 NEU
King Automatic Lorraine Exotica LP 15,00
King Khan & Bbq Show S/t CD 9,90
King Salami & The Cumberland Three Goin' Back To Wurstville LP 18,90 NEU
Knights Of The New Crusade A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom LP 10,00
Knights Of The New Crusade My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours! LP 10,00
Len Price 3 Pictures (w/ bonus CD) LP 15,00
Les Black Carnations Beat The Attitude! 12" 8,00
Lightning Beat-Man & the never heard of 'ems Apartment wrestling rock 'n' roll LP 15,00
Lo Fat Orchestra Questions for honey LP 9,90 NEU
Long Tall Shorty The Sound Of Giffer City LP 11,90 NEU
Los Raw Gospels, The Plutones Split 7" 4,90
Louderdales En el valle de los perdidos LP 12,90 NEU
Louderdales Songs Of No Return CD 12,50 NEU
Louderdales Songs Of No Return LP 12,90 NEU
lovesores gods of ancient grease lp 12,90 NEU
Makin' Time live at the 100 Club LP 20,00
Makin' Time No lumps of fat or gristle guaranteed LP 30,00
Makin' Time Unchain my heart LP 25,00
Mccann, James Bound For The Blues LP 11,90 NEU
Mojomatics A Sweet Mama Gonna Hoodoo Me LP 9,90 NEU
Monsters ... Pop Up Yours! (w/ CD) LP 18,00
Monsters I See Dead People LP 18,00
Monsters Masks (Re-Issue) LP 29,90
Monsters You're class, I'm trash LP+CD 19,90 NEU
Monsters Youth Against Nature LP 18,00
Movie Star Junkies A Poison Tree LP 14,90 NEU
Movie Star Junkies Melville LP 14,90 NEU
Moving Sounds Ground Shaker CD 4,90
Murder By Guitar On Parade LP 8,90 NEU
Murder By Guitar S/t LP 9,90 NEU
Napalm Beach Fire air and water LP 12,90
Napalm Beach Liquid love LP 12,90
Napalm Beach Moving to and fro LP 12,90
Napalm, Tex / Dero, Dimi Partly Animal LP 12,90 NEU
Natural Child Hard In Heaven LP 12,90 NEU
Nomads She Pays The Rent 12" 7,90
Oblivians Soul food CD 4,90
Oblivians Strong Come On 7" 6,90 NEU
Party Boys No Aggro LP 12,90
Pete Ross & The Sapphire Rollin On Down The Lane LP 12,90 NEU
Pretty Things s/t (Attention) LP 8,00
proto idiots for dummies lp 13,00 NEU
Psychotic Youth / Surf Trio Splitsville CD 6,50
puberty s/t lp 12,90 NEU
Pussywarmers The Chronicals Of The .. LP 12,90
regal two cycles & a little more lp 10,00 NEU
Reverend Beat-Man And The Church Of Herpes Your Favorite Position Is On Your Knees LP 18,00 NEU
Rhythm Rockers Soul Surfin' LP 18,90 NEU
Rip Chords Hey Little Cobra LP 12,90
Ross, Pete Midnight Show LP 11,90 NEU
sabor, jaromil loup, precheur mc 5,00 NEU
sabor, jaromil s/t lp 13,00 NEU
Sam Snitch Get me wrong LP 19,90 NEU
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Heart attack & vine MCD 4,90
Sex Museum Fuzz Face LP 21,90 NEU
skeptics black, lonely & blue lp 13,00 NEU
skeptics s/t lp 13,00 NEU
sloks a knife in your hand lp 18,90 NEU
Sloks Holy motor LP 15,90 NEU
Staggers Teenage Trash Insanity LP 35,00
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited the fluid soundbox LP 14,90
Swingin' Neckbreakers Shake Break LP 12,90
Tav Falco's Panther Burns Blow your top 12" 7,90
The 5. 6. 7. 8's Early day single 1989-1996 2xLP 25,00
The 5. 6. 7. 8's s/t LP 25,00
the Attention s/t LP 16,90 NEU
The Come N' Go Something's Got To Give LP 12,90 NEU
The Come'n Go Tumbling Heights LP+CD 14,90 NEU
The Floors Beat It Down LP 18,90 NEU
The Higher Elevations The Protestant Work Ethic LP 11,90 NEU
The Kill Devil Hills The Week In Pictures / The Bends 7" 4,90 NEU
The Pikes Something's Going On LP 11,90 NEU
The Psyched s/t LP 14,90 NEU
The Q Sonically Sound LP 11,90 NEU
the Revenge Wartime LP 7,90
The Senior Service Depth Charge 7" 6,90 NEU
The Stampletons Early Tapes 2xLP 17,90 NEU
The Teamsters Sharp Suite S.o.a.g. 7" 4,90 NEU
The Yolks Don't Cry Anymore / Wanna Be Dumb 7" 4,90 NEU
Thee Headcoats Headcoatitude CD 7,90
Thee Headcoats Irregularis (the great hiatus) LP 20,00 NEU
Thee Headcoats / CTMF Full time plagiarist 7" 10,00 NEU
Tom Greed & The Snowflakes Christmas Love 7" 4,90
Twenty Seven Winters Cleopatra's Bed 7" 4,90 NEU
V/a It happened then 10" 8,00
V/A Midnight to sixty-six - 14 long lost US garage punkers LP 15,00
V/a Pebbles Vol. 1 LP 20,00
V/a Radio Cramps - The Purple Knif Show 2xLP 44,90
V/a South American Teenage Garage Punk Vol. 1 7" 4,90
V/a Texas Flashbacks Volume 2 LP 14,90 NEU
V/A The Best Of Bomp LP 12,90
V/a Vollanalog LP 14,90 NEU
Vampyre State Building, Velvetone Split 7" 4,90
Vic Godard & Subway Sect Caught In Midstream 7" 8,90 NEU
Vietnam Veterans Catfish eyes LP 12,90
Vietnam Veterans Green Peas 2xLP 14,90
Weird Omen Last Train For Love LP 15,90 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Chatham Forts A Song For Kylie Minogue (Yellow Vinyl) 7" 6,90 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Chatham Forts Failure not success LP 20,00 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Chatham Forts Last punk standing .. (grey vinyl) LP 20,00 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Chatham Forts Not fade away / I wanna be your man 7" 6,90 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Musicians Of The British Empire Loray Head 7" 6,90 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Musicians Of The British Empire Mama Rolling Stone (Lim. 300 Copies) 7" 9,90 NEU
Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs Forensic R'n'b LP 17,90 NEU