(And You Will Know Us By The) Trail Of Dead Ix LP+CD 19,90 NEU
(And You Will Know Us By The) Trail Of Dead Source Tags & Codes CD 6,50
(Damn) This Desert Air Distance Waits CD 4,90 NEU
(Der Hund Marie) Hooligans & Tiny Hands CD 6,50
(the) silent days I am nothing CD 4,90
10000 Maniacs My Mother The War 12" 12,90
16 Zoloft Smile LP 12,90 NEU
2 Kilos & More 8 Floors Lower CD 9,90 NEU
22 Pistepirkko Eleven CD 6,50
2Bad Things To Do Today 7" 4,90
3 Merry Widows Which Dreamed It ? CD 4,90
3 Mustaphas 3 From The Balkans To Your Heart LP 14,90
3 Mustaphas 3 Shopping LP 7,90
4 Bonjour Parties Pigments Drift Down To The Brook CD 12,90 NEU
4 Lyn Take It As A Compliment CD 6,50
7175Judenbruch / Tattoo Rock / Die Waitwatchers Zugehascht Im Kinderzimmer 7" 7,90 NEU
A Certain Ratio Good Together LP 9,90
A Certain Ratio Loco (colored vinyl) LP 27,90 NEU
A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms CD 4,90
A Place To Bury Strangers Exploding head CD 6,50
A Place To Bury Strangers Worship LP 16,90 NEU
A Storm Of Light / Nadja Primitive North 2xLP 19,90
A.c. Marias Just Talk 12" 6,90
A.r. Kane 69 LP 9,90
Aberfeldy Young Forever CD 9,90
Abwärts Hurra CD 4,90
Acapulco Gold Unter Der Decke LP 12,90
Acapulco Gold Zeitlos LP 9,90
Across Tuntras Western Sky Ride 2xLP 10,00 NEU
Action Swingers S/t LP 7,90
Adam And The Ants Dirk Wears White Sox LP 9,90
Adam And The Ants Kings Of The Wild Frontier (W/ Cataloge) LP 7,90
Adam And The Ants Prince Charming LP 7,90
Adam Ant Apollo 9 (Orbit Mix) 12" 4,90
Adam Ant Apollo 9 (Splashdown Mix) 12" 7,90
Adam Ant Vive Le Rock (Remixed) 12" 4,90
Adam Dove Aftershock LP 3,00 NEU
Adams, talbot community/recession era lp 11,90 NEU
Adams. Ryan Love Is Hell Pt. 1 CD 6,50
ADAMSON, BARRY oedipus schmoedipus lp 17,90 NEU
Aereogramme Sleep And Release CD 6,50
Aethenor Faking Gold & Murder LP 19,90
Afghan Whigs Do To The Beast 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Afghan Whigs In Spades (Loser Edition) LP 21,90 NEU
Afghan Whigs What Jail Is Like CD 6,50
Agroculture the idles LP 9,90
Ahrm S/t LP 16,90 NEU
Aka And The Charlatans Heroes Are Losers 12" 9,90
Akron/family 2xLP 12,90
Alan Vega Collision drive LP 14,90
Alan Vega Saturn Strip LP 12,90
Alan Vega Suicide LP 12,90
Alaska Pipeline Master Of Puppets LP+CD 8,00 NEU
Albarn, Damon Everyday robots 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Albarn, Damon / Ost Songs from Wonderland LP 19,90 NEU
Albini, Steve / Chesley, Alison / Midyett, Tim Music from the film Girl on the Third Floor 2xLP 32,90 NEU
Alboth Ali LP 12,90
Algiers S/t LP 25,90 NEU
Algiers There is no year (colored vinyl) LP 21,90 NEU
Alice Donut The Ass Trilogy 12" 7,90
Alice Donut / Ice Princess Bottom Of The Chain 7" 4,90
Alice In Chains S/t CD 6,50
All About Eve Touched by Jesus CD 7,90 NEU
All Time Low Last yong renegade LP 12,90 NEU
Allez Allez African queen LP 9,90
Allez Allez Valley of the kings LP 7,90
allo darlin s/t cd 4,90
Altar Boys Gut Level Music CD 6,50
Alter Bridge One Day Remains CD 4,90
Alter-Natives Hold Your Tongue LP 9,90
Alternative Allstars 110% Rock CD 4,90
Alternative Tv The Image Has Cracked LP 17,90 NEU
Aluk Todolo S/t 7" 9,90
Amanda Rogers Heartwood CD 8,90 NEU
Amanda Rogers Something Borrowed, Something Blue CD 6,50
American Music Club united kingdom cd 9,90
Amplifier Insider CD 4,90
Anal Magic & Reverend Dwight Frizell Beyond The Black Crack LP 28,90 NEU
Andalucia Stuck LP 11,90 NEU
Anderson, John S/t LP 23,90
Angel Olsen All mirrors (crystal clear vinyl) 2xLP 20,90 NEU
Angels Die Hard S/t LP 14,90 NEU
Animal Collective Meeting Of The Waters 12" 17,90 NEU
Animal Collective Water curses CD 6,50
Anna Calvi Live At Meltdown 2xLP 29,90 NEU
Anna Calvi S/t CD 6,50
Anna Von Hausswolff Ceremony CD 6,50
Annenmaykantereit Alles nix Konkretes CD 6,50
Another Problem Life Is Beautiful CD 6,50
Anthem Red Dancing On The Dishwasher LP 7,90 NEU
Antikaroshi In Pop We Rust LP 15,90 NEU
Any Trouble wrong end of the race lp 7,90
Apparat The Devil's Walk (Limited Edition) CD 7,90
Apperat The Devil's Walk (Deluxe Edition) CD 7,90
Appleseed Cast Low Level Owl: Volume 1 CD 7,90
Arab On Radar the stolen singles CD 4,90
Arbor Labor Union I Hear You (Loser Edition) LP 21,90 NEU
Arcade Fire Everything Now (Night Edition) 2xLP 28,90 NEU
Arcade Fire Miroirnoir DVD 6,50
Arcade Fire The Suburbs CD 7,90
Archie Bronson Outfit Coconut CD+DVD 4,90
Archie Bronson Outfit Derdangderdang CD 6,50
Archive Restriction CD 6,50
Ariel Kill Him Alpha Is Down LP 7,90
Ark Nine Days To No One CD 2,90 NEU
Armstrong, Billie Joe, Jones, Norah Foreverly CD 6,50
Arnalds, Olafur .. And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness CD 9,90
Arnalds, Olafur Another Happy Day CD 4,90
Arnalds, Olafur For Now I Am Winter LP 14,90
Arnalds, Olöf Innundir Skinni CD 7,90
Arrows Of Love Product (Colored Vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Arsenal Manipulator 12" 9,90
Art Brut Talking To The Kids DVD 4,90
Arthur, Joseph the family LP 17,90 NEU
Associates Breakfast 12" 4,90
Associates Take me to the girl 12" 4,90
Astbury, Ian Spirit / Light / Speed CD 4,90
Aström, Kristofer All Lovers Hell (Prmo) MCD 4,90
Aström, Kristofer An Introduction To .. 2xCD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer Black Valley CD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer Connected (Promo) MCD 4,90
Aström, Kristofer Dead End CD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer Go, Went, Gone CD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer Leaving Songs CD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer Northern Blues CD 6,50
Aström, Kristofer Rainawaytown CD 6,50
Aström, Kristofer Sinkadus DVD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer So Much For Staying Alive 2xCD 7,90
Aström, Kristofer The Good You Bring (Promo) MCD 4,90
Astronautalis Cut The Body Loose CD 4,90
Astronautalis Cut The Body Loose (Colored Vinyl) LP 16,90 NEU
At The Drive In In Ter A Li A (Colored Vinyl) LP 26,90 NEU
At The Drive-In In/casino/out CD 4,90
Atari Teenage Riot 60 Seconds Wipe Out CD 7,90
Atari Teenage Riot Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture E.p. 12" 12,90
Atomic Boogieband In The Night MCD 4,90
Au Pairs Live In Berlin LP 14,90
Audioslave Original fire MCD 4,90
Audioslave Out Of Exile CD 4,90
Audioslave Revelations CD 4,90
Aufgehoben Messidor CD 4,90
Aun Motorsleep CD 7,90
aus II lp 12,90 NEU
aus s/t lp 12,90 NEU
Austin Lucas The Common Cold CD 6,50
Austin Lucas / Chuck Ragan Bristle Ridge (Picture) LP 14,90 NEU
Auteurs Das Capital CD 6,50
Auteurs Now I'm A Cowboy CD 6,50
Autobahn 2 12" 11,90 NEU
Autopilot Off Make A Sound CD 4,90
B Boys Da Da LP 22,90 NEU
B-Time Taking Trains LP 7,90
B.a.l.l. Bird LP 9,90
Babies Three Homosexual Love Ballades CD 8,90 NEU
Bad Weather California Demos And Live Takes For The Fans (Lim 267 Copies) LP 15,90 NEU
Bad Wizard Sophisticated Mouth CD 7,90
Badly Drawn Boy Disillusion Cd2 MCD 4,90
Badly Drawn Boy Hour Of The Bewilderbeast CD 12,90 NEU
Badly Drawn Boy Is There Nothing We Could Do? CD 4,90
Bag Journey To The Center Of The Monkey Skull LP 7,90
Bailey, Chris (ex-Saints) Demons CD 4,90
Bailey, Chris (ex-Saints) Demons LP 9,90
Bambara Stray (clear vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Band of Outsiders Everything takes forever LP 9,90
Band Of Susans Hope Against Hope (Cover Vg) LP 7,90
Banhart, Devendra Nino Rojo CD 4,90
Banhart, Devendra Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon CD 7,90
Baptiste, Jules Red Decade 12" 14,90
Barnett, Courtney Sometimes I Sit And Think .. CD 6,50
Bastro Sing The Troubled Beast LP 12,90
Bat For Lashes Two Suns CD 4,90
Bates Hello MCD 4,90
Baton Rouge Fragments D'eux Memes LP 11,90 NEU
Batpiss Rest In Piss (Colored Vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Bats & Mice Believe It, Mammals CD 9,90 NEU
Battles Gloss Drop 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Battles Ice Cream (Chocolate) 12" 12,90 NEU
Battles My Machines 12" 7,90 NEU
Baxter Stockman Punter LP 11,90 NEU
Bayacomputer Disco Glass 12" 12,90 NEU
Bazooka Cain Viele Grüße 10" 7,90
Beach House Devotion CD 6,50
Beak Couple In A Hole LP 23,90 NEU
Beam, Sam / Hoop, Jesca Love Letter For Fire CD 4,90
Beast Of Burbon Black Milk LP 19,90
Beastmilk Use Your Deluge 7" 8,90 NEU
Beastmilk White Stains On Black Wax 7" 8,90 NEU
Beasts Of Bourbon Sour Mash LP 19,90
Beatnigs S/t LP 9,90
Beck Colors (Yellow Vinyl) LP 27,90 NEU
Beck Loser MCD 4,90
Beck Midnite Vultures CD 6,50
Beck Mutations CD 6,50
Beck Odelay CD 4,90
Beck Sea Change CD 6,50
Bedtime For Bonzo Have A Nice Day LP 12,90
Bedtime For Bonzo We Do Have Cheese LP 14,90
Belle & Sebastiane Dear Catastrophe Waitress CD 7,90
Belle & Sebastiane Fold Your Hands Child, You .. CD 6,50
Belle & Sebastiane If You're Feeling Sinister CD 6,50
Belle & Sebastiane Storytelling CD 7,90
Belle & Sebastiane The Bbc Sessions 2xCD 7,90
Belle & Sebastiane The Boy With The Arab Strap CD 6,50
Belle & Sebastiane The Life Persuit CD+DVD 7,90
Belle & Sebastiane Write About Love CD 7,90
Benjy Ferree Leaving the nest LP 9,90
Bertie Page Clinic Too Loud Too Naked LP 12,90 NEU
Besnard Lakes .. Are The Roaring Night CD 6,50
Beta Band Hot Shots II CD 4,90
Beta Band S/t CD 4,90
Bevis Frond We're your friends, man 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Biff Bang Pow Oblivion LP 9,90
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy s/t CD 6,50
Big Black Atomizer (Remastered) LP 19,90 NEU
big black racer-x lp 14,90 NEU
Big Black Songs About Fucking CD 6,50
Big Black The Hammer Party (Homestead) LP 19,90
Big Dick Disappointment LP 11,90 NEU
Big Dick S/t LP 13,90 NEU
Big Dipper Craps LP 7,90
Big Rude Jack S/t CD 6,50
Big Stick 45 12" 7,90
Big Thief U.F.O.F. LP 20,90 NEU
Big Ups Before A Million Universes (Purple Vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Billy Bragg Brewing Up LP 12,90
Billy Bragg Help me save the youth of America LP 12,90
Billy Bragg Levi Stubbs' tears 12" 7,90
Billy Bragg Life's A Riot With... LP 12,90
Billy Bragg Mr. Love And Justice CD 6,50
Billy Bragg The Internationale LP 12,90
Billy Bragg Workers Playtime (White Vinyl) LP 12,90
Billy Bragg / Wilco Mermaid Avenue CD 6,50
Billy Talent I CD 4,90
Billy Talent II CD 4,90
Billy Talent III CD 6,50
Birdhouse Raw & Alive (Red Vinyl) 10" 8,90
Birthday Party Junk Yard LP+7" 18,90 NEU
Birthday Party Live 81-82 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Bis Detour MCD 2,90
Bisi, Martin Creole Mass LP 9,90
Black Feet S/t LP 8,00 NEU
Black Heart Procession Amore Del Tropico CD 7,90
Black Heart Procession Six CD 7,90
Black Heart Procession The Spell CD 4,90
Black Heart Procession Three CD 7,90
Black Keys El Camino CD 6,50
black keys rubber factory lp 20,90 NEU
Black Keys Thickfreakness LP 20,90 NEU
Black Lips Live At Three Man Records 6-11-2012 LP 14,90 NEU
Black Lips Los Valientes Del Munedo Nuevo LP 17,90 NEU
Black Lips / Khan Family Play Safe (Multicolored Vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Black Lizard Celebration Of A New Dawn LP 22,90 NEU
Black Lizard S/t LP 19,90 NEU
Black Midi Schlagenheim LP 19,90 NEU
Black Mountain In The Future 2xLP 17,90
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Baby 81 CD 6,50
Black Shape Of Nexus Carrier 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Black Time Double Negative LP 9,90
Black Time, Ty Segall Split LP 34,90
Blackout Problems Kaos CD 7,90
Blackwaves (Blckwvs) 0150 LP 9,90 NEU
Blanck Mass Odd Scene / Shit Luck 12" 16,90 NEU
Blanck Mass The Great Confuso Ep 12" 29,90 NEU
Blew Steam 7" 2,90
Bliss Cast of a thousand CD 4,90
Blitzen Trapper Black River Killer CD 6,50
Blitzen Trapper Destroyer Of The Void CD 6,50
Bloc Party Four More Ep MCD 4,90
Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco Split 7" 4,00
Blonde Redhead 23 CD 6,50
Blood On The Wall Awesomer LP 12,90 NEU
Blumfeld Ich-Maschine LP 49,90
Blumfeld Jenseits Von Jedem 2xLP 39,90
Blumfeld L'etat Et Moi LP 59,90
Blumfeld Wir Sind Frei MCD 2,90
Blur All the people 2xCD 6,50
Blur Beetlebum MCD 4,90
Blur For Tomorrow MCD 4,90
Blur Girls And Boys (Pet Shop Boys Remix) MCD 4,90
Blur The Magic Whip 2xLP 34,90 NEU
BMX Bandits Kylie's got a crush on us MCD 4,90
Bob Mould Black Sheets Of Rain CD 6,50
Bob Mould Blue hearts (tri-colored vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Bob Mould Workbook CD 6,50
Bobsleigh Baby S/t LP 5,00 NEU
Bodi Bill What? CD 6,50
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Beileid LP 19,90 NEU
Boilermaker S/t CD 7,90
Bollock Brothers Faith Healer 12" 9,90
Bollock Brothers In Private In Public LP 9,90
Bollock Brothers The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse LP 14,90
Bollock Brothers The Last Supper 2xLP 14,90
Bonaparte Too Much CD 7,90
Bonnie Prince Billy Beware CD 6,50
Bonnie Prince Billy / Matt Sweeney Superwolf CD 6,50
Boo Radleys The Best Of .. CD 6,50
Boo Radleys Wake Up CD 4,90
Booney, Simon Forever CD 4,90
Boris Attention Please LP 29,90 NEU
Boris Demo Vol. 3 LP 12,90 NEU
Botanica Berlin Hi-Fi CD 4,90
Botanica What do you believe in CD 4,90
Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy LP 7,90
Bow Wow Wow When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going LP 7,90
Boxer Rebellion The Cold Still CD 4,90
Braid Lucky To Be Alive LP 12,90
Brain Police Beyond The Wasteland LP 12,90 NEU
Brainiac Electro-Shock For President LP 24,90
Brakes Give Blood LP 12,90
Brand New Heavies heavy rhyme experience: vol. 1 lp 17,90
Brand New Heavies Saturday Nite 12" 4,90
Breaching Vista Vera City CD 2,90 NEU
Breeders All Nerve (Orange Vinyl) LP 21,90 NEU
Breeders Last Splash LP 21,90 NEU
Breeders Mountain Battles LP 21,90 NEU
Breeders Pod LP 22,90 NEU
bridgers, phoebe Punisher LP 23,90 NEU
Bright Eyes Cassadaga CD 4,90
Bright Eyes Down in the weeds where the world once was (red/aquamarine vinyl - GERMAN only) LP 27,90 NEU
Bright Eyes Down in the weeds where the world once was (red/orange vinyl) 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Bright Eyes Lifted or the story is in the soil .. CD 6,50
Bright Eyes Noise Floor CD 7,90
Bright Eyes The People's Key CD 6,50
Bright Eyes There Is No Beginning To The Story Ep CD 4,90
Bright Eyes / Neva Dinova One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels CD 4,90
brise-glace when vanitas... cd 4,90
British Sea Power the decline of .. CD 4,90
Brix & The Extricated Damned For Eternity 7" 7,90 NEU
Brix & The Extricated Part 2 LP 21,90 NEU
Broken Social Scene Kevin Drew .. Spirit If .. CD 6,50
Broken Social Scene S/t CD 4,90
Broken Social Scene S/t 2xCD 6,50
Buckethead Danuscha MCD 6,50
Buffalo Tom Birdbrain CD 6,50
Buffalo Tom S/t CD 6,50
Built To Spill Live CD 4,90
Built To Spill Live 2xLP 29,90 NEU
Bully Sugaregg (Loser edition) LP 21,90 NEU
Bundles S/t LP 13,90 NEU
Burrows, Andy Fall Together Again CD 4,90
Busdriver, Deerhoof Physical Forms 7" 6,90 NEU
Bush The People That We Love MCD 2,90
Butch Hancock Eats Away The Night CD 4,90
Butcher Boy Profit In Your Poetry CD 4,90
Butthole Surfers Widowermaker 10" 14,90
Buzz Rodeo Sports (Red Vinyl) LP 14,90 NEU
Buzzoven Wound 7" 7,90
Bxi Boris & Ian Astbury LP 12,90 NEU
C. Newman & Janet Smith s/t LP 19,90
C.u.b.s. Pink Zone 12" 4,90
Cacavas, Chris Love's Been Discontinued CD 4,90
Cachemira S/t CD 9,90
caged animal hiding my face in plain view lp 12,90 NEU
Cake Comfort Eagle CD 4,90
Cake I Will Survive MCD 4,90
Cake & Milk Summers Of Love In Paris CD 4,90
Calexico Feast Of Wine CD 6,50
Calexico Garden Ruin CD 6,50
Calexico Hot Rail CD 6,50
Calexico Hot Rails LP 17,90
Calexico Quattro (World Drifts In) CD 4,90
Calexico Road Atlas 1998-2011 (Box Set) 12xLP 350,00 NEU
Calexico The Thread That Keeps Us CD 6,50
Calexico World Drifts In - Live At The Barbican London DVD 7,90
Calexico, Iron & Wine In The Reins CD 7,90
Calexico, Iron & Wine In The Reins LP 9,90
Califone Stitches CD 6,50
Callahan, Bill Gold record LP 25,90 NEU
Cameran A Caesarean CD 6,50
Camet Messages of sublimal truth CD 6,50
Camper Van Beethoven Key Lime Pie LP 9,90
Camper Van Beethoven Popular songs CD 6,50
Camper Van Beethoven Telephone free landsclide victory CD 4,90
Camper Van Beethoven Tusk 2xCD 6,50
Camper van Chadbourne Psychadelidoowop (picture) LP 14,90
Cape, Joey, Sly, Tony Acoustic CD 4,90
Capital Punishment Roadkill (red vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Car Seat Headrest Twin Family (Mirror To Mirror) Rsd Edition 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Caribou Swim 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Carla Bozulich Boy LP 17,90 NEU
Carnation New Sensation MCD 2,90
Carnial Dead Ends LP 9,90 NEU
Carousals Unstable 10" 8,90 NEU
Carpenters / Redd Kross Yesterday Once More MCD 4,90
Casper Brötzmann Massaker Home LP 29,90
Cataya Sukzession CD 7,90 NEU
Cataya Sukzession LP 9,90 NEU
Cave Release LP 19,90 NEU
Celibate Rifles Blind Car CD 9,90
Cellos Bomb Shelter LP 11,90 NEU
Cement S/t CD 6,50
Ceremony Rocket Fire CD 6,50
Chad Van Gaalen Soft Airplane CD 6,50
Chadbourne, Eugene Corpses Of Foreign War LP 9,90
Chadbourne, Eugene Dear Eugene, what you did .. LP 9,90
Chadbourne, Eugene Lsdc&w 2xLP 12,90
Chadbourne, Eugene Vermin Of The Blues LP 12,90
Chadbourne, Eugene / Johns, Evan Terror has some strange kinfolk LP 9,90
Chamberlain Exit 263 CD 8,90 NEU
Chamberlain Five-Year Diary 1996 - 2000 2xCD 2,90 NEU
Chambers, Ken Double Negative LP 8,90
Charlatans S/t LP 7,90
Chesnutt, Vic About to choke CD 4,90
Chesterfields Crocodile Tears LP 9,90
Cheveu, Group Doueh Dakhla Sahara Session LP 14,90 NEU
Chicks On Speed And The No Heads Press The Space Bar CD 4,90
Chicks On Speed And The No Heads Press The Spacebar 2xLP 9,90
Chinese Stars T.V. grows arms 12" 7,90
Chk Chk Chk (!!!) louden up now cd 4,90
Chk Chk Chk (!!!) Myth Takes 2xLP 19,90
Chocolat Tss Tss LP 14,90 NEU
Chokebore Falls Best 12" 9,90 NEU
Christie Front Drive S/t (Purple Vinyl) LP 18,90 NEU
Chrome Cranks Dirty airplay - radio session WMBR LP 19,90 NEU
Chrome Cranks, Coctails Split 7" 4,90
Chuck Dukowski Sextet Reverse The Polarity CD 9,90 NEU
Chuck Prophet Night Surfer LP+CD 21,90 NEU
Chuck Prophet Temple Beautiful LP 14,90 NEU
Chuck Ragan The Sawblade 7" (Black Vinyl) 7" 12,90 NEU
Chuck Ragan / Jon Gaunt The Daytrotter Sessions 10" 12,90 NEU
Chuck Ragan / Refugio Kids / Friends Open The Roads 7" 7,90 NEU
Chumbawamba English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 CD 6,50
Chumbawamba First 2 CD 6,50
Chumbawamba Tubthumber CD 6,50
Chvrches Leave A Trace 10" 10,90 NEU
Cinemechanica S/t LP 15,90 NEU
Circuit Breaker My Descent Into Capital LP 19,90 NEU
City Of Caterpillar S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Claw Boys Claw Maniac 7" 4,90
Claw Boys Claw Recorded Live At Pinkpop '86 12" 7,90
Clawfinger S/t CD 6,50
Clawfinger Zeros & Heroes CD 6,50
Clearlake Amber LP 12,90
Clikatat Ikatowi Orchestrated And Conducted By LP 12,90
Clinic Funf LP 12,90
Clinic Winchester catheral LP 17,90
Clipd Beaks To Realize 2xLP 12,90
Clipping. Clppng CD 6,50
Clipping. Splendor And Misery CD 4,90
Clock Opera Ways To Forget CD 9,90
Cloud Nothing Life Without Sound LP 23,90 NEU
Cocorosie Noah's Ark CD 6,50
Cocorosie The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn CD 7,90
Cocteau Twins Evangeline MCD 4,90
Codes In The Clouds Paper Canyon CD 7,90
Coffin Break Crawl LP 9,90
Coffin Break Cry 7" 4,90
Coheed And Cambria No world for tomorrow 2xCD 6,50
Colaris Renewal 2xLP 14,90 NEU
Cold War Kids Behave Yourself Ep CD 4,90
Colder Heat CD 4,90
Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head LP 19,90 NEU
Coldplay Ghost Stories DVD 4,90
Coldplay Live 2003 CD+DVD 6,50
Coldplay Parachutes CD 4,90
Coldplay Trouble MCD 4,90
Coldplay X & Y CD 4,90
Colourbox Punch 12" 7,90
coma lilies memento mori cd 4,90
Comet Gain Firestarters forever LP 21,90 NEU
Commons, Jamie N The Baron Ep 10" 19,90
Comsat Angels My minds eye CD 6,50
conn, bobby llovessonngs lp 9,90
Conor Oberst S/t LP 17,90
Cook, Will Joseph Message 10" 9,90 NEU
Cornershop Brimful Of Asha MCD 2,90
Cornershop Woman's Gotta Have It CD 4,90
Corpus Christi II LP 5,00 NEU
Corvairs Sad Hotel 12" 4,90
Cosmic Psychos Loudmouth Soup (Red/white Vinyl (250 Copies)) LP 21,90 NEU
Cosmonauts Star 69 (green vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Costa's Cake House S/t CD 4,90
Cows Cunning Stunts LP 17,90 NEU
Cows Daddy Has A Tail LP 24,90
Cows Effete And Impudent LP 19,90
Cows Sexy Pee Story LP 19,90
Cows Sexy Pee Story CD 9,90
Coxon, Graham Happiness In Magazines CD 4,90
Coxon, Graham the sky is too high LP 34,90
crack cloud pain olympics lp 22,90 NEU
Cranes Loved CD 6,50
Creekdippers Mystic Theatre CD 6,50
Creekdippers Political Manifest CD 6,50
Creme 21 30% Mehr CD 4,90
crevecoeur II cd 4,90
Cribs Ignore The Ignorant CD 4,90
Crime And The City Solution Just South Of Heaven LP 19,90
Crime And The City Solution The Dangling Man Ep 12" 9,90
Cris Cacavas And Junkyard Love New Improved Pain LP 19,90
Crocodiles Sleep Forever CD 4,90
Croox Geld Her ! LP 14,90
Crows Silver tongues LP 23,90 NEU
Cruel Sea This Is Not The Way Home CD 6,50
Cryptacize Dig That Treasure LP 8,90
Crystal Antlers S/t CD 4,90
Crystal Antlers Tentacles CD 4,90
Crystal Fairy S/t LP 24,90 NEU
Crystal Stilts Nature Noir LP 18,90 NEU
Cult Of Youth Final Days LP 19,90 NEU
Cuntz Here Come The Real Boys .. Live In The Usa LP 15,90 NEU
Cursive I Am Gemini (Picture) LP 19,90 NEU
Curtains Deep In Night City LP 9,90 NEU
Cut Yourself In Half Mekkanizm LP 16,90 NEU
Cynic Re-traced CD 4,90
cyril cyril certaine ruins lp 14,90 NEU
D'hers, Ruben El Reflejo En Las Hojas CD 9,90 NEU
Dada Say No More 7" 4,90
Dakota Suite Signal Hill LP 14,90
Damian Rice O CD 6,50
Damien Rice O CD 6,50
Danger S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Danko Jones live at Wacken 2xLP 17,90 NEU
Dark Captain Light Captain Miracle kicker CD 4,90
Darkside Psychic CD 4,90
Darlia Knock knock 7" 4,90
Das Damen Entertaining Friends LP 6,90
Das Flug Zerstören LP 11,90 NEU
Das Modell S/t LP 11,90 NEU
Daughn Gibson Me Moan (Loser Edition) LP+7" 19,90 NEU
Dave Cloud & The Gospel Of Power Fever CD 8,90
David Vandervelde Waiting For The Sunrise LP 7,90
Db's Repercussion LP 14,90
De Div Open Zee LP 6,90
Dead Milkmen Welcome to the end of the world LP 17,90 NEU
Dead Weather Sea Of Cowards CD 6,50
Dead Western S/t CD 4,90
Dead Witches S/t CD 9,90
Deadbeat & Camara Trinity thirty 2xLP 26,90 NEU
Deaf Wish Pain (Loser Edition) LP 18,90 NEU
Deafheaven Demo LP 18,90 NEU
Death Pedals Meat House LP 25,90 NEU
Decemberists I'll Be Your Girl (Colored Vinyl) 2xLP 21,90 NEU
Decoder Flowers To Blossom LP 12,90 NEU
Deep Sensuous Ensemble Sounds For Your Soul CD 4,90
Deerhoof Apple O CD 7,90
Deerhoof Milk Man CD 7,90
Deerhoof Milk Man (Yellow Vinyl) LP 14,90 NEU
Deerhoof Vs. Evil LP 16,90 NEU
Deerhoof Vs. Evil (Pink Vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu Almost Xiu Xiu, Almost Deerhoof 7" 7,90 NEU
Deerhunter Fading Frontier LP 19,90 NEU
Deerhunter Halcyon Digest CD 6,50
Defiance, Ohio S/t CD 10,90 NEU
Deleyamen The Edge CD 7,90
Delgados Universal audio CD 4,90
Delt, Morgan Phase Zero (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
Delta Spirit Ode to sunshine CD 4,90
Demon Head Ride The Wilderness LP 12,90 NEU
Dentists Behind The Door I Keep A Universe CD 6,50
Der Moderne Man Der Sandmann (Vg/vg+) 7" 14,90
Der Plan Das War Die Neue Deutsche Welle Vol. 1 CD 12,90
Der Plan Normalette Surprise LP 17,90
Der Plan Unkapitulierbar LP 22,90 NEU
Der Plan Unkapitulierbar (Limited Edition) LP+7" 38,90 NEU
Destroyer Five Spanish Songs CD 6,50
Destroyer Ken LP 19,90 NEU
Destroyer Poison Season (Colored Vinyl) 2xLP 27,90 NEU
Destruction Unit Deep trip CD 6,50
Dethskalator, Hey Colossus Split LP 12,90 NEU
Deus The Ideal Crash CD 6,50
Devil Sold His Soul Blessed & Cursed CD 4,90
Devo Duty Now For The Future (Pink Cover) LP 14,90
Devo Live LP 9,90
Devo Now It Can Be Told CD 6,50
Devo Post post-modern man 12" 4,90
Dick Voodoo S/t LP 13,90 NEU
Die Aeronauten Zweimal Dasselbe MCD 4,90
die antwoord donker mag cd 7,90
Die Erde Kch Kch Kch LP 9,90
Die Ersten Menschen Apocalypse Now: And Then? LP 11,90 NEU
Die Happy Beautiful Morning CD 4,90
Die Happy Bitter To Better CD 4,90
Die Happy No Nuts No Glory CD 4,90
Die Happy Supersonic Speed CD 4,90
Die Haut Die Hard CD 6,50
Die Heiterkeit Monterey CD 9,90
die höchste eisenbahn ich glaub dir alles 2xlp 42,90 NEU
Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen Der Fünfte Four Top 2x7" 6,90 NEU
Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen Fuck dance, let's art (colored vinyl) LP 18,90 NEU
Die Silberfische vorsicht die Silberfische kommen lp 14,90 NEU
Die Sterne Das Weltall Ist Zu Weit CD 7,90
Die Sterne Posen CD 4,90
Die Tödliche Doris Bat LP 12,90
Die Tödliche Doris Sprechpause (limited second edition) LP 14,90
Die! Die! Die! Charm Offensive LP 17,90 NEU
Dietrich, Rudolph Time To Leave (Tofc) LP 4,90
Digger Barnes Time Has Come LP 14,90 NEU
Digital Sex Essence & Charm CD 14,90
DIIV Deceiver (gray marbled vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Dilly Dally Sore LP 19,90 NEU
Dining Rooms Numero Deux CD 7,90
Dinosaur Jr. Feel The Pain MCD 4,90
Direct Hits Speed over Berlin LP 7,90
Disappears Era LP 19,90 NEU
Disappears Irreal LP 20,90 NEU
Disappears Kone 12" 13,90 NEU
Disappears Live Over The Rainbow (Lim. 500 Copies) LP 16,90 NEU
Dividing Lines Wednesday / 6Pm LP 11,90 NEU
Divino Nino Foam CD 7,90
Doc Wör Mirran Phlegmboyant LP 9,90
Dogtroep 4 CD 6,50
Doldrums The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Loser Edition) LP 17,90 NEU
Don Caballero II 2xLP 17,90
Doomriders, Sweet Cobra Are We Not Men ? (Yellow Vinyl) 7" 4,90 NEU
Dorothy Rock Is Dead CD 9,90 NEU
Double Loose In The Air CD 4,90
Double Agents Seemed Like A Good Idea... LP 12,90 NEU
Double Dagger Masks -Ep- (Limited) 12" 12,90 NEU
Double Feature Rapid Eye Movement LP 9,90
Douglas Armour The Light Of A Golden Day LP 13,90 NEU
Doves Some Cities (Expanded Edition) CD+DVD 6,50
Doves Where We Are Calling From DVD 4,90
Downpilot Like You Believe It LP 13,90 NEU
Dralms Shook CD 7,90
Dream Syndicate How Did I Find Myself Here ? (Colored Vinyl) LP 21,90 NEU
Dream Syndicate How We Found Ourselves .. Evey Where LP 19,90 NEU
Dream Syndicate Out Of The Grey LP 9,90
Dredg Catch Without Arms CD 4,90
Dresden Dolls No, Virginia .. CD+2xDVD 6,50
Dresden Dolls Yes, Virginia .. CD 6,50
Dry The River Shallow Bed CD 4,90
Dub Sex Splintered Faith LP 7,90
Dub Sex The Underneath 12" 6,90
Dub Thompson 9 Songs LP 17,90 NEU
Dubrovniks Medicine Wheel LP 9,90
Duct Hearts, Lorraine Split 7" 3,90 NEU
Duffy, Stephen / Lilac Time Keep Going CD 4,90
Duke Garwood, Wooden Wand Split LP 16,90 NEU
Dum Dum Girls S/t 12" 10,90 NEU
Dumb Numbers S/t LP 16,90 NEU
Dustbreeders The Missing Bar LP 14,90
Dystopian Future Movies Time (Transparent Vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Eagles Of Deathmetal Death By Sexy CD 4,90
Eagles Of Deathmetal Zipper Down 2xLP 18,90 NEU
Eat Sell me a god LP 7,90
Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children Backdrop People 7" 9,90 NEU
Echo & The Bunnymen A Promise 7" 4,90
Echo & The Bunnymen Crocodiles CD 6,50
Echo & The Bunnymen Evergreen CD 4,90
Echo & The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here LP 12,90
Echo & The Bunnymen Porcupine (25Th Anniversary Edition) CD 6,50
Echo & The Bunnymen Rescue 12" 7,90
Echo & The Bunnymen The Cutter 7" 5,00
Echo & The Bunnymen What are you going to do with your life CD 4,90
Echo Is Your Love Humansize CD 9,90 NEU
Echo Is Your Love Humansize LP 9,90 NEU
ed fraser ghost gum lp 12,90 NEU
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Rush To Relax LP 12,90 NEU
Editors The Back Room (limited edition) 2xCD 6,50
Editors the blanck mass sessions LP 14,90 NEU
Editors Violence LP 19,90 NEU
Editors Violence CD 4,90
Eels Beautiful Freak CD 4,90
Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations CD 6,50
Eels End Times (Deluxe Edition W/ Bonus CD) 2xCD 7,90
Eels Shootenanny LP 17,90 NEU
Eels Souljacker LP 17,90 NEU
Eels Useless Trinkets 2xCD 9,90
EEls with strings - live at Town Hall CD 4,90
EEls with strings - live at Town Hall DVD 4,90
Efterklang, The Danish National Chamber Orchestra Performing Parades CD 7,90
Eggs Laid By Tigers Under The Mile Off Moon LP 15,90 NEU
Egotronic Ausflug Mit Freunden LP 14,90 NEU
Egotronic Macht Keinen Lärm LP+CD+DVD 14,90 NEU
Einstürzende Neubauten 1/2 Mensch LP 19,90
Einstürzende Neubauten Alles in Allem CD 12,90 NEU
Einstürzende Neubauten Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) DVD 9,90 NEU
Einstürzende Neubauten Kollaps LP 19,90 NEU
Einstürzende Neubauten Philipshalle Düsseldorf, November 24Th, 1990 (Clear Vinyl) 2xLP 28,90 NEU
Einstürzende Neubauten Seele Brennt / Nihil (Alte Version Ohne Fsk) DVD 14,90 NEU
Einstürzende Neubauten Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.t. LP 17,90 NEU
Eitzel, Mark Music for courage & confidence CD 6,50
El'blasczyk Rock Band Himself The Quirky Lost Tapes LP 14,90 NEU
Eläkeläiset Werbung, Baby CD 6,50
Elastica 6 Track Ep CD 6,50
Elastica Stutter MCD 6,50
Elastica The Menace CD 4,90
Elbow Asleep in the back CD 4,90
Elbow Build A Rocket Boys! CD 4,90
Elbow Leaders of the free world (lim. edit w/ DVD) CD 4,90
Electralane Axes CD 4,90
electrelane no shouts no calls cd 4,90 NEU
electric blue peggy sue and the revolutions from mars Music for Mcdonalds LP 9,90
Electric President Sleep Well CD 7,90
Electric Soft Parade Holes In The Wall CD 6,50
Element Of Crime Basically Sad LP 9,90
Element Of Crime Die Schönen Rosen CD 6,50
Element Of Crime Try To Be Mensch LP 12,90
Eleven Pictures Flowerland CD 6,50
Elise Major S/t CD 4,90
Elliot Smith Xo CD 6,50
Emergency Broadcast System Behavior Modification / We Will Rock You CD 9,90
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton Knives don't have your back CD 4,90
Empire Escape You Are Not Alone LP 7,90
Enablers Pigion diaries 12" 17,90 NEU
Enablers Zones LP 18,90 NEU
Enemy We'll Live And Die In These Towns CD 4,90
Engine Down Demure CD 9,90 NEU
Envy Compiled Fragments 1997-2003 CD 9,90
Envy The Eyes Of Single Eared Prophet CD 7,90
Envy, Jesu Split (White Vinyl) LP 16,90 NEU
Erfim Manuel Menuck Plays "high Gospel" LP+CD 16,90 NEU
Erland & The Carnival Nightingale CD 6,50
Errors Celebrity Come Down With Me LP 18,90 NEU
Escapado Initiale CD 4,90
Escape-Ism Introduction To Escape-Ism LP 15,90 NEU
Esg A South Bronx Story CD 9,90
Euternase L'amour LP 12,90 NEU
Evan Johns And The H-Bombs Bombs away CD 6,50
Everlast Whitey Ford Sings The Blues CD 4,90
Ex Hex It's real (magenta/blue swirl vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Exploded View Obey (hot pink vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Exploded View Summer Came Early 12" 13,90 NEU
Eyes Behind La Declinaison LP 5,00 NEU
F-Space Bleeding Rays Of Dawn CD 4,90
Faith No More Angel Dust CD 4,90
Faith No More I'm Easy MCD 4,90
Faith No More Introduce Yourself LP 14,90
Faith No More Introduce Yourself CD 6,50
Faith No More King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime CD 6,50
Faith No More The Real Thing CD 6,50
Faith No More This Is The Best Of .. CD 6,50
Family 5 Unsere Leichen leben noch (picture) LP 14,90
Family 5 Wege Zum Ruhm CD 9,90
Family Fodder Schizophrenia party LP 14,90
Fanfarlo Let's Go Extinct LP 19,90 NEU
Fantomas Amenaza Al Mundo CD 7,90
Fastbacks Alone In A Furniture Warehouse Scaring You Away Like A Hotel Mattress MCD 4,90 NEU
Fastbacks The Day That Didn't Exist CD 7,90 NEU
Favez Gentlemen Start Your Engines CD 4,90
Fawn Spots From Safer Place LP 20,90 NEU
Fay Ray Contact You LP 7,90
Federation X Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman 7" 4,90
Federation X X Patriot CD 7,90
Fehlfarben 33 Tage In Ketten LP 9,90
Fehlfarben 33 Tage In Ketten (remastered) CD 7,90
Fehlfarben Die Platte Des Himmlischen Friedens 12" 4,90
Fehlfarben Glut Und Asche LP 9,90
Fehlfarben Über .. Menschen CD 6,50
Fehlfarben Wie Bitte Was?! CD 6,50
Fehlfarben Xenophonie CD 7,90
Fehlfarben, Schwebel, Thomas Popmusik + Hundezucht CD 8,90
Feist Metals LP 18,90 NEU
Feist Metals CD 4,90
Feist The Remainder CD 6,50
Feist The Reminder CD 16,90 NEU
Fellow Travellers Just a visitor CD 4,90
Fellow Travellers Things and time CD 6,50
Fever In The City Of Sleep CD 4,90
Fiddlehead Dod E CD 6,50
Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat (Promo) CD 4,90
Fingerprintz The Very Dab LP 7,90
Firehose Mr. Machinery Operator CD 6,50
Firehose Ragin', Full-On CD 6,50
Firewalkers Nervous Breakdown !!! CD 4,90
First Aid Kit The Big Black & The Blue CD 6,50
First Floor Power Don't Back Down LP 14,90 NEU
Fischessen Suicide Is Much To Blonde CD 6,50
Flaming Lips Fight Test CD 7,90
Flaming Lips Imagene Peise (Red Vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Flaming Lips Oh My Gawd !!! ... The Flaming Lips LP 19,90
Flaming Lips Telepathic Surgery LP 19,90
Flash Future Dorky Day CD 6,50
Flash Future Rock Rock CD 6,50
Fleshtones More Than Skin Deep CD 9,90
Flipper Public Flipper Limited - Live 1980-85 2xLP 15,90 NEU
Floodlights From a view (ochre vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Floor S/t LP 21,90 NEU New Imperial Sadism 10" 9,90 NEU
Flucht Nach Vorn Talking Is Over LP 7,90
Fluchtweg S/t LP 3,00
Fly Pan Am S/t CD 8,90
Flying Lizards Money 7" 2,90
Flying Lizards S/t LP 7,90
Flying Lizards Sex machine (extended mix) 12" 7,90
Flying Lotus You're Dead 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Flying Saucer Attack, Tele:funken Distant Station LP 12,90
Föllakzoid I (clear vinyl) 2xLP 27,90 NEU
Foo Fighters Big me MCD 4,90
Foo Fighters Greatest Hits 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Foo Fighters In Your Honor 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Foo Fighters In Your Honor 2xCD 6,50
Foo Fighters One By One 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Foo Fighters One By One CD 6,50
Foo Fighters S/t CD 6,50
Foo Fighters S/t LP 19,90 NEU
Foo Fighters Skin and bone CD 6,50
Foo Fighters The Colour And The Shape 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Foo Fighters There Is Nothing Left To Loose 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Foo Fighters Wasting Light 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Foo Fighters Wasting Light CD 4,90
Forks Screenprint (Handnumbered / 12 Copies Made) Poster 12,90 NEU
Forstella Ford Quietus CD 7,90 NEU
Forster, Robert the evangelist CD 9,90
Forth Wanderers S/t CD 7,90
fountains d.c. a hero's death lp 28,90 NEU
Foy vance the wild swan LP 17,90 NEU
Foyer Des Arts Die Menschen CD 7,90
Foyer Des Arts Ein Kuss In Der Irrtumstaverne LP 14,90
Foyer Des Arts Von Bullerbü Nach Babylon LP 24,90
Frahm, Nils Encores 3 12" 13,90 NEU
Frank Black S/t CD 6,50
Frankie Cosmos Vessel CD 9,90
Franklin Lakes S/t Ep 7" 3,90 NEU
Franz Ferdinand Do you want to 12" 7,90
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better CD 4,90
fratellis here we stand (deluxe edition) cd+dvd 6,50
Freeks S/t CD 7,90
Fretwell, Stephen Magpie CD 4,90
Fretwell, Stephen Man on the roof CD 4,90
Fretwell, Stephen Man on the roof (album sampler) CD 4,90
Fuck Art, Let's Dance !, Tubbe Split 7" 5,90 NEU
Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing 2xLP 26,90 NEU
Fuckuismyname Stay Gold, Falconass! LP 9,90
Fugo Avant 93:43 CD 7,90 NEU
Fungus Brains Ron Pistos Real World LP 15,90 NEU
Funky Bands Inc. F.b.i. CD 6,50
Funky Bands Inc. FBI CD 4,90
Furious Pig s/t LP 9,90
Fury In The Slaughterhouse Dead And Gone CD 4,90
Fury In The Slaughterhouse Mono CD 4,90
Fury In The Slaughterhouse Rain Will Fall MCD 2,90
Fury In The Slaughterhouse The Hearing And The Sense Of Balance CD 4,90
fury in the slaugterhouse s/t cd 4,90
Future Death Special Victim LP 16,90 NEU
Future Islands Singles CD 4,90
gad whip post internet blues lp 15,90 NEU
Galaxie 500 Fourth Of July MCD 4,90
Galaxie 500 This Is Our Music LP 14,90
Gallagher, Liam Why me? Why not. (colored vinyl) LP 27,90 NEU
Gallo, Vincent When CD 7,90
game theory 2 steps from the middle ages cd 4,90
Gang Of Four A Brief History Of The 20Th Century CD 6,50
Gang Of Four Entertainment CD 6,50
Gang Of Four Hard LP 7,90
Gang Of Four Solid gold (w/ bonus tracks) CD 6,50
Gang Of Four Songs Of The Free LP 9,90
Ganglians Monster Head Room CD 4,90
Garrisson A Mile In Cold Water CD 8,90 NEU
Gauche A people's history of Gauche LP 20,90 NEU
Gay Anniversary New In Class 10" 12,90 NEU
Geisterfahrer Fischgott LP 12,90
Gene For The Dead 7" 4,90
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side Magnetic Island LP 12,90 NEU
Geppetto & the whales People of Galicove LP 9,90 NEU
German Measles Wild E.p. LP 9,90 NEU
Get Well Soon Rest Now, Weary Head! .. CD 6,50
Get Well Soon The Scarlet Beast O'seven Heads 2xCD 6,50
Get Well Soon Vexations CD 4,90
Ghost Hypnotic Underworld CD 8,90
Giant Sand Backyard Barbeque Broadcast LP 14,90 NEU
Giant Sand Black Out LP 19,90 NEU
Giant Sand Is All Over The Map LP 14,90 NEU
Giant Sand Provision CD 7,90
Giant Sand Purge & Slouch 2xLP 18,90
Giant Sand Recounting the ballads of the thin man (colored vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Giant Sand Tucson CD 7,90
Ginn, Greg Let it burn CD 4,90
Girl Band the talkies (blue vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Girly Machine 58 Seconds Swamp 7" 2,90
Githead Profile CD 6,50
Gleaming Spires Walk On Well Lighted Streets LP 12,90
Glimmers Disko Drunkards CD 4,90
Goat Commune CD 6,50
God Bullies Dog Show LP 9,90
God Help That Girl S/t CD 7,90
Godfathers Unreal World LP 7,90
Godflesh A World Lit Only By Fire LP 20,90 NEU
Godflesh Decline & Fall LP 16,90 NEU
Godflesh Post Self LP 25,90 NEU
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress LP 26,90 NEU
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F"a# LP 21,90 NEU
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada LP 19,90
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.x.o 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Gold-Bears Dalliance LP 19,90 NEU
Golden Triangle Double Jointer LP 9,90 NEU
Golden Triangle, The Fresh Onlys Split 7" 4,90
Goldenen Zitronen Dead School Hamburg CD 6,50
Goldenen Zitronen More than a feeling LP 19,90 NEU
Goldenen Zitronen Who's Bad 2xLP 18,90 NEU
Goldfrapp Felt Mountain CD 6,50
Goldfrapp Silver Eye LP 27,90 NEU
Goldfrapp Supernature CD 6,50
Goldt, Max Alte Pilze (Historische Heimaufnahmen 1981-1992 Volume II) LP 19,90
Goldt, Max Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurants LP 19,90
gomme absent healing lp 12,90 NEU
Gone Lets Get Real, Real Gone For A Change LP 9,90
Goon Moon Licker's Last Leg CD 6,50
Goon Sax Up To Anything LP 19,90 NEU
Gordon, Rachel the coming of spring LP 7,90
Gore Lifelong Deadline 2xCD 7,90
Gorillaz Clint Eastwood MCD 4,90
Gorillaz Humanz 2xLP 27,90
Gorillaz Plastic Beach CD 6,50
Gossip A Joyfull Noise CD 4,90
Gossip Music For Men CD 6,50
Gotobeds Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
Gotobeds Debt begins at 30 (Loser edition) LP 21,90 NEU
Grails Black Tar Prophecies Vol.'s 1,2 & 3 CD 12,90
Grails Burning Off Impurities CD 7,90
Grails The Burdon Of Hope CD 12,90
Grandaddy Excerpts From The Diary Of .. 12" 12,90
Grandaddy Sumday (Special Bonus Edition) 2xCD 9,90
Grande Illusion It's Not Okay What You Did LP 13,90 NEU
Grass Widow s/t 12" 7,90
Great Lake Swimmers Lost Channels CD 7,90
green river Dry as bone (Loser edition) 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Green River Rehab doll (Loser edition) 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Greinke, Jeff Lost Terrain CD 7,90
Greyfell Vol. 1: I Got The Silver LP 9,90 NEU
Gringo Star Controlled burn - live in Atlanta CD 9,90
Grundrauschen Dang Rocker 7" 8,90 NEU
Guided By Voices Alien lanes (25th anniversary edition) LP 29,90 NEU
Guided By Voices Class Clown Spots A Ufo LP 21,90 NEU
Guided By Voices Cool Planet LP 22,90 NEU
Guided By Voices Do The Collapse CD 7,90
Guided By Voices English Little League LP 21,90 NEU
Guided By Voices Mag Earwhig CD 4,90
Guided By Voices Universal Truths And Cycles CD 4,90
Gumball Special Kiss CD 4,90
Gun Club Fire Of Love LP 17,90 NEU
Gun Club Mother Earth LP 17,90
Gusgus Polydistortion CD 7,90
H-Blockx Time To Move (W/ Bonus Cd) CD 6,50
H.o.d.i.c.a. The Shit Hits The Fans (Not) 12" 7,90
H.oilers Yo-Ho-Ho - The Rock'n'roll Sailor 10" 7,90
H.p. Zinker .. And There Was Light LP 6,90
H.p. Zinker Perseverance CD 4,90
H.p. Zinker Staying Loose - A Compilation CD 4,90
H.y.v.ä. Mieskuoro Huutajat 7" 4,90
Hair And Skin Trading Company Go Round MCD 4,90
Half Japanese Bone Head LP 14,90
Half Japanese Overjoyed LP 16,90 NEU
Half Moon Run Dark Eyes CD 7,90
Half Moon Run Sun Leads Me On CD 7,90
Hallelujah Ding Dong Happy Happy! Mikrokosmos CD 4,90
Halo Of Flies Music For Insect Minds 2xLP 26,90 NEU
Hammerlock Knock Her Out (Kozik Artwork) 7" 9,90
Handsome Family Milk And Scissors CD 4,90
Handsome Furs Face Control CD 4,90
Hannigan, Lisa Passenger CD 4,90
Hannigan, Lisa See Saw CD 7,90
Hansard, Glen Drive All Night CD 4,90
Hansard, Glen The Swell Season CD 4,90
Happy Mondays Greatest Hits CD 6,50
Happy Mondays Loose Fit 7" 3,90
Happy Mondays Pills 'n' Thrills And Belly Arches CD 6,50
Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic Vhs? Jazzbelle 1984/1988 LP 18,90 NEU
Hawley, Richard Truelove's gutter CD 4,90
Head On Blind Kiss LP 13,90 NEU
Headbutt Lipstick / Fat Elvis (# 73/97) 7" 4,90
Headcleaner The Peel Session 10" 7,90
Headlights Some Racing, Some Stopping LP 14,90 NEU
Heads Collider LP 12,90 NEU
Heads Relaxing With ... (Re-Issue) LP 23,90 NEU
Heads S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Heads Tilbourg (Lim. 500 Copies) 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Heads, White Hills Split LP 22,90 NEU
Heartbreak Motel Handguns Make The Most Love CD 6,50
Hecker, Maximilian Mirage Of Bliss CD 7,90
Heirlooms of August Forever the moon CD 6,50
Helgi Jonsson Gloandi CD 4,90
Helio Sequence Keep Your Eyes Ahead LP 14,90 NEU
Helio Sequence, Menomena Converter / Pilgrim's Progress 7" 4,90 NEU
Helios Creed X-Rated Fairy Tales LP 9,90
Helmet Betty CD 4,90
Her Only Presence You're Never Back CD 2,90 NEU
Herberg, Martin C. True Love & High Adventure CD 6,50
Herbst In Peking To Be Hip LP 12,90
Hermano Dare I Say CD 12,90
Herr Nilsson Der Erste Eigene Wasserwerfer Live CD 7,90
Herrenmagazin Das Ergebnis Wäre Stille CD 8,90
Hersh, Kristin Hips And Makers CD 6,50
Hey Hey Shimmering LP 12,90 NEU
Hey Hey Shimmering CD 9,90 NEU
Hi! Spencer Nicht raus, aber weiter LP 21,90 NEU
High Strung Get The Guests CD 13,90 NEU
Higsons Push Out The Boat 12" 2,90
Higsons the curse of .. LP 9,90
Hiller, Holger Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube LP 19,90
Hills Alive At Roadburn 2xLP 25,90 NEU
His Electro Blue Voice Ruthless Sperm LP 17,90 NEU
Hockerman Between August And July CD 4,90
Hole Doll Parts MCD 4,90
Hole Live Through This CD 4,90
Hole Violet MCD 4,90
Holiday Fun Club Knife Fight 7" 3,90 NEU
Holiday Fun Club s/t LP 7,90
Hollow Sunshine Held Above LP 18,90 NEU
Holly Golightly Slowly But Surely LP 14,90
Holy Wave Fuzz Club Session LP 24,90 NEU
Honeymoon Killers Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel LP 14,90
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Guitars of the oceanic undergrowth LP 19,90
Hoodlum Priest Heart Of Darkness LP 9,90
Hoodoo Gurus Blow Your Cool LP 7,90
Hookworms The Hum LP 23,90 NEU
Hope Drone S/t LP 11,90 NEU
Horrid Red Gold of days LP 14,90 NEU
Horrors Primary Colours 2xLP 19,90
Hot Chip Coming On Strong CD 6,50
Hot Chip In our heads CD 4,90
Hot Chip Why make sense ? CD 4,90
Hot Gossip Angles CD 4,90
Hot Hot Heat Elevator CD 6,50
Hot Hot Heat Make Up The Breakdown CD 4,90
Hot Rod Circuit If I Knew Now What I Knew Then CD 6,50
Hot Snakes Audit In Progress CD 6,50
Hot Snakes Automatic Midnight LP 19,90 NEU
Hot Snakes Do Not Resuscitate (Touredition W/ Wristband, Clear Vinyl 7" 19,90 NEU
Hot Snakes Jericho sirens CD 6,50
Housemartins Caravan Of Love 12" 4,90
Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 LP 9,90
Housemartins Now That's What I Call Quite Good 2xLP 9,90
Housemartins The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death LP 9,90
Houston, Penelope Birdboys LP 9,90
Houston, Penelope The Whole World LP 9,90
howard, ben i forget where we were cd 4,90
Howard, Roland S. Teenage snuff film LP 29,90 NEU
Howard, Roland S. / Lydia Lunch Siberia LP 19,90 NEU
Howard, Roland S. / Lydia Lunch Some Velvet Morning 12" 14,90
Howe Gelb Gathered LP 22,90 NEU
Howling Sacred Ground CD 6,50
Hrsta Ghosts will come and kiss our eyes CD 4,90
Hrsta Stem Stem In Electro CD 4,90
Hrubesch Youth Dahlin Orgel LP 9,90
Hrubesch Youth Schiffer-Klavier LP 9,90
Htrk Nostalgia CD 9,90 NEU
Human Abfall Form & Zweck LP 17,90 NEU
Human Eye Live At Third Man Records 09-23-2011 LP 14,90 NEU
Hunches Exit Dream CD 7,90
Hund Am Strand Adieu Sweet Bahnhof CD 4,90
Hundred Waters S/t CD 4,90
Huskies & Dolphins Tom, Tom And Tom 10" 7,90
hyäne demontage und zerfall lp 12,90 NEU
Hybrid Kids A Collection Of Classic Mutants LP 14,90
Hypnotic Sleep S/t LP 9,90 NEU
Hypnotics Justice In Freedom 12" 7,90
I Am Kloot S/t CD 4,90
I Am Oak Our Blood LP 17,90 NEU
I Like Trains He Who Saw The Deep LP 14,90 NEU
I Like Trains The Shallows LP 15,90 NEU
I Like Trains The Shallows CD 6,50
I like trians the skin full of bones CD 4,90
I Mother Earth S/t (Blue Vinyl) 10" 5,90
Icarus Line Black Lives At The Golden Coast LP 14,90
Icarus Line Penece Soiree CD 4,90
Ice Baths S/t LP 22,90 NEU
Icicle Works Birds Fly 12" 4,90
Idiot Orchestra, Liquid Idiot Split LP 22,90 NEU
Idles Joy as an act of resistance LP 23,90 NEU
Idles Ultra mono (vortex colored vinyl) LP 23,90 NEU
Idlewild The Remote Part CD 6,50
Imarhan S/t LP 21,90 NEU
incubus morning view cd 4,90
Incubus Morning View Sessions CD 4,90
Indian Wars Songs From The North LP 8,00 NEU
Indochine Le Birthday Album 1981-1991 CD 6,50
Indochine Paradise CD 6,50
Infadels We Are Not The Infadels CD 4,90
Inspiral Carpets Saturn 5 2xMCD 4,90
Inspiral Carpets the singles CD 4,90
Inspiral Carpets This is how it feels 12" 4,90
Instil Gray Before My Eyes LP 7,90
Instrument Olympus Mons (# 178/500) LP 12,90
Instruments Of Science & Technology Music From The Films Of R/swift LP 14,90 NEU
Inter View Pop Comics fanzine + cd 4,90
Interpol A fine mess LP 17,90 NEU
Interpol Marauder (colored vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Interpol Our Love To Admire CD 4,90
Interpol The Black Ep CD 7,90
Iron & Wine Beast Epic LP 22,90 NEU
Iron & Wine Beast Epic (Deluxe Edition) LP+12" 29,90 NEU
Iron & Wine Boy With A Gun CD 4,90
Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days CD 6,50
Iron & Wine Our endless numbered days (Loser edition) LP 24,90 NEU
Iron & Wine Such Great Heights MCD 4,90
Iron & Wine The Creek Drank The Cradle CD 6,50
Iron & Wine The Shepherd's Dog LP 17,90 NEU
Iron & Wine Woman King CD 4,90
Is Bliss The Honeycomb Explosion 12" 17,90 NEU
Isis In The Absence Of Truth CD 7,90
Isis / Aereogramme In the fishtank 14 CD 6,50
Ivy Long Distance CD 6,50
J. Mascis Eleastic days (Loser edition) LP 19,90 NEU
Jabs, Gregor Stamen CD 9,90 NEU
Jack Or Jive A Picture Of A Dancer MCD 4,90
Jack Or Jive A Solo Exhibition CD 6,50
Jack White Blunderbuss CD 4,90
Jack White Lazaretto (Ultra LP) LP 17,90
Jackson, Scott Melbourne CD 4,90
Jacob's Optical Stairway S/t CD 4,90
Jacobites Heart Of Hearts LP 21,90 NEU
Jad Fair / Norman Blake Yes LP 21,90 NEU
Jagwar Ma Howlin 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Jaill That's How We Burn CD 4,90
James Sit down 12" 7,90
James Blake Overgrown CD 6,50
James Chance & The Contortions Live In New York 2xLP 14,90
James Yorkston Roaring the gospel CD 4,90
James Yorkston the year of the leopard CD 4,90
James Yorkston the year of the leopard - acoustic cersions CD 4,90
James Yorkston & the big Eyed Family Players Folk songs CD 4,90
James Yorkston and the Athelets St. Patrick CD 4,90
Jamie Xx In Colour CD 6,50
Jancee Pornick Casino Slice of your loving LP 12,90
Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking CD 6,50
Jane's Addiction Nothing's shocking LP 19,90
Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual CD 6,50
Janelle Fault Lines (W/gimic Cover, Ltd. Edition) LP 11,90 NEU
Jansch, Bert Crimson moon 2xCD 7,90
Jansen, Markus Maria Baby Beuys und die Rücksichtslosigkeit der Hasen LP 19,90 NEU
Janssen, Kim the truth is, I am always responsible CD 6,50
Japan Adolescent Sex (Dutch Sleeve) 7" 6,90
Japanther Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt LP 12,90 NEU
Japotage S/t (Co) LP 12,90
Javelin No Mas CD 4,90
Jazz Butcher Big questions LP 9,90
Jazz Butcher Cult Of The Basement LP 7,90
Jazz Butcher Distressed Gentlefolk LP 7,90
Jazz Butcher Hamburg LP 7,90
Jazz Butcher the gift of music LP 7,90
Jazz Butcher Vs. Max Eider Conspiracy 12" 7,90
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project Axels & Sockets CD 7,90
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project We Are Only Riders CD 7,90
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project Zonar Rose / Girl It's Me 7" 8,90 NEU
Jeffrey Novak Lemon Kid LP 20,90 NEU
Jellyfish Kiss Plank LP 7,90
Jennings, Mason Minnesota CD 7,90
Jens Friebe Vorher Nachher Bilder LP 14,90 NEU
Jeremy Warmsley The Art Of Fiction CD 6,50
Jessica 93 Rise LP 12,90 NEU
Jesu, Sun Kil Moon S/t 2xLP 29,90 NEU
Jesus And Mary Chain Automatic LP 17,90
Jesus And Mary Chain Damage And Joy 2xLP 28,90 NEU
Jesus And Mary Chain Sometimes Always MCD 4,90
jesus jones live at the Marquee DVD 4,90
Jesus Lizard Goat (Remastered Re-Issue) LP 19,90 NEU
Jesus Lizard Liar (Remastered Re-Issue) LP 19,90 NEU
Jets To Brazil Perfecting Loneliness CD 6,50
Jim O'rourke Insignificance CD 7,90
Jim-Jams Poise CDR 7,90 NEU
Jim-Jams Sleep MCD 4,90
Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails CD 8,90
JImmy, Jenny & Jonny Eine Nacht in Palermo LP 9,90
Jj72 Snow MCD 2,90
Jo Broadbery & The Standouts S/t LP 7,90
Jo Passed Their Prime CD 9,90
John, Michael Love Will Tear Us Apart 12" 4,90
Johnston, Daniel Artistic Vice CD 4,90
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion No Wave Danke Party 2015 LP 22,90 NEU
Joolz S/t LP 7,90
Joolz Weird Sister LP 9,90
Joy Formidable A Balloon Called Moaning CD 4,90
Joy Formidable A Minutes Silence 12" 7,90 NEU
Joy Rider S/t LP 7,90
Joy Rider Tired Of Phoney LP 12,90
Jullander Interiors CD 4,90
Jullander Phobos In Funkytown CD 6,50
Juncosa, Sylvia Nature LP 8,90
June Panic Hope You Fail Better CD 6,50
Jungle S/t CD 9,90
K Scott Richer Nashvill Geographic LP 3,00 NEU
K-Holes Dismania LP 14,90 NEU
Kalashnikov Collective L'algebra Morente Del Cielo LP 12,90 NEU
Kaos Hello Stranger CD 6,50
kapell, inox werkschoh 2xlp 19,90 NEU
Karamel Schafft Eisland CD 6,50
Karate Some Boots CD 7,90
Kardiofons Kaledy Eglute LP 6,90
karies alice lp 12,90 NEU
Karies E.p. LP 9,90 NEU
Karies Es Geht Sich Aus LP 12,90
Karies Seid Umschlungen, Millionen LP 11,90 NEU
Karn, Mick Buoy 12" 4,90
Karn, Mick Dreams Of Reason Produce Monters LP 9,90
Kasabian 48:13 CD 6,50
Kasabian 48:13 2x10" 19,90 NEU
Katortz Geht's Jetzt Los ? (100 Copies Only) LP+CD 24,90 NEU
Katzenjammer A Kiss Before You Go CD 6,50
Kenney, Madeline Night night at the first landing CD 4,90
Kepler Missionless Days CD 6,50
Kettcar Du Und Wieviel Von Deinen Freunden CD 6,50
Kettcar Fliegende Bauten (Live) CD 7,90
Kettcar Von Spatzen Und Tauben, Dächern Und Händen (Erstauflage Mit Bonus Dvd) CD+DVD 9,90
Kettcar Von Spatzen Und Tauben, Dächern Und Händen (Erstauflage Mit Bonus Dvd) CD 6,50
Khuda Iecava LP 9,90 NEU
Khuda Palingenesia LP 7,90 NEU
Kid & Khan Bad English CD 6,50
Kid Congo And The Pink Monkeybirds Haunted Head LP 18,90 NEU
Kids In Glass Houses Smart Casual CD 6,50
Kiev Stingl Grausam Das Gold Und Jubelnd Die Pest LP 9,90
Kill city White boys brown girl CD 6,50
Killdozer For Ladies Only 5x7" 39,90
Killdozer Intellcuals Are The Shoeshine Boys Of The Ruling Elite LP 12,90
Killdozer Yow! 7" 6,90
Killer Barbies Downtown MCD 2,90
Killer Barbies Mars MCD 4,90
Killers All These Things (Supercalifragelistic Remix) 12" 9,90
Killers Battle Born (Deluxe Edition) CD 7,90
Killers Day & Age CD 6,50
Killers Hot Fuss CD 4,90
Killians Kill The .. CD 4,90
Killing Joke Democracy CD 4,90
Kim Gordon No home record LP 18,90 NEU
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Essence CD 4,90
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Just Because You Can't See It... LP 17,90
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Sin Factory CD 6,50
Kimono Code S/t LP 9,90
Kineo R.a. Oblakany 7" 9,90
King Krule Man alive! (colored vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
King Missile Fluting On The Hump LP 9,90
King Tuff Black Moon Spell (Loser Edition) LP 10,00 NEU
King, Ben E. The Voice Of Soul CD 4,90
Kings Of Leon Because Of The Times CD 4,90
Kings Of Leon Come Around Sundown CD 4,90
Kings Of Leon Only By The Night CD 4,90
Kings Of Leon Only By The Night 2xLP 24,90
Kit My Design 12" 4,90
Klark Nova 110 (Onesided) EP 11,90 NEU
Klark Nova Zero Music CD 12,90 NEU
Klaxons Surfing The Void CD 4,90
Kleg Zing CD 7,90
Knifefight The Blackened Rye LP 11,90 NEU
Knifefight The Blackened Rye CD 9,90 NEU
Kodiak, Nadja Split 12" 14,90 NEU
Koletzki, Oliver Großstadtmärchen CD 6,50
Komplizen Der Spielregeln Lieder Vom Rio D'oro 2xLP 12,90
Konk Yo LP 24,90
Krack House The Whole Truth LP 9,90
Kurt La Guard LP 8,90
Kyle Craft Dolls Of Highland CD 4,90
Kyoto Drive So Much Alive / Chapters MCD 1,90 NEU
Kyoto Drive This Is All We Ever Wanted... CD 2,90 NEU
Kyuss ...and The Circus Leaves Town CD 4,90
Kyuss Welcome To Sky Valley CD 7,90
Kyuss Wretch (White/grey Vinyl) CD 6,50
L7 Bricks are heavy LP 34,90
L7 Hungry for stink CD 4,90
La Danza Moderna Heaven (Special Radio Version W/ Promo Insert) 7" 5,00
la dispute Panorama (colored vinyl) LP 20,90 NEU
La Par Force Fallen Leaves CD 7,90 NEU
Lacrosse This New Year Will Be For You And Me LP 12,90
Ladyhawk Shots LP 14,90 NEU
Lali Puna Our Inventions CD 6,50
Lamb S/t CD 4,90
Lambchop How I Quit Smoking CD 6,50
Lambchop Is a woman 2xLP 24,90
Lambchop Nixon CD 7,90
Landmine Spring Love With Silver Spears CD 4,90
Langhorns Mission Exotica CD 6,50
Lark Shop CD 4,90
Last Ex S/t LP 17,90 NEU
Last Night Friendliy Fires LP 12,90 NEU
Lcd Soundsystem S/t CD 6,50
Leao, Rodrigo Songs (2004-2012) CD 4,90
Leblanc, Dylan Paupers Field CD 4,90
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires Dereconstructed LP 15,90 NEU
Lee Ranaldo Countless Centuries Fled Into The Distance Like So Many Storms 12" 12,90
Lekman, Jens I Know What Love Isn't CD 6,50
Lekman, Jens Night Falls Over Kortedala CD 6,50
Lekman, Jens When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog CD 6,50
Lemonheads Come On Feel CD 4,90
Lemonheads If I Could Talk I'd Tell You MCD 4,90
Lemonheads It's A Shame About Ray CD 4,90
Lemonheads New York New York CD 7,90
Lemonheads Petrol Side Salad CD 4,90
Lemonheads Varshons II (colored vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Lenker, Adrianne Songs and instrumentals 2xLP 26,90 NEU
Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle 15 Black Forest Surf Originals CD 6,50
Les Rita Mitsouko Re 2x12" 17,90
Les Savy Fav Root For Ruin CD 6,50
Levene, Keith Violent opposition LP 7,90
Liars It Fit When I Was A Kid CD 12,90
Liberty Horses Joyland CD 4,90
Lightning Daze Caught In A Frame CD 2,90 NEU
Lightning Dust S/t LP 14,90 NEU
Lightning Seeds Pure (Orange Vinyl) LP 12,90
Lightships Electric Cables CD 4,90
Lightspeed Champion Life Is Sweet! .. Nice To Meet You 2xCD 6,50
liiek s/t lp 12,90 NEU
Like Like The The The The Death Cave Jenny LP 19,90 NEU
Lines In Space Spacelab CD 7,90
Lingua Nada Djnn (red vinyl) LP 20,90 NEU
Listener Being Empty : Being Filled LP 18,90 NEU
Listener Return To Struggleville LP 22,90 NEU
Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch Bad pianos CD 7,90
Live Skull Bringing Home The Bait LP 9,90
Live Skull Cloud One LP 9,90
Live Skull Pusherman E.p. 12" 6,90
Liver Noise Brainspitting 7" 4,90
Livernoise Brainspitting 7" 6,90
Living Eyes Living Large LP 21,90 NEU
Lizzy Mercier Descloux One For The Soul (W/ Promo Insert) LP 12,90
Löfgren, Lars Ludwig Heterochromia CD 8,90
Long Fin Killie Amelia CD 6,50
Loosegoats Form And The Feeling MCD 4,90
Lora Logic Pedigree Charm LP 12,90
Lords Of The New Church Is Nothing Sacred ? LP 9,90
Lords Of The New Church Killer Lords LP 9,90
Lords Of The New Church Like A Virgin 12" 4,90
Lords Of The New Church Psycho Sex 12" 7,90
Lords Of The New Church S/t LP 9,90
Lords Of The New Church Scene of the crime (#1703/3000) 3xLP 29,90
Lords Of The New Church Second Coming LP 9,90
Lords Of The New Church When The Blood Runs Cold 12" 7,90
Lorenzen, Uffe Triprapport CD 9,90 NEU
Lorraine Kids + Crimes 7" 3,90 NEU
Lost Gringos Troca, troca 12" 7,90
Lost In Mekka Lost In Mekka 12" 9,90
Lost In Mekka The Shelter Of Youth (W/ Promo Info Folder) LP 9,90
Lost Rivers My Beatific Vision LP 11,90 NEU
lotus eaters you don't need someone new 12" 7,90
Lounge Lizards Big Heart - Live In Tokyo LP 9,90
Lovich, Lene Lucky number 12" 7,90
Low Double negative (Loser edition) LP 19,90
Lubricated Goat Paddock Of Love LP 14,90
Lucky Jim All the king's horses CD 4,90
Lucy Show ...undone LP 7,90
Luh Spiritual songs for lovers to sing (white/black vinyl) 2xLP 17,90 NEU
Luke Haines And The Auteurs Das Capital CD 6,50
Lukkoye, Ole Toomze CD 9,90
luna sol below the deep (colored vinyl) lp 20,90 NEU
Luna Sol Blood Moon CD 4,90
Lunadon, Dion S/t LP 22,90 NEU
Lush For Love 10" 9,90
Lust For Youth International LP 16,90 NEU
Lvl Up Return To Love (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
Lvmen An Anthology CD 8,90
Lydia Lunch Stinkfist 12" 9,90
Lydia Lunch, Ruin, Clint Don't Fear The Reaper 12" 12,90
Lyla Foy Mirrors The Sky (Loser Edition) LP 17,90 NEU
Lynch, David The Big Dream CD 4,90
M J Halloran And The Sinners Me Souffler LP 11,90 NEU
M. Walking On The Water Pluto LP 7,90
M. Walking On The Water The Waltz LP 7,90
Mac Demarco 2 demos LP 20,90 NEU
Mac Demarco Old Dog Demos (Rsd Colored Vinyl) LP 23,90 NEU
Mac Demarco Salad Days demos LP 20,90 NEU
Mac Demarco This Old Dog LP 25,90 NEU
Magazine Upside Down 7" 8,90
Magic Gang Death of the party LP 14,90 NEU
Magik Markers The Volodor Dance LP 9,90 NEU
Magnet School The Art Of Telling The Truth (Oxblood Vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Mahonie, Billy What Becomes Before CD 4,90
Maia Videl The Tide Ep MCD 4,90
Makato, Kawabata / The Mothers Of Invasion Hot Rattlesnakes CD 9,90
Make-Up Sound Verite CD 7,90
Mala In Cuba CD 4,90
Man Forever Live In Bloomington LP 15,90 NEU
Man Or Astro-Man Defcon 5 7" 9,90 NEU
Man Or Astro-Man Disintegrate 7" 9,90 NEU
Mando Diao Bring Em In CD 7,90
Mando Diao Give me fire CD 4,90
Mando Diao Mtv Unplugged - Above And Beyond 2xCD 9,90
Mando Diao Mtv Unplugged - Above And Beyond CD 4,90
Mando Diao Never Seen The Light Of Day CD 4,90
Manic Street Preachers Australia (Cd Two) MCD 6,50
Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go CD 4,90
Manic Street Preachers If you tolerate this your children will be next MCD 4,90
Manic Street Preachers Little Baby Nothing (Part 1 Of 2) MCD 6,50
Manic Street Preachers Postcards From A Young Man CD 4,90
Manic Street Preachers Revol MCD 4,90
Manic Street Preachers Theme From M.a.s.h. MCD 4,90
Manic Street Preachers This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours CD 4,90
Mano Negra Puta's Fever LP 19,90
Mano Negra Puta's Fever CD 6,50
Manu Chao Baionarena CD+DVD 7,90
Manu Chao Clandestino CD 6,50
Manu Chao La Radiolina CD 4,90
Manu Chao Politik Kills 12" 9,90
Maps & Atlases Perch Patchwork CD 6,50
marbin the third set CD 7,90
Marble Sounds Tautou LP 15,90 NEU
Marc And The Mambas Torment & Toreros 2xLP 14,90
Marc And The Mambas Untitled 2xLP 12,90
Marc Riley & The Creepers Gross Out (Cover Vg) LP 12,90
Marching Church Coming Down: Sessions In April LP 15,90 NEU
Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar CD 4,90
Marilyn Manson Holy Wood (Uncensored) CD 6,50
Marilyn Manson I Don't Like The Drugs MCD 4,90
Marilyn Manson Lest We Forget CD 4,90
Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals CD 4,90
Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People MCD 2,90
Marilyn Manson The Last Tour On Earth CD 4,90
Marino, Steve Fluff CD 7,90
Maritime Glass Floor CD 6,50
Maritime We, The Vehicles CD 4,90
Mark Lanegan Field Songs LP 18,90 NEU
Mark Lanegan I'll Take Care Of You LP 18,90 NEU
Mark Lanegan Imitations CD 6,50
Mark Lanegan The Winding Sheet LP 18,90 NEU
Mark Lanegan Whiskey For The Holy Ghost 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Mark Lanegan Band Blues Funeral 2xLP 20,90 NEU
Mark Lanegan Band Bubblegum LP 18,90 NEU
Marmoset Florist Fired LP 9,90
Mars Volta Amputechture CD 4,90
Mars Volta De-loused in the comatorium CD 6,50
Mars Volta Frances The Mute CD 6,50
Marsupials s/t LP 7,90
Martha And The Muffins Metro Music LP 9,90
Martha And The Muffins Trance And Dance LP 7,90
Martin Rev Cheyenne LP 20,90 NEU
Martin Rev Clouds of glory LP 20,90 NEU
Mass Gothic S/t (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
Masters Of Reality Reality Show LP 17,90 NEU
Masters Of Reality Reality Show LP 39,90
Matranga, Jonah, Reds, Mikee Countrysides - A Split Release CD 1,90 NEU
Matthew, Scott This Here Defeat CD 7,90
Maximo Park A Certain Trigger CD 4,90
Maximo Park Books From Boxes (White Vinyl) 7" 4,00
Maximo Park Our Earthly Pleasures CD 6,50
Maximo Park Quicken The Heart (Special Edition) CD 7,90
Maximo Park The National Health CD 4,90
Maximo Park Too Much Information CD 6,50
Maximum Balloon S/t CD 4,90
Maya Jane Coles Comfort CD 4,90
Mazzy Star Among My Swan CD 4,90
Mcalmont & Butler Yes MCD 4,90
Mccarthy I am a wallet LP 12,90
Mcgrath, Eamon Guts CD 9,90
Mcneill, Wendy For The Wolf, A Good Meal CD 6,50 NEU
mdk manifestation lp 14,90 NEU
Me And The Heat Game Of Position LP 7,90
Meat Puppets Backwater MCD 4,90
Meat Puppets Forbidden Places CD 7,90
Meat Puppets Golden Lies CD 9,90
Meat Puppets II CD 7,90
Meat Puppets Sewn Together CD 7,90
Medications Completely Removed LP 8,90 NEU
Medicine Home everywhere CD 4,90
Mediengruppe Telekommander Einer Muss In Führung Gehen CD 6,50
Mekons the curse of the Mekons CD 4,90
Melvins A Walk With Love & Death 2xLP 42,90 NEU
Melvins Basses Loaded LP 23,90 NEU
Melvins Hold It In LP 24,90 NEU
Melvins Live At Third Man Records LP 17,90 NEU
Melvins Stag 2xLP 31,90 NEU
Melvins Stoner Witch LP 25,90 NEU
Melvins / Lustmord Pigs Of The Roman Empire CD 7,90
Membranes W/ Phillip Boa Spike Milligans Tape Recorder 12" 4,90
Men They Couldn't Hang Night Of A Thousand Candles LP 9,90
Menomena Friend And Foe CD 6,50
Menomena Mines CD 6,50
Mental Rape S/t CD 6,50
Mercury 4°f Tinnitus (# 134/200) 7" 4,90
Mercury Rev See You On The Other Side CD 4,90
Mercury Rev Yerself Is Steam CD 6,50
Messer Im Schwindel LP 12,90 NEU
Messer Jalousie LP 19,90 NEU
Messer Kachelbad Ep 12" 5,00 NEU
Method Actors Rhythms of you 10" 7,90
Metroschifter Generation Rx (Orange Vinyl) LP 12,90
Metz Automat LP 17,90 NEU
Metz II CD 6,50
Metz S/t LP 18,90 NEU
Metz Strange Peace LP 18,90 NEU
Mgmt Congratulations CD 6,50
Mgmt Oracular Spectacular CD 6,50
Mgr Nova Lux LP 7,90 NEU
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band Adios Senor Pussycat LP 24,90 NEU
Middelton, Malcolm Waxing Gibbous CD 6,50
Midlake The Courage Of Others CD 4,90
Midlake The Trails Of Van Occupanther CD 4,90
Midnight Choir Amsterdam Stranded CD 6,50
Midnight Souls Colder (Tour Edition # 45/50) 7" 4,90
Miike Snow Happy to you CD 4,90
Mikal Cronin Mc II LP 19,90 NEU
Mikal Cronin Mciii (Clear Vinyl) LP 23,90 NEU
Mike & The Melvins Three Men And A Baby CD 4,90
Milburn These Are The Facts CD 6,50
Milemarker Future Isms CD 4,90
Milemarker Omniosity CD 4,90
Milton, Ted & Back To Normal Nogales CD 8,90
Minimal Compact Nil Nil 12" 9,90
Minor Majority Candy store 2xCD 4,90
Minor Majority Reasons to hang around CD 4,90
Minor Majority Up for you & I CD 4,90
Mint Hinterland CD 4,90
Mint Royale See You In The Morning CD 4,90
Miss Chain And The Brooken Heels Rainbow / Searchers 7" 4,90 NEU
Miss Chain And The Brooken Heels The Dawn LP 11,90 NEU
Miss Kitten On The Road CD 6,50
Miss Kitten & The Hacker The First Album CD 6,50
Mission Of Burma On Off On CD 6,50
Mission Of Burma Signals, Calls And Marches CD 9,90
Mittwinter Vinterdrom LP 7,90
Mle[E] 11 Buildings 2xLP 14,90
Moaning S/t (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
Model Prisoners Cow Milking Music LP 12,90 NEU
Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News CD 4,90
Mogwai Government Commissions CD 7,90
Mogwai My Father My King CD 6,50
Mogwai Rano Pano 7" 6,90 NEU
Mogwai The Hawk Is Howling CD 7,90
Moi, Caprice The Art Of Kissing Properly LP 14,90 NEU
mojo jazz club ...from between the fields lp 12,90 NEU
Moke, Weller, Paul Aim High / Love My Life 7" 7,90
Molina, Jason Eight gates (strawberry shortcake colored vinyl) LP 23,90 NEU
moloko 11,000 clicks dvd 9,90
Momus The Poison Boyfreind LP 9,90
Moneybrother To Die Alone CD+DVD 7,90
Mongofünf Im Reich Der Sterne CD 4,90
Mono / World End's Girlfriend Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain CD 7,90
Monochrome Eclat CD 6,50
Monochrome Set The Lost Weekend LP 9,90
Monotonix Not Yet LP 18,90 NEU
Monotonix Where Were You When It Happened ? LP 18,90 NEU
monplaisir the agreement lp 12,90 NEU
Monster Movie Everyone Is A Ghost (# 151/500) LP 14,90 NEU
Moon Duo Mazes LP 16,90 NEU
Moon Duo No Fun/ Jukebox Babe 12" 12,90 NEU
Moon Duo Occult Architecture Vol. 2 (Colored Vinyl) LP 21,90 NEU
Moon Duo Shadow Of The Sun LP+7" 24,90 NEU
Moose Sonny Of Sam CD 4,90
Morphine Like swimming CD 7,90
Morrissey California son (sky blue vinyl) LP 29,90 NEU
Morrissey Certain people I know MCD 4,90
Morrissey Glamorous Glue (Picture) 7" 6,90
Morrissey Kill Uncle CD 6,50
Morrissey Our freak MCD 4,90
Morrissey Satellite of love (live) 12" 14,90 NEU
Morrissey Southpaw grammar CD 9,90
Morrissey Suedehead (Mael Mix - Picture) 10" 18,90 NEU
Morrissey The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 12" 12,90
Morrissey The Last Of The Famous International Playboys (Picture 7") 7" 7,90 NEU
Morrissey the malady lingers on DVD 7,90
Morrissey the more you ignore me, the closer I get MCD 4,90
Morrissey Viva Hate CD 6,50
Morrissey / Siouxsie & The Banshees Interlude MCD 4,90
Motello, Elton Pop Art Falling Like A Domino LP 4,90
Motorpsycho Barracuda CD 6,50
Motorpsycho Behind The Sun CD 9,90
Motorpsycho Behind The Sun CD 6,50
Mountain Goats We Shall All Be Healed CD 6,50
Mountain Witch Snake Wand / Black Night 7" 5,90 NEU
Mouse On Mars Autoditacker CD 7,90
Mouse On Mars Cache Coeur Naif 12" 4,90
Mouse On Mars Idiology CD 4,90
Mouse On Mars Niun Niggung LP 9,90
Mr. Bungle California (Music On Vinyl) LP 21,90 NEU
Mudhoney Digital garbage LP 18,90 NEU
Mudhoney Lie - Live In Europe LP 18,90 NEU
Mudhoney Morning in America (Loser edition) LP 18,90 NEU
Mudhoney My Brother The Cow LP 26,90 NEU
Mudhoney S/t LP 17,90 NEU
Mudhoney Superfuzz Bigmuff LP 14,90 NEU
Mudhoney Under A Billion Suns LP 17,90 NEU
Mudhoney Vanishing Point LP 18,90 NEU
Mudhoney You're Gone 7" 6,90
Mumble & Peg All My Waking Moments In A Jar CD 4,90
Mumford & Sons Babel CD 6,50
Mumford & Sons Sigh No More CD 4,90
Muse Drones 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Muse Haarp (limited edition) CD+DVD 6,50
Muse Origin Of Symmetry 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Muse Simulation theory (box set) 2xLP+2xCD 69,90
Muse The Resistance CD 4,90
Mutemath Reset Ep CD 6,50
Mutemath S/t CD 4,90
Mutterfunk S/t (Cover Vg) 12" 12,90
Mvsc Sunderland CD 4,90
My Chemical Romance Danger Days LP 19,90 NEU
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade CD 6,50
My Chemical Romance Three cheers for sweet revenge (picture) LP 19,90
My Disco Severe LP 20,90 NEU
My Disco Warped Coast 12" 16,90 NEU
My Invisible Friend S/t LP 23,90 NEU
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Hit & Run Holiday MCD 2,90
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Kooler Than Jesus CD 4,90
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Sexplosion! CD 4,90
My Morning Jacket It Still Moves CD 7,90
Nada Surf Let Go CD 6,50
Nada Surf The Proximity Effect CD 7,90
Nada Surf You Know Who You Are LP 19,90 NEU
Nails Dangerous Dreams LP 7,90
Naked Lights Chime Grove LP 11,90 NEU
Naked Lunch Balsam CD 6,50
Naked Lunch This Atom Heart Is Ours CD 9,90
Naked Prey Under The Blue Marlin LP 9,90
Naomi Punk S/t LP 16,90 NEU
Naomi Punk Television Man LP 18,90 NEU
Nathaniel Rateliff In memory of loss CD 6,50
Nationalgalerie Meskalin CD 6,50
Ne Zhdali Live Rarities Vol. 1 CD 6,50
Ne Zhdali Whatever Happens, Twist ! CD 7,90
Nebula Dos Ep's LP 21,90 NEU
Nebula Holy shit (splatter vinyl) LP 27,90 NEU
Nebula Let It Burn LP 21,90 NEU
Negatives Spirit valley LP 26,90 NEU
Negativland A New Album By.. CD 7,90
Nervous Germans Nervösen Deutschen LP 7,90
Nervous Germans Summer Of Love LP 7,90
Nervous Nellie Why Dawn Is Called Morning CD 4,90
Nervous Wreckords Nailbighter 12" 14,90 NEU
Neues Deutschland S/t LP 19,90
Neutrals Kebab disco LP 19,90 NEU
New Brutalism 2001-2003 CD 6,50
New Model Army Between Dog And Wolf (Limited Edition) CD 9,90
New Model Army Get Me Out 10" 7,90
New Model Army Here Comes The War MCD 4,90
New Model Army Impurity CD 6,50
New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked CD 6,50
New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked LP 14,90
New Model Army S/t LP 9,90
New Model Army S/t CD 6,50
New Model Army The Ghost Of Cain CD 4,90
New Model Army The Love Of Hopeless Causes CD 4,90
New Model Army Thunder And Consolation CD 6,50
New Musik Anywhere LP 7,90
New Musik From A to B LP 7,90
New Pornographers Mass Romantic CD 6,50
Nick Cave / Minogue, Kylie Where The Wild Roses Grow MCD 4,90
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Dig, Lazarus, Dig CD 6,50
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Ghosteen 2xLP 31,90 NEU
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Give Us A Kiss 10" 12,90 NEU
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Into My Arms MCD 2,90
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Kicking Against The Pricks CD 6,50
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Murder Ballads 2xLP 28,90 NEU
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds The Boatman's Call CD 6,50
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Your Funeral, My Trail CD 6,50
Nick Oliveri No Hits At All CD 7,90 NEU
Nicoffeine Admiring Those Artholes LP 14,90
Nicoffeine Savant Lies Away From Home 12" 7,90
Nicoffeine / Lude Bodysoothing/ Kulu Se Mama 12" 7,90
Night Moves Colored Emotions CD 6,50
Night Shirts Live From Queimada Grande LP 11,90 NEU
Nightmare Of You s/t CD 4,90
Nik Freitas Saturday Night Underwater CD 6,50
Nina Nastasia On Leaving LP 14,90
Nina Nastia Dogs CD 7,90
Nirvana Bleach CD 4,90
Nirvana Bleach LP 18,90 NEU
Nirvana From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah CD 6,50
Nirvana In Utero LP 20,90 NEU
Nirvana In Utero CD 4,90
Nirvana Incesticide CD 4,90
Nirvana Incesticide + In Utero 2xCD 6,50
Nirvana live at Reading CD 6,50
Nirvana Nevermind CD 4,90
Nirvana Nevermind (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD 9,90
Nirvana S/t CD 6,50
Nirvana Singles (Box Set) 6xCD 19,90
Nirvana Unplugged In New York CD 4,90
NIva Feverish dreams CD 6,50
No Age An Object (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
No Age Glitter 12" 9,90 NEU
No Age Losing Feeling 12" 12,90 NEU
No Motiv Lola CD 2,90 NEU
No Wto Combo From The Battle In Seattle CD 6,50
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Chasing yesterday LP+CD 20,90 NEU
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds This is the place (colored vinyl) 12" 14,90 NEU
Noem Panzer LP 7,90 NEU
Noem S/t 12" 7,90 NEU
Nonfiction s/t LP 7,90
Nosferatu S/t LP 9,90
Notwist 12 CD 7,90
Notwist Close To The Glass CD 6,50
Notwist Johnny and Mary CD 6,50
Notwist s/t (black/white vinyl) LP 24,90
Notwist Shrink CD 7,90
Notwist The Devil, You + Me CD 4,90
Now It's Overhead Fall Back Open CD 6,50
Nuage und das Bassorchester es lohnt (orange vinyl) LP 12,90 NEU
Numminen, M.a. Dägä Dägä CD 6,50
Nurses Apple's Acre CD 4,90
Nut Scream / Bitter Fantanicity 10" 4,90
Nylon Euter S/t LP 7,90
O Level Pseudo Punk LP 17,90 NEU
O'rourke, Jim Eureka CD 6,50
Oasis (What's The Story) Morning Glory 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Oasis (What's The Story) Morning Glory CD 6,50
Oasis Be Here Now CD 6,50
Oasis Definitely Maybe (Remastered) CD 7,90
Oasis Dig Out Your Soul CD 6,50
Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger MCD 4,90
Oasis Supersonic 12" 29,90 NEU
Oasis Time Flies... 1994-2009 (box) 3xCD+DVD 19,90
Obelus Montana (Green Vinyl) LP 7,90
Ocean Colour Scene One From The Modern CD 4,90
October Faction The Second Factionalization LP 12,90
Odd Couple Flügge (Clear Vinyl) LP 16,90 NEU
Of Montreal Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer ? CD 7,90
Of Montreal Jin Brion Remix Ep CD 7,90
Of Montreal Satanic Twins (12 Remixes) 2xLP 17,90 NEU
Of Montreal The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower CD 7,90
Of Montreal The Past Is A Grotesque Animal 12" 13,90 NEU
Oile Lachpansen Spatz LP 12,90 NEU
Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy & Appendix 2xCD 7,90
Old 97S Fight Songs CD 11,90 NEU
Olli Schulz SOS save Olli Schulz CD 6,50
Olli Schulz & Der Hund Marie Dann Schlägt Dein Herz (Promo) MCD 4,90
Olli Schulz & Der Hund Marie Rückspiegel MCD 2,90
Olli Schulz & Der Hund Marie Unten Mit Dem King Ep CD 6,50
Omni Multi-Task (Colored Vinyl) LP 18,90 NEU
On!air!library! S/t LP 9,90
One A.m. Radio The Hum Of The Electric Air CD 8,90 NEU
One thousand Violins Locked out of the love-in LP 9,90
Oneida Mugstar LP 15,90 NEU
Oneida Preteen Weaponary LP 29,90
Oneohtrix Point Never Commissions II 12" 13,90 NEU
Onyas Live For Rejection (Yellow Vinyl) 7" 7,90
Oracles Bedroom Eyes LP 12,90 NEU
Orbit The Earth Aphelion LP 12,90 NEU
orions lightning stroke twice lp 12,90 NEU
Orwells Disgraceland LP 17,90 NEU
Ought Sun Coming Down LP 17,90 NEU
Our Last Night The Ghosts Among Us CD 6,50
Outrenational Toddos Somos Ilegales CD 6,50 NEU
Oval Szenariodisk Ep CD 4,90
Over The Rhine Trumpet Child LP 13,90 NEU
Overwhelming Colorfast Moonlight and castanets CD 6,50
Overwhelming Colorfast Moonlights And Castanets CD 7,90
Oxbow Love's Holiday Orchestra (Live At The Supersonic 07) LP 9,90 NEU
Oxes Crunchy Zest 12" 11,90 NEU
OXZ Along ago: 1981-1989 (purple vinyl) LP 23,90 NEU
Ozric Tentacles Afterswish 2xCD 9,90
P.j. Harvey 4-Track Demos CD 4,90
P.j. Harvey Dry LP 20,90 NEU
P.j. Harvey Dry - demos LP 24,90 NEU
P.j. Harvey Rid Of Me CD 6,50
P.j. Harvey Rid of me (2020 remaster) LP 24,90 NEU
P.j. Harvey To Bring You My Love CD 4,90
P.j. Harvey To Bring You My Love LP 26,90 NEU
P.j. Harvey To bring you my love - demos LP 26,90 NEU
Pachinko Fake S/t LP 7,90
Palais Schaumburg S/t LP 14,90
Pale Goodbye Trouble MCD 4,90
Pale Krusty-Tag Ep MCD 4,90
Pale Razzmatazz CD 4,90
Palm Springs The Hope That Kills You CD 6,50
Palma Violets 180 LP+CD 17,90 NEU
Palookas Classical Music CD 6,50
Pampers S/t LP 18,90 NEU
Panda & Angel S/t CD 9,90 NEU
Panic! At The Disco A Fever You Can't Sweat Out CD 6,50
Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory Elements Of Light CD 6,50
Parachute Men Sometimes In Vain 12" 7,90
Paramore After laughter LP 17,90 NEU
Paramore All we know is falling LP 19,90 NEU
Parkay Quarts Content Nausea LP 19,90 NEU
Parks, Tess / Newcombe, Anton s/t lp 19,90 NEU
Parquet Courts Live At Third Man Records 06-05-2014 LP 17,90 NEU
Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal 7" 7,90 NEU
Passenger All The Little Lights CD 6,50
Paul Newman / Sonna Split 7" 4,90 NEU
Paul Roland Death Or Glory 12" 8,90
Pavement Stray slack: about as valid as a record contract LP 24,90
PAws No garce LP 14,90 NEU
Peace Of Mind Values Between 0 And 1 LP 5,00 NEU
Pearl Jam American Accoustic Tour 1992 CD 14,90
Pearl Jam Daughter MCD 4,90
Pearl Jam Gigaton 2xLP 41,90 NEU
Pearl Jam Given To Fly MCD 4,90
Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt 2xLP 28,90 NEU
Pearl Jam live at the garden dvd 7,90
Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge, July 23Rd 2006 CD 7,90
Pearl Jam Spin The Black Circle MCD 4,90
Pearl Jam Ten LP 19,90 NEU
Pearl Jam Vitalogy 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Pearl Jam Vs. / Vitology (Collectors Box Set) 6xLP+3xCD+MC 199,90 NEU
Pearl Jam Yield LP 22,90 NEU
Pearson, Josh T. Last Of The Country Gentlemen 2xCD 6,50
Peeping Tom S/t CD 6,50
Pelican Ephemeral LP 18,90 NEU
Pendikel Don't Cry, Mondgesicht CD 6,50
Pendikel Phantasievoll (Aber Unpraktisch) CD 6,50
Penguin Cafe Handfuls of night (clear vinyl) LP 20,90 NEU
People Skills Gunshots At Crestridge LP 19,90 NEU
Pere Ubu The Modern Dance LP 19,90 NEU
Perfect Pussy Say yes to love CD 4,90
Perfect son Cast CD 4,90
Performing Ferret Band S/t LP 21,90 NEU
Peru, Like The Country Assassinator 12" 7,90 NEU
Peru, Like The Country Restart / Distance 7" 4,90 NEU
Peter Doherty & the Puta MAdres s/t LP 21,90 NEU
Phantom Band the wants CD 4,90
Phelps, Joel R.l. Warm Springs Night CD 6,50
Phil Shöenfelt Backwoods Crucifixion LP 16,90
Philistines jr. the continuing struggle of .. CD 6,50
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Aristocracie LP 9,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Container Love 12" 7,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Container Love MCD 4,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Copperfield LP 7,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Hair LP 7,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Helios LP 7,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Helios (w/ bonus 12") LP 12,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Hispanola LP+12" 9,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club I Dedicate My Soul To You (Green Vinyl) 12" 12,90
Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Love On Sale MCD 2,90
Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus CD 4,90
Phoenix Foundation Buffalo CD 4,90
Piebald We Are The Only Friends We Have CD 7,90
Pigbag Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jive LP 9,90
Pigbag Lend An Ear LP 7,90
Pigbag Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag 12" 4,90
Pigbag S/t LP 7,90
Pigbag Sunny Day 12" 7,90
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Feed The Rats LP 25,90 NEU
Pinata Volcano! LP 12,90
Pinback Autumn Of The Seraphs 2xCD 7,90
Pinback Blue screen live CD 7,90
Pinback Summer In Abaddon CD 7,90
Pink Military Blood & Lipstick 12" 9,90
Pipettes We Are The .. CD 6,50
Pissed Jeans Hope For Men LP 15,90 NEU
Pissed Jeans Shallow LP+7" 18,90 NEU
Pitch Shifter Infotainment? CD 6,50
Pixies Acoustic - live in Newport DVD 4,90
Pixies Bossanova LP 17,90 NEU
Pixies Come On Pilgrim LP 17,90 NEU
Pixies Doolittle CD 4,90
Pixies Doolittle 25 3xLP 22,90 NEU
Pixies Indie Cindy 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Pixies S/t (Lost Tapes) LP 17,90 NEU
Pixies Surfer Rosa LP 17,90 NEU
Pixies Trompe Le Monde LP 17,90 NEU
Pixies Wave Of Mutilation CD 4,90
Placebo Black Market Music CD 6,50
Placebo Every You, Every Me MCD 4,90
Placebo Meds CD 4,90
Placebo S/t (Red Vinyl) LP 49,90 NEU
Placebo Slave To The Wage MCD 4,90
Placebo Taste In Men MCD 4,90
Placebo This Picture MCD 4,90
Planning By Numbers 1 LP 7,90
Pleasants Forests And Fields CD 4,90
Plus / Minus (+/-) X's On Your Eyes LP 12,90 NEU
Poems For Laila Katamandu CD 6,50
Poisel, Philipp Bis Nach Toulouse CD 6,50
Poisel, Philipp Wo Fängt Dein Himmel An? CD 7,90
Poison Girls I'm Not A Real Woman 12" 9,90
Polarkreis 18 S/t CD 4,90
Pollard, Robert Waved Out CD 7,90
Polysteryne Translucence LP 4,90
Pontiac Brothers Fiesta en la bibliocteca LP 7,90
Pop Art Long Road To Nowhere (White Vinyl) LP 7,90
Pop Group Citizen Zombie LP 23,90 NEU
Pop Sickle Under The Influences CD 6,50
Pop Will Eat Itself Beaver patrol 12" 4,90
Pop. 1280 Imps Of Perversion LP 18,90 NEU
Poppi Uk S/t LP 4,90
Popsicle Not Forever MCD 4,90
Porn Orchard Urges & Angers CD 4,90
Portishead Dummy CD 6,50
Portishead Glory Box MCD 6,50
Portishead Roseland Nyc Live CD 6,50
Portishead Roseland Nyc Live DVD 6,50
Portishead S/t CD 4,90
Portishead Sour Times MCD 4,90
Postal Service Such Great Heights CD 4,90
Potatomen Now LP 9,90
Prefab Sprout Steve McQueen CD 6,50
Presidents Of The Usa Dune Buggy 2xMCD 4,90
Presidents Of The Usa Mach 5 MCD 4,90
Presidents Of The Usa Peaches MCD 4,90
Pretty Girls Make Graves The New Romance CD 6,50
Primal Scream Screamadelica CD 4,90
Primal Scream Sonic Flower Groove LP 17,90 NEU
Primal Scream / Suicide Split (# /3000) 10" 10,90 NEU
Primitives Really Stupid 12" 9,90
Primus Antipop CD 6,50
Prince Of The Blood Portsmouth LP 7,90
Prisoners Dilemma Handshakes Hello And Goodbye CD 6,50
Prolapse Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes CD 4,90
Protomartyr Ultimate success today LP 23,90 NEU
Psychedelic Furs Forever Now LP 7,90
Psychedelic Furs Heaven / Heartbeat 12" 7,90
Psychedelic Furs Midnight To Midnight LP 7,90
Psychedelic Furs Mirror Moves LP 7,90
Psychedelic Furs Pretty In Pink 12" 4,90
Psychedelic Furs S/t CD 4,90
Psychedelic Furs Talk Talk Talk LP 12,90
Public Image Limited (Pil) First Issue LP 17,90
Public Image Limited (Pil) Happy LP 12,90
Public Image Limited (Pil) Live At Rockpalast 1983 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Public Image Limited (Pil) Live In Tokyo 2x12" 9,90
Public Image Limited (Pil) One Drop 12" 7,90 NEU
Public Image Limited (Pil) Paris au Printemps LP 12,90
Public Image Limited (Pil) the flowers of romance LP 9,90
Public Image Limited (Pil) What The World Needs Now .. 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Puddle Of Mud Life On Display CD 4,90
Puditsch / Rowenta Orion Und Kassiopeia CD 9,90 NEU
Punishment Of Luxery Laughing Acadamy LP 14,90
Pup S/t (Black/white Vinyl) LP 15,90 NEU
Pussy Galore live in the red LP 14,90
PVLL A whisoer in the noise CD 7,90
Pyrolator Ausland LP 24,90
Quader S/t LP 19,90 NEU
Quasi American Gong 2xCD 6,50
Quasi Hot Shit CD 4,90
Quasi When the going gets dark LP 12,90
Queens Of The Stone Age Era Vulgaris CD 6,50
Queens Of The Stone Age Like Clockwork (Deluxe Heavyweight Edition) 2xLP 32,90 NEU
Queens Of The Stone Age Monsters In The Parasol (Promo) MCD 7,90
Queens Of The Stone Age Over the years and through the woods CD+DVD 6,50
Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf CD 4,90
Quickspace S/t CD 7,90
Raconteurs Consolers of the lonely CD 6,50
Radar Men From The Moon Fuzz Club Session LP 24,90 NEU
Radical Face Ghost CD 7,90
Radio 4 Enemies Like This LP 9,90
Radio 4 Gotham CD 4,90
Radio 4 Stealing of a nation 2xCD 4,90
Radio Berlin Glass CD 7,90
Radiohead Hail To The Thief 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Radiohead High & Dry MCD 6,50
Radiohead I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings LP 17,90 NEU
Radiohead In Rainbows LP 17,90 NEU
Radiohead Kid A 2xLP 21,90 NEU
Radiohead Kid A CD 4,90
Radiohead My Iron Lung CD 6,50
Radiohead Ok Computer CD 6,50
Radiohead The Bends CD 6,50
Radiohead The King Of Limbs LP 17,90 NEU
Radiopilot Leben Passiert CD 7,90
Rage Against The Machine Evil empire CD 4,90
Rage Against The Machine Going Into Action CD 9,90
Rage Against The Machine Guerrilla Radio MCD 4,90
Rage Against The Machine S/t CD 6,50
Rage Against The Machine S/t LP 20,90 NEU
Rage Against The Machine The Battle Of Los Angeles CD 4,90
Rage Against The Machine The Ghost Of Tom Joad MCD 4,90
Raincoats Odyshape LP 15,90 NEU
Rank Xerox M.y.t.h. E.p. 12" 11,90 NEU
Rank Xerox S/t LP 9,90 NEU
Rat Columns Do You Remember Real Pain? LP 11,90 NEU
Rats On Raft The Moon Is Big LP 15,90 NEU
Raveonettes In And Out Of Control LP 19,90 NEU
ray temple s/t 7" 6,90 NEU
ray temple s/t lp 16,90 NEU
Rays S/t (Yellow Vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Razorlight Olympus sleeping LP 17,90 NEU
Razorlight Up All Night CD 4,90
Red House Painters Ocean Beach / Shock Me 2xLP 23,90 NEU
Red Light Sting Hands Up, Tiger LP 9,90
Redd Kross Phaseshifter CD 6,50
Regina Spektor Far CD 8,90
Reifenstahl Die Wunderwaffe LP 19,90
Reininger, Blaine L. Book Of Hours LP 9,90
Reininger, Blaine L. Rolf And Florian Go Hawaiian 12" 4,90
rema rema fond reflections 2xlp 19,90 NEU
Rememberables S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Replacements Don't Tell A Soul LP 12,90
Reptiles At Dawn After The Plague 2x7" 8,90
Residents Diskomo 12" 12,90
Residents Eskimo (2Nd Press) LP 19,90
Residents Fingerprince (Torso) LP 14,90
Residents Intermission LP 21,90 NEU
Residents Meet The Residents LP 17,90
Residents Not Available LP 14,90
Residents Our Finest Flowers CD 12,90
Residents Please Do Not Steal It LP 21,90 NEU
Residents The Commercial Album LP 14,90
Residents The King & I CD 9,90
Residents The Third Reich'n'roll (German Pressing) LP 19,90
Retribution Gospel Choir 2 CD 6,50
Rev Rev Rev Kykeon (red vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Rhys Chatham Outdoor Spell LP 16,90 NEU
Ribozyme Presenting The Problem CD 6,50
Ride Leave Them All Behind MCD 4,90
Ride Ox4_ The Best Of (Red Vinyl) 2xLP 32,90 NEU
Ride Today Forever MCD 4,90
Rifles No Love Lost CD 4,90
Rilo Kiley The Execution Of All Things CD 6,50
Rip Rig & Panic Bob Hope Takes Risks 12" 4,90
Rise Above Dead Heavy Gravity LP 11,90 NEU
Rob Jo Star Band S/t LP+7" 17,90 NEU
Robocop Gold Edition LP 9,90
Robocop Kraus They Think They Are .. CD 4,90
Rocket From The Crypt All Systems Go 2 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Rocket From The Crypt Cut Carefully And Play Loud 12" 14,90 NEU
Rocket From The Crypt The State Of Art Is On Fire CD 4,90
Rocko Schamoni Musik für Jugendliche LP 18,90 NEU
Rodan Fifteen Quiet Years LP 18,90 NEU
Rolling Blackouts C.f. Talk Tight CD 7,90
Romeos Juliet LP 7,90
Rowenta, Frank Schuss In Den Ofen CD 9,90 NEU
Rowenta, Frank Weingüter CD 6,50
Rowenta, Frank Weingüter CD 9,90 NEU
Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark? LP 21,90 NEU
Röyksopp Melody A.m. CD 4,90
Röyksopp the inevitable end 3xLP 24,90 NEU
Rozwell Kid Precious Art CD 7,90 NEU
Rye Coalition H Ee S Aw Dhuh Kaet CD 4,90
Ryley Walker Deep Cuts (W/ Bonus Lp, Colored Viny) 2xLP 25,90 NEU
Sabres Of Paradise Haunted Dancehall CD 9,90
Saccharine Trust the great one is dead CD 6,50
Sad Among Strangers Taking Off The Brakes 7" 5,00
Safewords S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Saint Etienne Finisterre DVD 9,90
Satans Mineons Gnasha LP 8,90 NEU
Savage Republic Tragic Figures LP 14,90
Savages Adore Life LP 22,90 NEU
Savages / Bo Ningen Words To The Blind LP 19,90 NEU
Scetches Don't ask just play CD 4,90
Schandmaul Von Spitzbuben Und Anderen Halunken CD 7,90
Schnaak Wake Up Colossus LP 15,90 NEU
Schwabinggrad Ballet S/t LP 9,90
Schweinehund .. Für President CD 4,90
Scott Kelly Spirit Bound Flesh LP 19,90 NEU
Scott Kelly The Forgiven Ghost In Me LP 19,90 NEU
Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Wino Songs Of Townes Van Zandt LP 22,90 NEU
Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast Adventure Boy LP 12,90 NEU
Screaming Females Rose mountain CD 4,90
Screaming Trees Invisible Lantern CD 7,90
Scul Hazzards Landlord CD 6,50
Sea + Air My Heart's Sick Chord CD 6,50
Sea And Cake The Biz CD 6,50
Sebadoh Bubble & Scrape CD 6,50
Sebadoh Defend Yourself LP+7" 22,90 NEU
See Through Dresses S/t LP 11,90 NEU
Seila Chiara Rive 10" 8,90 NEU
Selah Sue s/t CD 7,90
Senore Matze Rossi ...und Wie Geht Es Deinen Dämonen CD 9,90 NEU
Separation Our Lives In Cinema CD 2,90 NEU
Sepultura Roots CD 4,90
Serj Tankian Harakiri CD 6,50
Servotron Electrical Power Surges .. 7" 4,90
Servotron Spare Parts CD 4,90
Setting The Woods On Fire Ruins CD 2,90 NEU
Sex Church Growing Over LP 16,90 NEU
Sex Jams Catch (Purple Vinyl) LP 12,90 NEU
Sharky's Machine A Little Chin Music LP 7,90
Sharky's Machine Let's Be Friends LP 7,90
Sharp Entertain me: So say hurrah: Nex generation LP 7,90
Shearwater Animal Joy CD 7,90
Shearwater Jet Plane And Oxbow (Loser Edition) LP 23,90 NEU
Shellac Excellent Italian Greyhound LP 22,90 NEU
Shellac Pack Of Three 7" 12,90 NEU
Shellac the end of radio (Peel sessions) 2xLP 32,90 NEU
Shins Chutes Too Narrow (Coloured Vinyl) LP 18,90 NEU
Shins Wincing The Night Away (Coloured Vinyl) LP 18,90 NEU
Shipping News Three-Four CD 6,50
Shop Assistants Will anything happen CD 6,50
Short Romans 37 Guitars LP 9,90
Shorty Fresh Breath 10" 19,90
Shoulders Trashman Shoes LP 9,90
Shout Out Louds Fall Hard (Lim. 500 Copies) 7" 4,90 NEU
Shout Out Louds Our Ill Wills LP 49,90
Shout Out Louds Work CD 4,90
Show Me The Body Body War LP 22,90 NEU
Shrag Life! Death! Prizes! LP 9,90 NEU
Shriekback Care LP 9,90
Shrinebuilder Live LP 17,90 NEU
Sic Alps A Long Way Around To A Shortcut 2xLP 9,90 NEU
Sic Alps Napa Asylum 2xLP 21,90 NEU
Sid Presley Experience Hup Two Three Four .. 12" 7,90
Sida S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Albinoni Vs. Star Wars MCD 4,90
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Caligula 1990 LP 7,90
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Flaunt It LP 9,90
Sigur Ros ( ) CD 7,90
Sigur Ros Agaelis Hyrhun CD 7,90
Sigur Ros & Hilmar Örn Himarsson S/t CD 7,90
Sigurdsson, Valgeir Ekvilibrium CD 6,50
Silver Mountain Reveries Pretty Little Lightning Paw LP 16,90
Silverstein A Shipwreck In The Sand CD 6,50
Silverstein Transitions CD 6,50
Silversun Pickups Carnavas CD 6,50
Simian Mobile Disco Attack Decay Sustain Release CD 4,90
Single Mothers Our Pleasure LP 23,90 NEU
Sir Simon Goodnight, Dear Mind .. CD 7,90
Siro Perfect Silence LP 16,90 NEU
Sister Ray To Spite My Face CD 4,90
Sixty Stories Anthem Red CD 10,90 NEU
Sketchy Indians Sippin' 40S CD 7,90 NEU
Skids Charade 7" 4,90
Skids Days of Europa LP 9,90
Skids Scared To Dance LP 9,90
Skin Girl come out 12" 9,90
Skippy S/t CD 9,90
Slags Alive, Unchained & Out Of Money CD 4,90
Sleaford Mods Austerity dogs LP 19,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Divide And Exit LP 19,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Eton alive (german version (peach vinyl)) LP 22,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Fizzy 12" 13,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Key Markets LP 21,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Live At So36 LP 17,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Stick in a five and go 12" 12,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods T.c.r. 12" 11,90 NEU
Sleaford Mods Tiswas (Yellow Vinyl) 12" 18,90 NEU
Sleater Kinney No Cities To Love LP 18,90 NEU
Sleep S/t LP 19,90 NEU
Sleeppers Illogical Moody Mind MCD 4,90
Sleiveen Hostess S/t mc 4,90 NEU
Slim Cessna's Auto Club SCAC 102 An Introduction For Young And Old Europe CD+DVD 9,90
Slits Earthbound 12" 9,90
Slovenly Thinkng Of Empire LP 9,90
Slow Show White Water LP 19,90 NEU
Slowdive Just For A Day LP 24,90 NEU
Slowdive Pygmalion LP 24,90 NEU
Slug Guts Howlin' Gang LP 15,90 NEU
Slug Guts Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat LP 16,90 NEU
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 MCD 4,90
Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits 2xCD 6,50
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 2xCD 7,90
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream CD 4,90
Smashing Pumpkins The End Is The Beginning Is The End MCD 4,90
Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight MCD 4,90
Smog Ex-Con MCD 4,90
Smudt I Just Want To Earn Some Money... MCD 3,90
Snakes Of Shake Southern Cross 12" 4,90
Sneaker Pimps Bloodsport CD 7,90
Sneaker Pimps Splinter CD 6,50
Sneeze Stars & Strings (130 Copies Made) 10" 9,90 NEU
Snow Patrol Eyes Open CD 4,90
So Pitted Neo CD 4,90
Sohn Tremors CD 7,90
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Let It Sway CD 4,90
Son Of The Mourning Forest Bank CD 2,90 NEU
Songs: Ohia Travels In Constants LP 21,90
Sonic Youth 100% 12" 9,90
Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves CD 6,50
Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising CD 6,50
Sonic Youth Dirty CD 4,90
Sonic Youth Goo CD 6,50
Sonic Youth Master-Dik 12" 14,90
Sonic Youth Murray Street CD 8,90 NEU
Sonic Youth Nyc Ghosts & Flowers CD 6,50
Sonic Youth Rather Ripped CD 6,50
Sonic Youth S/t CD 7,90
Sonic Youth Simon Werner A Disparu LP 17,90 NEU
Sonic Youth The Diamond Sea 12" 20,90 NEU
Sonic Youth Washing Machine 2xLP 21,90 NEU
Sonic Youth Whores Moaning (Rsd Edition) 12" 15,90 NEU
Sons And Daughters The Repulsion Box LP 12,90
Soophie Nun Squad Passion Sleighs The Dragon LP 3,00 NEU
Sophia De Nachten CD 7,90
Soul Asylum Made to be broken LP 14,90
Soulsavers the light the dead see CD 4,90
Soup Dragons Head Gone Astray 12" 4,90
Space Raft Rubicon LP 14,90 NEU
Spades Friday Night CD 4,90
Spain Carolina LP 19,90 NEU
Sparklehorse It's A Wonderful Life CD 6,50
Spear Of Destiny Outland LP 7,90
Spear Of Destiny Outland (W/ Bonux Trax) CD 4,90
Spear Of Destiny the price you pay CD 4,90
Spear Of Destiny Was That You? 12" 4,90
Spectres Condition LP 25,90 NEU
spectres utopia lp 14,90 NEU
Speedjackers Secularization CD 6,50
Spiritualized Amazing Grace (Box Set) 3xLP 34,90
Spiritualized Let It Come Down CD 4,90
Spoon Everything hits at once LP 17,90 NEU
Spoon Gimme fiction CD 6,50
Spray Paint S/t LP 17,90 NEU
Squares Blot Out The Sun LP 6,90
St. Francis Duo Peacemaker Asssembly LP 21,90 NEU
Stagnant Pools Geist LP 15,90 NEU
Stalins Of Sound Tank Tracks LP 15,90 NEU
Stanton Miranda Wheels over indian trails 12" 9,90
Stapleton, Suzie Obladi Diablo LP 12,90 NEU
Stapleton, Suzie We are the plague LP 23,90 NEU
Star Spangled Banana And now .. the gum drops CD 7,90
Starfucker Reptilins CD 6,50
Stars The Five Ghosts CD 6,50
Starsailor Love Is Here CD 4,90
Starter s/t LP 19,90
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Pig Lib CD 4,90
Stereo Total Heroes 7" 7,90 NEU
Stereolab Emperor Tomato Ketchup CD 7,90
Stereolab Mars Audica Quintett CD 7,90
Stereophonics Decae In The Sun CD 4,90
Stereophonics Performance And Cocktails CD 4,90
Sterling Roswell The Psychadelic Ubik LP 9,90 NEU
Sternbuschweg Mein Herz Schlägt Weiter Jeden Tag CD 6,50
Stevens, Sufjan Aporia (yellow vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Stevens, Sufjan the ascention 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Stewart, Mark Dream Kitchen CD 6,50
Stewart, Mark Hypnotized 12" 4,90
Stewart, Mark Metatron CD 7,90
Stickmen Afterhours CD 4,90
Stone Roses S/t CD 6,50
Stone Temple Pilots Brand New Live CD 7,90
Stone Temple Pilots Core CD 4,90
Stone Temple Pilots Creep MCD 4,90
Stone Temple Pilots Creep (New Radio Version) MCD 4,90
Stone Temple Pilots Plush MCD 4,90
Stone Temple Pilots Plush (Unplushed) MCD 6,50
Stone Temple Pilots Purlpe (Collector's Edition) CD 6,50
Stone Temple Pilots Purple (Purple Vinyl) LP 39,90
Stone Temple Pilots Sex Type Thing MCD 4,90
Stone Temple Pilots Shangri-La Dee Da CD 6,50
Strand of oaks Eraserland 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Strange Wilds Standing 7" 6,90 NEU
Strange Wilds Subjective Concepts CD 6,50
Stray Trolleys Barricades And Angels LP 21,90 NEU
Streetbeats Poor Boy (4-Track Mini Album) 12" 4,90
Streets A grand don't come for free CD 4,90
Streets Everything Is Borrowed CD 6,50
Streets The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living CD 6,50
Strokes First Impressions Of Earth CD 4,90
Strokes Is This Is (white vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Strokes Room On Fire CD 4,90
Strokes Under Cover Of Darkness 7" 4,00
Stuba, Mathias 1979 CD 4,90
Styrofoam I'm What's There To Shaw That Something's Missing CD 6,50
Styrofoam Nothing Lost CD 6,50
Subways All Or Nothing CD 6,50
Suede The Best Of .. 2xCD 7,90
Suede the wild ones (CD1) MCD 4,90
Sugar Copper Blue CD 6,50
Sugar File Under Easy Listening CD 6,50
Sugarcubes Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week LP 9,90
Suicide We never said we are music .. we are .. LP 29,90
Suicide Generation S/t LP 19,90 NEU
Sultans Of Ping F.c. Teenage Drug CD 6,50
Sun Xxxx CD 4,90
Sun & Sail Club The Great White Dope LP 19,90 NEU
Sunburned Hand Of The Man Fire Escape 2xLP 17,90
Sunn O))) White 1 CD 9,90
Sunn O))) White 2 CD 9,90
Sunn O))) / Walker, Scott Soused 2xLP 29,90 NEU
Sunny Day Real Estate Diary CD 7,90
Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be Something On LP 19,90
Sunny Day Real Estate Lp2 CD 6,50
Sunny Day Real Estate The Rising Tide (Rsd Release) 2xLP 44,90 NEU
Sunshine Club Home CD 4,90
Super Furry Animals Fuzzy Logic CD 4,90
Super Sonic Piss S/t (Lim. 255 Copies) LP 14,90 NEU
Superchunk Here's Where The Strings Come In CD 7,90
Superchunk I Hate Music (Deluxe Edition) LP+7" 28,90 NEU
Supergrass Alright / Time MCD 4,90
Supergrass I Should Coco CD 6,50
Supergrass Pumping On Your Stereo MCD 2,90
Supergrass Sofa 7" 7,90
Superpunk A Bisserl Was Geht Immer CD 6,50
Superpunk Bitte Verlass Mich Ep MCD 4,90
Superpunk Wasser marsch CD 6,50
Superpunk Why Not CD 6,50
Supersystem A Million Microphones LP 7,90
Survival Knife Traces Of Me 7" 5,90 NEU
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shakes Modern Surf Classics LP 14,90 NEU
Swans Ep 12" 14,90 NEU
Swarf Sisters Crass Moments CD 7,90
Sweet, Ian Shapeshifter CD 4,90
Sweet, Matthew 100% Fun CD 4,90
Sweet, Matthew Blue Sky On Mars CD 4,90
Swervedriver Ejactor seat reservation (silver/black vinyl) 2xLP 32,90 NEU
Syclopse I've Got My Eye On You CD 4,90
Syle Sindrome S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Tad God's Balls (Loser Edition) LP 18,90
Tad Salt Lick (Loser Edition) LP 18,90 NEU
Tales Of Murder And Dust The Flow In Between LP 27,90 NEU
Tall Boys Wednesday Adams' Boyfriend LP 9,90
Talulah Gosh Was It Just A Dream ? CD 9,90
Tamaryn Tender new signs CD 7,90
Tame Impala Ep (Red Vinyl - Rsd 2013) 12" 39,90 NEU
Tame Impala Live Versions (Green Vinyl - Rsd 2014) 12" 39,90 NEU
Tansads Up The Shirkers CD 4,90
Tapes 'n Tapes Insistor MCD 4,90
Tapes 'n Tapes Outside LP 12,90
Tapes 'n Tapes The Loon CD 4,90
Tar Feel This 7" 7,90 NEU
Tar Toast LP 17,90
Tar Babies Honey Bubble CD 6,50
Tarantella Esqueletos CD 9,90
Tarnation Mirador CD 6,50
Team Robespierre Everything's Perfect LP 11,90 NEU
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists Living With The Living (W/ Bonus Cd) CD 7,90
Teenage Fanclub Bandwagonesque CD 6,50
Teenage Fanclub Howdy CD 4,90
Teenage Fanclub I Need Direction MCD 2,90
Teenage Filmstars Star CD 4,90
Teeth Of The Sea Highly Deadly Black Tarantula LP 23,90 NEU
Teledrome s/t LP 7,90
Teledrome s/t LP 11,90 NEU
Telephone Vol. 1 CD 6,50
Telescopes Infinite Suns LP 12,90 NEU
Television Adventure LP 12,90
Television S/t CD 6,50
Television The Blow Up 2xLP 19,90
Television Personalities My Dark Places CD 6,50
Tender Forever Wider LP 7,90
Tenpole Tudor Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary LP 9,90
Tenpole Tudor Let The Four Winds Blow LP 4,90
Terror Bird Secret Rituals LP 11,90 NEU
terry hq lp 14,90 NEU
terry remember lp 14,90 NEU
Test Icicles For screening purposes only LP 17,90
Tex And The Horseheads Tot Ziens - Live In Holland LP 9,90
Texas Terri Bomb Your Lips... My Ass! CD 7,90
The American Analog Set Promise Of Love CD 4,90
The American Analog Set Set Free CD 4,90
The Baptist Generals Jackleg Devotional To The Heart (Loser Edition) LP 19,90 NEU
The Birds End Les Terres Hostiles LP 9,90 NEU
The Blood Arm Lie Lover Lie CD 6,50
The Bravery An Honest Mistake CD 4,90
The Call Reconciled (W/promosheet) LP 9,90
The Chap The Horse LP 7,90
The Chap We Are Nobody CD 7,90
The City Kill S/t (# 168/250) LP 12,90 NEU
The Clips Where Dowe Go From Here (Promo Insert) 12" 4,90
The Coral Roots & Echoes CD 6,50
The Cult For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers And Sinners CD 4,90
the Cult Love CD 4,90
The Darts Me. Ow. LP 18,90 NEU
The Edge Square 1 LP 9,90
The Ex Catch My Shoe LP 12,90 NEU
The Ex & Brass Unbound Enormous Door LP 16,90 NEU
The Ex & Tom Cora And The Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders CD 7,90
The Ex & Tom Cora Scrabbling At The Lock LP 17,90 NEU
The Ex & Tom Cora Scrabbling At The Lock CD 7,90
The Exit Hierarchy Of Line LP 11,90 NEU
The Faint (Blank-Wave Arcade) CD 6,50
The Fall 458489 A Sides CD 6,50
The Fall Bend sinister 2xLP 21,90 NEU
The Fall Bend sinister LP 19,90
The Fall i am kurious orani LP 19,90 NEU
The Fall I Am Kurious Oranj CD 6,50
The Fall Oh! Brother 12" 9,90
The Fall Seminal Live LP 9,90
The Fall Sub-Lingual Tablet 2xLP 28,90 NEU
The Fall The Wonderful And Frightening World Of .. lp 19,90 NEU
the Folk Implosion (w/ Lou Barlow) Take a look inside LP 19,90
The Fresh & Onlys Long Slow Dance CD 4,90
the furious sleeper the ectomorph LP 14,90
The Gluts Estasi (Green Vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
The Halo Benders God Don't Make No Junk CD 7,90
The Heads Nobody Knows 2xLP 29,90 NEU
The Hentchmen Motorvatin' LP 9,90
The Horrible Crowes Ladykiller 7" 4,90 NEU
The Horrible Crowes Record Store Day 7" 7" 4,90 NEU
The Indelicates Songs For Swinging Lovers CD 6,50
The Individuals Aquamarine E.p. 12" 12,90
The J.j. Players Club Wine Cooler Blowout LP 14,90
The Japanese Girl Sonic-Shaped Life LP 16,90 NEU
The Kills Midnight Boom CD 6,50
The Kooks Konk CD 4,90
the Lisa Marr Experiment 4am LP 7,90
The Men Devil Music LP 19,90 NEU
The Men Leave Home LP 16,90 NEU
The Men New Moon (W/ "campfire Songs" Bonus Cd) LP 19,90 NEU
The Men Open Your Heart LP 17,90 NEU
The Men They Couldn't Hang Domino Club LP 4,90
The Men They Couldn't Hang Silver town LP 7,90
The Men They Couldn't Hang Waiting for Bonaparte LP 7,90
The Mighty Sleepwalkers Ooh! CD 15,00 NEU
The Mighty Wah! A Word To The Wise Guy (w/ bonus 12") LP 7,90
The Ministry Of Wolves Music from Republik der Wölfe CD 6,50 NEU
The Morning Benders Big Echo CD 6,50
The National Boxer LP 17,90 NEU
The National High Violet 2xLP 19,90 NEU
The National I am easy to find (clear vinyl) 2xLP 29,90 NEU
The National Sleep Well Beast (Blue Vinyl) 2xLP 22,90 NEU
The National Bank Come On Over To The Other Side CD 6,50
The Others S/t CD 4,90
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman Praha LP 12,90
The Psyched S/t LP 14,90 NEU
The Rain Parade Crashing Dream LP 7,90
The Rain Parade Explosions In The Glas Palace LP 9,90
The Ruby Suns Fight Society CD 4,90
The Satellite Year Mission: Polarlights CD 2,90 NEU
the Schwarzenbach Nicht sterben. Aufpassen. CD 7,90
The Servant Liquify MCD 4,90
The Silos S/t LP 9,90
The Smiths .. best CD 6,50
The Smiths .. best 2 CD 4,90
The Smiths Hatful Of Hollow LP 19,90 NEU
The Smiths Meat Is Murder LP 19,90 NEU
The Smiths s/t LP 19,90 NEU
The Smiths Strangeways Here We Come LP 19,90 NEU
The Smiths Strangeways, Here We Come LP 14,90
The Smiths Strangeways, Here We Come (charcoal vinyl) LP 24,90
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead 12" 14,90 NEU
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead LP 19,90 NEU
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead (Picture) 7" 12,90 NEU
The Smiths The World Won't Listen LP 17,90
The Smiths This charming man MCD 6,50
The Soft Hills Chromatisms CD 6,50
The Soft Moon S/t CD 4,90
The Sound In The Hothouse 2xLP 24,90
The Soundtracks Of Our Lives Extended Revelation CD 4,90
The Soundtracks Of Our Lives Origin vol. 1 CD 4,90
The Soundtracks Of Our Lives Welcome To The Infant Freebase CD 4,90
the staches this lake is pointless lp 14,90 NEU
The Stills Logic Will Break Your Heart CD 4,90
the Sundays Cry MCD 4,90
the Sundays Goodbye MCD 4,90
the Sundays Summertime (CD1) MCD 4,90
the tallest jockey in town Funeral songs for circus clowns CD 4,90
The Tallest Man On Earth King Of Spain 12" 19,90 NEU
The Tapes You Just Can't Sleep LP 9,90
The Thrills Teenager CD 4,90
The Times Hello Europe LP 14,90
The Times Pop Goes Art (Re-Issue) LP 14,90 NEU
The Times Pure LP 12,90
The Van Jets Cat Fit Fury! CD 6,50 NEU
The Weeknd Trilogy 3xCD 14,90
The Xx s/t CD 4,90
The Young Fresh Fellows Electric bird digest LP 9,90
The Young Fresh Fellows The Men Who Loved Music CD 6,50
Their / They're / There Analog Weekend LP 14,90 NEU
Therapy Diane (limited edition) MCD 4,90
Therapy Die Laughing MCD 4,90
Therapy Nurse CD 6,50
Therapy Nurse (Gold/red Vinyl) LP 24,90 NEU
Therapy Troublegum CD 4,90
Thermals Desperate Ground LP 14,90 NEU
Thermals Personal Life CD 6,50
These Are Powers Terrific Seasons (Silkscreened Cover) 2xLP 14,90
They Might Be Giants The Spine CD 6,50
Thibaud, Todd Todd's Birthday Party CD 6,50
Thin White Rope Moonhead CD 7,90
Thin White Rope the one that got away, Gent 06-28-92 2xCD 7,90
thirteen moons little dreaming boy lp 9,90
Thirty Seconds To Mars This Is War CD 6,50
This Frontier Needs Heroes S/t CD 9,90
Three Mile Pilot S/t CD 7,90
Three Mile Pilot The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten CD 6,50
Three Steps To The Ocean Scents LP 11,90 NEU
Thrice Palms (oxblood vinyl) LP 21,90 NEU
Throat Short Circuit LP 11,90 NEU
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan ! Large Marge Sent Us LP 7,90
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan ! Not Particulary Silly LP 7,90
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan ! Superstar CD 4,90
Throwing Muses Red Heaven (W/ Bonus Live CD) 2xCD 7,90
Thurston Moore Rock N Roll Consciousness 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Thurston Moore The Best Day LP 19,90 NEU
Tiger Lou Is My Head Still On? CD 7,90
Tilly And The Wall S/t CD 4,90
Tilt Run???? Już Ostatni Mur .. 7" 9,90
Tim Lee & Matt Piucci Gone fishin' LP 7,90
Times Of Grace The Hymn Of A Broken Man CD 6,50
Timesbold Eye Eye CD 4,90
Tin Drum Burning Hands MCD 4,90
Tin Drum The Edge Of Insanity CD 4,90
Tindersticks Medicine 10" 14,90 NEU
Tindersticks S/t (2Nd Album,music On Vinyl) 2xLP 27,90 NEU
Tindersticks The Hungry Saw CD 6,50
Tindersticks Trouble Every Day - Original Soundtrack LP 39,90
Tindersticks Ypres LP 19,90 NEU
Tiny Ghosts Alien In A Box / Have A Headache 7" 3,90 NEU
Titus Andronicus An obelisk (grayscale vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Tocotronic Die Folter Endet Nie (Lim. 500) 7" 7,90 NEU
Tocotronic Digital Ist Besser 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Tocotronic Es Ist Egal, Aber 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Tocotronic Kapitulation CD+DVD 7,90
Tocotronic Macht Es Nicht Selbst (Lim. 500) 7" 6,90 NEU
Tocotronic Nach Der Verlorenen Zeit (re-issue w/ bonus tracks) 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Tocotronic S/t 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Tocotronic Wie Wir Leben Wollen 2xLP 21,90 NEU
Tocotronic Vs. Console Freiburg V3.0 (Promo) MCD 6,50
Toiling Midgets Faux Pony 12" 4,90
Tokyo Police Club Champ CD 4,90
Tokyo Sex Destruction the big red box for the syndicate of emotions CD 4,90
Tolman, Russ Down In Earthquake Town LP 7,90
Tom Mega Book Of Prayers CD 4,90
Tom Morello The Nightwatchman The Fabled City CD 6,50
Tomte Du Weisst, Was Ich Meine LP 14,90
Too Tangled Stay restless CD 6,50
Tool Opiate CD 6,50
Torpus And The Art Directors From Lost Home To Hope CD 6,50
Torrini, Emiliana Sunny road 12" 4,90
Tortoise Beacons Of Ancestorship CD 7,90
Tortoise Music For Work Groups Ep 12" 8,90
tot Untergang lp 11,90 NEU
Tout Paris Trial And Error LP 4,90
Town And Country It All Has To Do With It CD 6,50
Toy Join The Dots 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Toy Join The Dubs 12" 14,90 NEU
Tracey Thorn A Distant Shore LP 12,90
Tracey Thorn A Distant Shore (Re-Issue) LP 12,90 NEU
Tragic Mulatto Judo For The Blind LP 14,90
Tragic Mulatto Locos Por El Sexo LP 14,90
Trans Am California Hotel (Colored Vinyl) LP 22,90 NEU
Transmission 0 Memory Of A Dream CD 6,50
Traumahelikopter I Don't Understand Them At All LP 18,90 NEU
Traumahelikopter Look The Other Way 7" 4,90 NEU
Travis Good Feeling CD 6,50
Trend Navigator LP 9,90
Tribes Of Neuroot Adaption And Survival 2xCD 12,90
Tribes Of Neuroot Meridian CD 7,90
Trickbeat Epislectrish 10" 12,90
Trickbeat F***er Pays The Bill (Clear Vinyl) 12" 12,90 NEU
Trickbeat La Bamba Ala Duesseldorf (Orange Vinyl) 7" 5,90 NEU
Trickbeat Nekrosynth LP 13,90 NEU
Trickbeat / Dazzling Malicious split Maxi 12" 12,90 NEU
Trickbeat / Dazzling Malicious split Maxi (deluxe edition) 12" 14,90 NEU
Trickbeat / Zen Mob Split LP 12,90 NEU
Triffids Raining pleasure LP 9,90
Triggerfinger All This Dancin' Around CD 4,90
trixsi Frau Gott LP 18,90 NEU
Tu Fawning A Monument CD 7,90
Tu Fawning Hearts On Hold CD 4,90
Tumor Circus Meathook Up My Rectum 7" 4,90
Tupamaros Our Modern Past CD 6,50
Turbo A.c.'s Automatic 2xCD 9,90
Turbo Hy-Dramatics Set fire to your self LP 7,90
Turin Brakes The Optimist Lp LP 59,90
Tuxedomoon Suite en sous-sol - Time to lose LP 12,90
Tuxedomoon The Cage / This Beast 12" 9,90
Tuxedomoon You LP 12,90
Tv Haze Scrap Museum CD 9,90
Tv Haze Scrap Museum (Colored Vinyl) LP 18,90 NEU
Tv On The Radio Nine Types Of Light LP 10,00 NEU
Tv On The Radio Nine Types Of Light CD 4,90
Tv On The Radio Return to Cookie Mountain CD 6,50
Tv On The Radio Seeds CD 4,90
Tv21 A Thin Red Line LP 7,90
twentyone pilots Blurry face 2xLP 17,90 NEU
Twice A Man Aqua Marine Drum (Blue Vinyl) LP 9,90
Twice A Man Driftwood LP 9,90
Twice A Man From a northern shore LP 9,90
Twilight Singers Twilight CD 6,50
Twin Sister Vampires With Dreaming Kids CD 6,50
Two Gallants S/t CD 7,90
Tycho Dive CD 4,90
U.S. Maple Purple on time (w/ poster) LP 29,90
U.v. Pop Serious (Cover Vg) 12" 24,90
Ucture Bwata Ep LP 7,90
Ufomammut Oro - Opus Premium LP 19,90 NEU
Ultra Bide God Is God, Puke Is Puke LP 9,90
Ultra Dolphins Why Are You Laugh LP 9,90 NEU
Ultra Vivid Scene Joy 1967-1990 LP 12,90
Umcommon Men From Mars Scars Are Reminders CD 4,90
Uncle Ho Everything Must Be Destroyed CD 4,90
Uncle Wiggly There Was An Elk CD 6,50
Underground Youth Mademoiselle LP 23,90 NEU
Uniform & The Body Mental Wounds Not Healing (Clear Vinyl) LP 19,90 NEU
Union Carbide Productions Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically Trying LP 14,90
Union Carbide Productions In the air tonight LP 17,90
Univox S/t CD 4,90
Unknown Cases If You Want Me To Stay 12" 4,90
Unknown Cases Masimba Bele 12" 7,90
Unrest Fuck Pussy Galore LP 12,90
Urge Overkill Exit The Dragon CD 4,90
Urge Overkill Rock & Roll Submarine LP 15,90 NEU
Used Lies For Rthe Liars CD 9,90 NEU
Uv Glace S/t 7" 4,90 NEU
Uv Race Homo LP 16,90 NEU
Uz Jsme Doma Unloved World CD 6,50
Uzeda Stella LP 14,90
Uzi Rash Whyte Rash Time LP 12,90 NEU
V/a 10 Jahre Normal 2xCD 4,90
V/a Alpha Motherfuckers CD 7,90
V/a And Suddenly It's Evening LP 9,90
V/a Atömström LP 12,90
V/a Beijing Bubbles CD 6,50
V/a Benicssim 2002 4xCD 7,90
V/a Born Bad 20 year anniversary lp 14,90 NEU
V/a Citybeats - Der Klang Einer Stadt In Wort, Bild Und Ton CD 12,90
V/a Dope Guns 'n Fucking In The Streets vol. 1-11 3xLP 34,90 NEU
V/a Dope Guns 'n Fucking In The Streets vol. 1-3 LP 12,90
V/a Dope Guns 'n Fucking In The Streets vol. 10 7" 9,90
V/a Dope Guns 'n Fucking In The Streets vol. 11 7" 9,90
V/a Funky Alternatives Four CD 4,90
V/A Global lo-fi underground vol. 1 CD 4,90
V/a Have One (Glitterhouse Rec.) CD 4,90
V/a Heavy Psych Sound CD 6,50 NEU
v/a internationlal pop underground - convetion cd 4,90
V/a Life In The European Hotel LP 12,90
V/a Never Mind The Jacksons Here's The Pollocks.... LP 7,90
V/a Nme's Big Four 7" 6,90
V/a Nothing Short Of Total War CD 8,90
V/a One word one sound CD 6,50
V/a Outlaw Blues Vol. 2 - A Tribute To Bob Dylan CD 14,90
V/A Pink Pop presents schwarz auf weiß LP 9,90
V/A Purveyors of taste - a Creation compilation LP 9,90
V/a Rutles Highway Revisited LP 9,90
V/a Savoy Sound Wave Goodbye LP 9,90
V/a Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik 2xLP 22,90 NEU
V/a Some Bizzare album LP 19,90
V/a Sounds Blasts! Ep 1 7" 3,00
V/a Sounds Blasts! Ep 2 7" 4,90
V/a Sounds Showcase 7" 3,00
V/a Subterranean Modern (First Press) LP 24,90
V/a Swiss Wave The Album (cover vg) LP 9,90
V/a Tcm-Tones - This Charming Man Labelsampler 2014 LP 11,90 NEU
V/a The Fundamental Hymnal CD 7,90
V/a The Last Nightingale LP 12,90
V/a The Ship 2 CD 4,90
V/a They Shall Not Pass LP 7,90
V/a Tuatara LP 7,90
V/a What Else Do You Do? LP 7,90
V/a What's Up Matador CD 6,50
V/a Wo Ist Zu Hause Mama CD 6,50
Vaccines Live In London LP 22,90 NEU
Vaccines What Did You Expect From .. CD 4,90
Valina Container LP 17,90 NEU
Vedder, Eddie Ukulele Songs (Limited Edition) CD 9,90
Veils The Tide That Left & Never Came Back 7" 3,90 NEU
Velvet Monkey Rotting Corpse Au Go-Go LP 12,90
Venom P. Stinger Meet My Friend Venom LP 18,90 NEU
Versing 10000 CD 7,90
Vertigo S/t LP 9,90
Verve The Verve Ep MCD 4,90
Verve Urban Hymns CD 4,90
Very Things The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes CD 4,90
Vestine, Henry Guitar Gangsters CD 6,50
View Hats Off To The Buskers CD 6,50
Violent Femmes 3 LP 9,90
Violent Femmes Add 1 Up (81-93) CD 4,90
Violent Femmes The Blind Leading The Naked LP 9,90
Visit Venus The Endless Bummer CD 6,50
Vital Idles Left Hand LP 19,90 NEU
Vivian Girls I Heard You Say 7" 4,90 NEU
Volume All Stars Close Encounters Of The Bump And Grind CD 4,90
Voxtrot S/t CD 4,90
vvhile more lp 12,90 NEU
Walking Korpses all safe and dead lp 14,90 NEU
Walking Seeds Bad Orb. . Whirling Ball CD 4,90
Walkmen Bows And Arrows CD 7,90
Walkmen Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone CD 4,90
Walkmen Heaven LP+CD 18,90 NEU
Walkmen Lisbon LP 12,90 NEU
Walkmen Pussy Cats 2xCD 9,90
Walkmen You & Me CD 7,90
Wall S/t LP 10,00 NEU
Warm Graves Ships Will Come LP 11,90 NEU
Wave Pictures Instant coffee baby CD 6,50
Wavves King Of The Beach CD 7,90
Wavves Wavvves CD 6,50
Way, Gerard Hesitant alien (picture) LP 17,90 NEU
We Are Scientists With Love And Squalor CD 4,90
Weaver, Ben Living in the ground CD 4,90
Weaver, Ben Mirepoix and smoke CD 4,90
Weaver, Ben the ax in the oak CD 4,90
Wedding Present Bizarro LP 14,90
Wedding Present Drive DVD 7,90
Wedding Present El Rey CD 6,50
Wedding Present George Best Plus CD 6,50
Wedding Present Saturnalia CD 4,90
Wedding Present Seamonsters CD 6,50
wedding present tommy 30 lp 20,90 NEU
Wedding Present Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now 12" 7,90
Weekend Red 12" 13,90 NEU
Weekend Sports 2xLP 21,90 NEU
Weekend At Waikiki Perfect Punishment LP 8,90
Ween Freedom Of '76 MCD 6,50
Ween Pure Guava CD 9,90
Weezer Maladroit CD 6,50
Weezer Pacific daydream LP 17,90 NEU
Weezer S/t (Green) CD 4,90
Weezer s/t (white album) LP 14,90 NEU
Weller, Paul Movement 12" 7,90
West, David Peace Or Love LP 22,90 NEU
Whi Kann Fucking Horse Style MCD 3,90
Whirr Part Time Punks Sessions (Baby Blue In Royal Blue) 7" 7,90 NEU
Whirr Part Time Punks Sessions (Black In Electric Blue) 7" 9,90 NEU
White Birch The Weight Of Spring CD 9,90
White Hills Heads On Fire LP 16,90 NEU
White Hills S/t LP 16,90 NEU
White Lies Big Tv CD 4,90
White Lies s/t CD 4,90
White Manna Pan LP 21,90 NEU
White Shit Sculptured Beef (One-Sided) LP 9,90 NEU
White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan 2xLP 21,90 NEU
White Stripes Hand Springs (Colored Rsd 2012 Release) 7" 9,90 NEU
White Stripes Icky Thump 2xLP 21,90 NEU
White Stripes Lafayette Blues (Colored Vinyl) 7" 16,90 NEU
White Stripes Let's Shake Hands (Colored Vinyl) 7" 16,90 NEU
White Stripes The Complete John Peel Sessions 2xLP 31,90 NEU
White Stripes Under Blackpool Lights DVD 6,50
White Wine Who Cares What The Laser Says? LP 12,90 NEU
Whitehorse Fire To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze LP 11,90 NEU
Wilco A Ghost Is Born CD 9,90
Wild Beasts Present Tense CD 7,90
Wild Stares Skorch Truth LP 7,90
wilson, jonathan Fanfare (blue vinyl) 2xlp 29,90
Wilson, Phil God bless Jim Kennedy CD 4,90
Winchester Club Negative Liberty LP 15,90 NEU
Wino Adrift CD 4,90
wire 10:20 lp 24,90 NEU
Wire 154 LP 21,90
Wire Chairs Missing LP 21,90 NEU
Wire Mind hive LP 22,90 NEU
Wire Pink Flag LP 21,90 NEU
Wire S/t LP 24,90 NEU
Wire The Black Session - Paris, 10 May 2011 CD 9,90 NEU
wire love leave the bones lp 12,90 NEU
Wirtschaftswunder Salmobray LP 19,90
Wobble, Jah Betrayal LP 14,90
Wobbly Organ Musique Concrete LP 18,90 NEU
wolf & wolf cultureshock lp 7,90
Wolf Eyes Burned Mind CD 6,50
Wolf Eyes Fuck the old Miami 12" 7,90
Wolf Eyes Human Animal LP 9,90
Wolf Eyes No answer - lower floors LP 14,90 NEU
Wolf Eyes / Failing Lights / Spykes / Nate Young s/t (picture) 2xLP 12,90
Wolf Mountains Superheavy LP 12,90 NEU
Wolf Parade At Mount Zoomer LP 14,90 NEU
Wolf Parade Cry Cry Cry CD 7,90
Wolke Susenky CD 4,90
Wolky Susenky CD 6,50
Wombats A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation CD 6,50
Wombats S/t CD 4,90
Woodentops Everyday Living 12" 4,90
Woodkid The Golden Age (deluxe edition) CD 17,90
Woods Ram 7" 6,90
Woods, Hilary Colt CD 9,90
World Domination Enterprises Love From Lead City LP 7,90
World Inferno Friendship Society International Smashism! LP 9,90
Woven Bones I've Gotta Get (Red Vinyl) 7" 5,90 NEU
Woven Bones The Minus Touch (White Vinyl) LP 7,90 NEU
Wu Lyf Go Tell Fire To The Mountain CD 9,90
Wyo Stars Basuco Spells LP 7,90
Xiu Xiu Always CD 6,50
Xiu Xiu Life And Live CD 6,50
Xiu Xiu Woman As Lovers CD 6,50
Yanos Omega LP 9,90 NEU
yass night wire lp 9,90 NEU
Yeah Yeah Noh Fun On The Lawn LP 12,90
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever To Tell CD 6,50
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Is Is MCD 4,90
Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's blitz CD 4,90
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito LP 14,90 NEU
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Slow your bones CD 4,90
Yes-Men Prosody LP 18,90 NEU
Yo La Tengo Fade CD 6,50
Yo La Tengo From A Motel 6 CD 4,90
Yo La Tengo President LP 29,90
You Could Be A Cop S/t LP 12,90 NEU
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth (UK original) LP 34,90
Young Widows Easy Pain LP 18,90 NEU
Young Widows Future Herat / Rose Window (Rose Cover) 7" 6,90 NEU
Young Widows In And Out Of Youth And Lightness 2xLP 19,90 NEU
Zero Diesel Dead Machine LP 11,90 NEU
Ziggens Sleazy Rider CD 4,90
Zola Jesus Stridulum II CD 6,50
Zun Burial Sunrise LP 19,90 NEU