A. C. Reed I'm In The Wrong Business CD 4,90
Abou-Khalil, Rabih Blue Camel CD 8,00
Abou-Khalil, Rabih Nafas LP 30,00
Abrams, Muhal Richard Duet LP 15,00
Acoustic Groove Band Street Corner Music LP 9,90
Adderley, Cannonball Lovers... LP 7,90
Adderley, Cannonball Somethin' else CD 5,00
Aebersold, Jamey Movin' On Vol.4 LP 7,90
Afro-Cuban Legends DVD 6,50
Airto Identity LP 14,90
Akili s/t LP 9,90
Al Di Meola / Mclaughlin, John / Paco De Lucia The Guitar Trio CD 5,00
Albert Ayler Holy ghost (box set) 10xCD 125,00
Albert Ayler I grandi del jazz LP 7,90
Albert Ayler Quintet Truth Is Marching In LP 15,00
Almeida, Laurindo / Eamon, Deltra Intermezzo LP 9,90
Alpha Centauri s/t LP 17,90
Amazonas Amazonas Play Santana LP 15,00
Ambrosetti, Franco Tentets LP 13,00
Ammons, Albert Boogie woogie piano stylings LP 7,90
An Pierle & White Velvet S/t CD 4,90
Andersen, Arlid / Christensen, Jon / Stenson, Bobo Underwear LP 35,00
Anger, Darol / Higbie, Barbara Tideline LP 7,90
Antolini, Charly Countdown (Jeton) LP 15,00
Antolini, Charly Crash LP 25,00
Antolini, Charly Jazz Magazine LP 7,90
Antolini, Charly Knock Out (Jeton) LP 14,90
Antolini, Charly Menue (Jeton 100.3327) LP 25,00
Appleyard, Peter Presents LP 7,90
Ardley, Neil Kalaeidoscope Of Rainbows (white vinyl) LP 12,90
Art Blakey 4 Albums 4xCD 8,00
Art Ensemble Of Chicago A JAckson in your house CD 6,50
Art Ensemble Of Chicago Fanfare for the warriors LP 15,00
Art Ensemble Of Chicago Full Force CD 8,00
Art Ensemble Of Chicago Naked (Japan Pressing) LP 24,90
Art Farmer Quartet To Sweden With Love (mono (1964)) LP 45,00
Ashby, Harold The Viking LP 12,90
Assad, Sergio / Assad Odair Alma Brasileira LP 9,90
Association P.c. erna morena lp 30,00
Astatke, Mulatu The Heliocentrics CD 6,50
Ayler, Albert live in Greenwich Village 2xCD 15,00
Baker, Chet / Gerry Mulligan Quartet Soft shoe LP 18,00
Baker, Lavern sings Bessie Smith LP 15,00
Barber, Chris Barber in Berlin LP 9,90
Barber, Chris Best yet! LP 9,90
Barbieri, Gato Chapter Three: Viva Emiliano Zapata (DMM) LP 14,90
Barbieri, Gato Chapter two: Hasta siempre LP 9,90
Barbieri, Gato Euphoria LP 7,90
Barbieri, Gato Obsession LP 9,90
Barbieri, Gato the third world LP 17,90
Bariton Madness Heavy Berries LP 8,00
Basie, Count Basie's In The Bag LP 8,00
Basie, Count Farmers Market Barbecue LP 7,90
Beckerhoff, Uli Stay LP 13,00
Beckerhoff, Uli / Abercrombie, John / Andersen, Arlid / Marshall, John Secret obsession LP 35,00
Beiderbeck, Bix The Bix Beiderbeck Story Volume 1 LP 9,90
bennett, brian Change of direction (australian stereo pressing) LP 30,00
Benson, George Exclusive Benson 2xLP 7,90
Benson, George Good king bad LP 9,90
Benson, George Willow Weep For Me LP 7,90
Berendt, Joachim-Ernst Was ist Jazz? 2xlp 13,00
Berio & Denissow Voice and chamber ensembe CD 6,50
Berliner Philharmonic Jazz Group Jazzkonzert in der Philharmonie Berlin CD 5,00
Bernd Reichow Jazz Formation Summer Has Gone LP 9,90
Berne, Tim Fulton street maul LP 15,00
Berry Lipman And His Orchestra The World Is Full Of Love (Quadrophonie) LP 9,90
Between Contemplation LP 13,00
Between Stille Über Der Zeit LP 13,00
Bireli Lagrene Ensemble Bireli Swing '81 LP 7,90
Bireli Lagrene Ensemble Routes To Django LP 10,00
Blake, Ran Crystal trip LP 20,00
Blake, Ran The Blue Potato And Other Outrages... LP 15,00
Blanke, Toto Friends LP 17,90
Bley, Carla European tour 1977 LP 9,90
Bley, Carla Heavy heart LP 13,00
Bley, Carla Musique Mecaniques LP 15,00
Bley, Carla / Swallow, Steve Duets LP 18,00
Bley, Paul Closer LP 14,90
Bley, Paul Open, To Love LP 30,00
Bley, Paul Sonor LP 10,00
Blue Box Sweet machine LP 8,00
Bobby Naughton Units Understanding LP 20,00
Boiling Point s/t (Japan pressing (pro-use series)) LP 20,00
Bonneville, Ray Easy Gone CD 6,50
Booker, James The Piano Prince From New Orleans LP 30,00
Bossa Rio Alegria LP 15,00
Boyle, Gary Step out! LP 25,00
Brainstorm the mystical dreamer lp 7,90
Brasseur, Andre Early Bird Satellite LP 10,00
Braxton, Anthony Creative Orchestra Music 1976 LP 15,00
Braxton, Anthony Saxophone improvisations series F 2xLP 25,00
Breau, Lenny s/t (Direct-To-Disk) LP 20,00
Brecker Brothers Don't stop the music LP 10,00
Brecker, Randy Brecker plays Rovatti 2xLP 25,00 NEU
Brecker, Randy / Rovatti, Ada Sacred bond 2xLP 22,90 NEU
Brookmeyer, Bob Gloomy sunday and other bright moments LP 12,90
Broonzy, Big Bill Good time tonight LP 13,00
Brown, Ray / Alexander, Monty / Most, Sam A Ray Brown 3 LP 13,00
Buddy Miles / Santana, Carlos Live! LP 9,90
Buena Vista Social Club Limited Edition DVD 4,90
Buena Vista Social Club S/t CD 6,50
Burnside, R. L. Come on in LP 25,00
Burrell, Kenny s/t (OJC-019) LP 25,00
Burton Greene Quartet Valencia chocolate LP 12,90
Burton, Ann Am I blue LP 9,90
Burton, Ann By Myself Alone (Japan pressing) LP 15,00
Burton, Gary Throb LP 15,00
Burzlaff, Manfred Berlin Jazz Soundtracks LP 18,00
Byas, Don Anthropology LP 10,00
Byas, Don Memorial 2xLP 9,90
Byas, Don / Gonsalves, Paul / Webster, Ben Three tenors CD 4,90
Byrd, Charlie Direct Disc Recording LP 13,00
Byrd, Donald Thank You... For F. U. M. L. CD 6,50
Cage, John Cheap imitation CD 10,00
Cage, John Imaginary landscapes CD 9,90
Camarata featuring Tutti's Trombones LP 10,00
Cargo s/t LP 18,00
Carr, Mike Live At Ronnie Scott's LP 12,90
Cartwright, George Dot CD 7,90
Cassiber Perfect worlds LP 14,90
Catherine, Philip September Man LP 10,00
Catherine, Philip / Mariano, Charlie / Van't Hof, Jasper Sleep my love LP 10,00
Cayenne Robert who .. LP 10,00
Chambers Brothers Shout! LP 13,00
Charig, Mark with Keith Tippett / Ann Winter – Pipedream LP 25,00
Charles Lloyd Quartet A night in Copenhagen LP 12,90
Charles, Ray Portrait in music 2xLP 10,00
Charles, Ray The Great Hits Of LP 7,90
Cherry, Don Home Boy - Sister Out LP 15,00
Chick Corea Elektric Band s/t LP 13,00
Chico Hamilton Nomad LP 9,90
Chico Hamilton the head hunters LP 12,90
Chili Charles Busy corner LP 13,00
Chris Barber Come Friday (Jeton) LP 12,90
Chris Hinze Combination Flute and mantras LP 10,00
Chris Hinze Combination Mission suite LP 15,00
Chris Hinze Combination Saliah 2xLP 13,00
Chris Hinze Combination Sister Slick LP 7,90
Chris Hinze Combination Who Can See The Shadow Of The Sun LP 7,90
Christian, Charlie s/t LP 10,00
Christian, Charlie Solo flight 2xLP 9,90
Circle Paris - Concert (Ecm 1018/19) 2xLP 18,00
Clapham Junction Serious Solid Swineheard Is Better Than Homecooked CD 10,00
Clarke, Stanley Journey To Love LP 8,00
Clarke, Stanley Modern Man (Japan Pressing) LP 14,90
Clarke, Stanley Night schools DVD 5,00
Clarke, Stanley s/t LP 10,00
Clarke, Stanley s/t CD 5,00
Clarke, Stanley / Carlton, Larry / Cobham, Billy / Johnson, Deron Live At The Greek CD 5,00
Cleee Hello, hello, hello CD 5,00
Cline, Nels Angelica LP 18,00
Cobham, Billy A Funky Thide Of Sings LP 10,00
Cobham, Billy Inner Conflicts LP 7,90
Cobham, Billy Life & Times LP 9,90
Cobham, Billy Shabazz LP 15,00
Cobham, Billy Spectrum LP 13,00
Cobham, Billy the best of .. LP 8,00
Cobham, Billy Total Eclipse LP 10,00
Cobham, Billy / Duke, George Live On Tour In Europe LP 9,90
Cole, Nat King A Mis Amigos LP 7,90
Cole, Nat King In The Beginning LP 7,90
Coleman, Bill / Gilson, Jef Jazz Pour Dieu LP 12,90
Coleman, Ornette Ornette! LP 17,90 NEU
Coleman, Ornette The Unprecedented Music Of .. LP 12,90
Collins, Albert Ice pickin' LP 13,00
Colon, Willie Tiempo Pa Matar (White Vinyl) LP 9,90
Coltrane, John A Love Supreme CD 6,50
Coltrane, John Alternate takes LP 15,00
Coltrane, John Ascension LP 17,90
Coltrane, John Chasing Trane BluRay 10,00
Coltrane, John Expression LP 18,00
Coltrane, John Ole (german sleeve) LP 14,90
Coltrane, John Soultrane CD 5,00
Coltrane, John Traneing on CD 5,00
Coltrane, John Transition LP 14,90
Coltrane, John Vol. 4 2xLP 14,90
Coltrane. John A Love Supreme: Live in Seattle 2xLP 30,00 NEU
Conners, Gene "Mighty Fly" Jumping the blues LP 14,90
Cooper, Jerome The Unpredictability Of Predictability LP 18,00
Corea, Chick Children's Songs LP 13,00
Corea, Chick Inner Space 2xLP 24,90
Corea, Chick Light years CD 8,00
Corea, Chick My spanish heart 2xLP 15,00
Corea, Chick Piano Improvisations Vol. 1 LP 12,90
Corea, Chick Piano Improvisations Vol. 2 LP 12,90
Corea, Chick Sundance LP 13,00
Corea, Chick Tap Step LP 7,90
Corea, Chick The Mad Hatter LP 13,00
Corea, Chick Three quartets LP 12,90
Corea, Chick / Economou, Nicolas On Two Pianos LP 9,90
Corea, Chick / Gulda, Friedrich The Meeting LP 9,90
Corea, Chick / Holland, David / Altschul, Barry A.R.C. LP 13,00
Corea, Chick / Holland, David / Altschul, Barry A.R.C. (blue cover) LP 30,00
Corea, Chick / Return To Forever Light As A Feather LP 13,00
Corea, Chick / Return To Forever No mystery LP 10,00
Corea, Chick / Return To Forever s/t LP 13,00
Corea, Chick / Return To Forever Where Have I Known You Before LP 10,00
Coryell, Larry 1943 - still on tour 2xCD 6,50
Coryell, Larry Bolero LP 10,00
Coryell, Larry Offering LP 15,00
Coryell, Larry Spaces LP 10,00
Coryell, Larry Standing Ovation LP 7,90
Coryell, Larry the real great escape LP 9,90
Coryell, Larry Twin-House LP 8,00
Coryell, Larry Underground Volume 11 LP 9,90
Coryell, Larry / Brubeck Bros. Better than live (Direct to Disc) LP 15,00
Coryell, Larry / Catherine, Philip Splendid LP 10,00
Coryell, Larry / Catherine, Philip / Kühn, Joachim live LP 10,00
Coryell, Larry / Mouzon, Alphonse Back Together Again LP 7,90
Coryell, Larry / Mouzon, Alphonse the 11th home LP 7,90
Coryell, Larry / Urbaniak, Michael Duo LP 9,90
Cosa Brava Ragged Atlas CD 12,90
Cossu, Scott Islands LP 9,90
Cossu, Scott Wind Dance LP 7,90
Coxhill, Lol Diverse LP 35,00
Cray, Robert / Collins, Albert / Copeland, Johnny Showdown LP 13,00
Creation This is .. (studio live in direct to disc recording) LP 19,90
Criss, Sonny I'll Catch The Sun! LP 20,00
Crusaders Royal Jam 2xLP 10,00
Cyrille, Andrew / Lee, Jeanne / Lyons, Jimmy Nuba LP 30,00
Cyrille, Andrew / Lee, Jeanne / Lyons, Jimmy Nuba (big tofc) LP 15,00
D Lee The Soul Revival CD 6,50
Dark Tamna Voda LP 17,90
Das Jazzbuch Von Rag bis Rock BUCH 3,00
Dauner, Wolfgang Dream talk CD 10,00
Dave Brubeck Adventures in time 2xLP 10,00
Dave Brubeck Two generations of Brubeck LP 9,90
Dave Brubeck / Desmond, Paul / van Kriedt, Dave re-union LP 10,00
Dave Brubeck Quartet Gone With The Wind LP 10,00
Dave Brubeck Trio / Mulligan, Gerry live at the Berlin Philharmonie 2xLP 12,90
Dave Holland Quartet Extensions LP 45,00
Davis, Miles Amandla LP 15,00
Davis, Miles At Fillmore 2xLP 25,00
Davis, Miles Aura CD 4,90
Davis, Miles Basic Miles - The Classic Performances Of .. LP 13,00
Davis, Miles Big Fun 2xLP 30,00
Davis, Miles Bitches Brew 2xCD 8,00
Davis, Miles Blue Christmas LP 9,90
Davis, Miles Circle In The Round 2xCD 9,90
Davis, Miles Decoy LP 15,00
Davis, Miles Heard Round The World 2xLP 15,00
Davis, Miles Kind of blue CD 6,50
Davis, Miles Live At The Plugged Nickel 2xLP 25,00
Davis, Miles Live Miles LP 9,90
Davis, Miles My Funny Valentine CD 5,00
Davis, Miles Sketches Of Spain CD 5,00
Davis, Miles Star People LP 15,00
Davis, Miles Steamin' (24k gold disc) CD 29,90
Davis, Miles The Complete Birth Of The Cool CD 6,50
Davis, Miles The Early Days LP 9,90
Davis, Miles The Man With The Horn LP 15,00
Davis, Miles Tutu CD 6,50
Davis, Miles Tutu LP 15,00
Davis, Miles Walkin' LP 15,00
Davis, Miles We Want Miles 2xLP 20,00
Davis, Miles Yardbird Suite LP 12,90
Davis, Miles You're Under Arrest LP 15,00
Davis, Miles / Miller, Marcus Siesta LP 13,00
Davis, Walter A being such as you LP 18,00
Dawkins, Jimmy Feel the blues LP 20,00
De Souza, Raul Sweet Lucy LP 14,90
Deadline Down by law LP 13,00
Defunkt In America LP 8,00
Defunkt s/t LP 10,00
Dejohnette, Jack Piano album LP 12,90
Dejohnette, Jack Works LP 15,00
Dejohnette, Jack / Gruntz, George / Friedman, David / Studer, Fredy / Favre, Pierre / Romano, Dom Um Percussion profiles LP 14,90
Dejohnette, Jack / Jarrett, Keith / Peacock, Gary Tribute 2xLP 25,00
Deodato Also Sprach Zarathustra 2xLP 9,90
Deodato Jazz magazine LP 7,90
Deodato Prelude LP 10,00
Deodato Very together LP 9,90
Deodato Whirlwinds LP 7,90
Derome, Jean Confitures de gagaku LP 13,00
Deschepper, Philippe / Fredebeul, Martin / Mahieux, Jacques / Ponthieux, Jean-Luc E.A.O. LP 13,00
Deuter / Chaitanya Hari Kundalini Meditation Music LP 40,00
Dexter Gordon Quartet Love For Sale LP 13,00
Dibango, Manu Happy reunion 2xLP 20,00
Doctor Ross Livin' the blues LP 24,90
Doldinger Jazz made in Germany LP 50,00
Doldinger Jubilee 3xLP 13,00
Doldinger Jubilee '75 CD 4,90
Doldinger Jubilee Concert LP 7,90
Doldinger Second passport LP 8,00
Doldinger, Klaus / Passport Lifelike 2xLP 12,90
Doldinger's Motherhood s/t LP 119,90
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim African dawn LP 15,00
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim African Portraits LP 15,00
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim African Sketchbook LP 13,00
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim African Sketchbook CD 12,90
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim Anatomy Of A South African Village LP 15,00
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim Reflections LP 14,90
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim Sangoma LP 12,90
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim the children of Africa LP 25,00
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim the journey LP 35,00
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim This Is ... LP 9,90
Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim / Barbieri, Gato Confluence LP 13,00
Dollar Brand Duo Good News From Afrika LP 20,00
Dolphy, Eric Artista Ospite Cannonball Adderley LP 13,00
Dolphy, Eric Fire waltz 2xLP 15,00
Don Ellis Shock treatment (german pressing from 1968) LP 20,00
Don Ellis Orchestra Electric bath LP 10,00
Don Friedman Trio Flashback LP 12,90
Doran, Christy 144 Strings For A Broken Chord CD 10,00
Double Image Dawn LP 12,90
Double Image s/t LP 12,90
Double-X-Project This is the day the sky falls throught he glass wall .. LP 12,90
Double-X-Project X-certs CD 7,90
Dudas, Lajos Sunshine State LP 19,90
Duke Jordan Trio Live In Japan 2xLP 14,90
Duke, George A Brazilian Love Affair LP 13,00
Duke, George Don't let go LP 10,00
Duke, George Dream On LP 9,90
Duke, George Faces In Reflection (Audiophile 180G Pressing) LP 27,90 NEU
Duke, George I love the blues, she heard my cry LP 15,00
Duke, George Liberated Fantasies LP 13,00
Duke, George Reach for it LP 10,00
Duke, George s/t LP 10,00
Duke, George The Aura Will Prevail (MPS) LP 20,00
Dull Schicksal Herbstblad'ren CD 5,00
Dupree, Champion Jack S/t LP 59,90
Dutz, Brad Railroads CD 5,00
Dyani, Johnny Grandmothers Teaching LP 18,00
Eaglin, Snooks the legacy of the blues vol. 2 LP 13,00
Edmond Hall Quartet s/t LP 8,00
Egan, Mark / Gottlieb, Danny Elements LP 7,90
Ehlers, Ekkehard play Albert Ayler 12" 9,90
Eje Thelin Group Hypothesis LP 20,00
Eldridge, Roy Happy time LP 7,90
Eldridge, Roy / Freeman, Bud Saturday night fish fry LP 9,90
Electric, Ibrahim .. meets Ray Anderson CD 6,50
Ellington, Duke Masters Of Jazz (Box Set) 3xLP 9,90
Ellington, Duke Memorial - Four Great Concerts 1952/65 (Box Set) 4xLP 14,90
Ellington, Duke New Oreleans Suite LP 12,90
Ellington, Duke Souveniers (Box Set) 5xLP 19,90
Ellington, Duke the popular lp 8,00
Ellington, Duke The Rare Broadcast Recordings 1951-53 (Box Set) 3xLP 12,90
Engstfeld, Wolfgang / Weiss, Peter / Plümer, Gunnar S/t (Direct-To-Disc) LP 9,90
Ensemble Oriental Orient LP 15,00
Erskine, Peter S/t LP 7,90
Erskine, Peter Transition LP 7,90
Escpecial, Nelson Na Intimidade (Japan pressing) LP 12,90
Evans, Bill From Left To Right CD 6,50
Evans, Bill New Conversations CD 7,90 NEU
Everyman Band Without Warning LP 13,00
Feldman, Victor Suite Sixteen LP 18,00
Ferguson, Maynard Live At Jimmy's (Japan pressing) 2xLP 18,00
First House Erendira LP 13,00
Foxley, Ray Professor Foxley's Sporting House Music LP 9,90
Franklin, Rodney Marathon LP 7,90
Fred Hunt Trio Yesterdays (Jeton) LP 40,00
Freeman, Chico Sweet explosion LP 12,90
Freischlader, Henrik House in the woods CD 4,90
Frey Mathias / Tiepold, Wolfgang / Thierfelder, Michael / Lang, Stefan Colibry LP 17,90
Fulson, Lowell s/t 2xLP 13,00
G. B. Beckers and Friends Colours (instead of paintings) LP 49,90
Garbarek, Jan I Took Up The Runes CD 6,50
Garner, Erroll Concert By The Sea LP 12,90
Garner, Erroll Dreamstreet LP 9,90
Garner, Erroll Play it again, Erroll 2xLP 9,90
Garner, Erroll Up In Errolls Room (MPS 15252) LP 14,90
Gerry Mulligan Quartet the fabulous .. 2xLP 15,00
Gershwin, George Anthology (Box Set) 3xLP 14,90
Gershwin, George Gershwin Plays Gershwin: The Piano Rolls CD 6,50
Getz, Stan Focus (mono pressing) LP 20,00
Getz, Stan Jazz tracks LP 7,90
Getz, Stan Jazz-History Vol. 2 2xLP 13,00
Getz, Stan Portrait Of .. LP 7,90
Getz, Stan The Staring Gate LP 9,90
Getz, Stan / Johnson, J.j. At the opera house LP 10,00
Gilberto, Astrud Look To The Rainbow LP 10,00
Gilberto, Astrud September 17, 1969 LP 20,00
Gillespie, Dizzy Afro-cuban jazz moods CD 6,50
Gillespie, Dizzy At the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975 LP 9,90
Gillespie, Dizzy Digital At Montreux, 1980 (Red Vinyl) LP 10,00
Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy Goes Hollywood LP 7,90
Gillespie, Dizzy the many faces of jazz vol. 48 LP 7,90
Gillespie, Dizzy / Sandoval, Arturo To the Finland station LP 9,90
Ginger Baker Trio Falling of the roof CD 10,00
Gismonti, Egberto Danca Das Cabecas LP 9,90
Gismonti, Egberto / Vasconelos, Nana Duas Vozes LP 9,90
Gitta Schäfer / Nick Didkovsky / Kevin Norton Ankle to nose CD 5,00
Glass, Philip Songs from the trilogy CD 5,00
Glatter Wahnsinn s/t LP 17,90
Goldberg, Stu Piano solo LP 12,90
Gonzalez, Jerry Ya Yo Me Cure LP 20,00
Goodman, Benny Masters Of Jazz (Box Set) 3xLP 9,90
Goodman, Benny Rca Box Set 3xLP 8,90
Gottschalk, Norbert A Voice In Jazz - Light-Weight-Sight LP 29,90
Grabhund Abc LP 14,90
Grappelli, Stephane Uptown dance (Japan pressing w/ inserts) LP 20,00
Grappelli, Stephane / Menuhin, Yehudi Tea For Two (Quadrophonie) LP 7,90
Grappelli, Stephane / Ponty, Jean Luc Giants LP 7,90
Grupo Afro Cuba Havanna Afro Cuban Jazz LP 15,00
Gulda, Friedrich Fata Morgana - live at the Domicile LP 12,90
Gulda, Friedrich The Long Road To Freedom 2xLP 15,00
Gumbs, Onaje Allan Onaje LP 14,90
Gumpert Sommer Duo plus Manfred Hering The Old Song LP 40,00
Gunther Klatt & Elephantrombones live at Jazztage LP 14,90
Guy, Buddy Born to play guitar CD 5,00
Guy, Buddy Hard but it's fair (American jazz & blues history vol. 144) LP 12,90
Guy, Buddy the blues is alive and well CD 5,00
Guy, Joe / Page, Hot Lips Trumpet battle at Minton's LP 7,90
Haden, Charlie / Motian, Paul Etudes LP 75,00
Haden, Charlie / Zeitlin, Denny Time Remembers One Time Once LP 12,90
Haider, Joe Katzenvilla LP 15,00
Hall, Jim Subsequently CD 6,50
Hamm, Stuart Radio Free Albemuth LP 10,00
Hammer, Jan / Goodman, Jerry Like children LP 13,00
Hammond The House Live At The Satchmo CD 7,90
Hampton, Lionel Giants Of Jazz LP 7,90
Hampton, Lionel s/t LP 7,90
Hampton, Lionel / Buckner, Milt Alive & Jumping LP 7,90
Hampton, Lionel / Wilson, Teddy with Gene Krupa LP 10,00
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Reaching For The World LP 10,00
Harris, Don Sugarcane I'm on your case LP 13,00
Harris, Eddie The Electrifying .. CD 4,90
Harris, Eddie the in sound CD 6,50
Harry James & His Big Band The King James Version LP 10,00
Harth , Alfred / Degen, Bob Melchior LP 20,00
Hawkins, Coleman In A Mellow Tone LP 9,90
Hawkins, Coleman Masters of Jazz 4 LP 9,90
Hawkins, Coleman Sirius LP 10,00
Hawkins, Coleman The Genius Of .. LP 12,90
Hawkins, Coleman the gilded hawk LP 10,00
Hawkins, Coleman the hawk flies high CD 5,00
Hawkins, Ted Happy Hour LP 20,00
Haynes, Roy Jazz a confronto 29 LP 45,00
Hellborg, Jonas Adfa LP 13,00
Hellborg, Jonas Axis LP 9,90
Hellborg, Jonas Bass LP 12,90
Hellborg, Jonas Elegant Punk LP 25,00
Herbie Hancock Hardrock 12" 4,90
Herbie Hancock the imagine project CD 6,50
Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo So Nao Toga Qem Nao Quer LP 9,90
Herve, Antoine Invention is you CD 6,50
Hines, Earl Plays hits he missed (direct to disc) LP 45,00
Hippopotamus Schnatterzapfen LP 17,90
Hirt, Al Magic Trumpet LP 7,90
Hodges, Johnny / Brown, Lawrence / Carney, Harry / Webster, Ben / Bellson, Louis Ellingtonia - Jazz Spectrum Vol. 17 LP 9,90
Holiday, Billie The Golden Years (Box Set (Vg)) 3xLP 14,90
Holly Cole Trio Don't Smoke In Bed LP 40,00
Hooker, John Lee Big band blues LP 10,00
Hooker, John Lee Blues Before Sunrise LP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee Blues Ville LP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee Boom boom CD 4,90
Hooker, John Lee Burnin' LP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee Driftin' thru the blues LP 15,00
Hooker, John Lee Everybody rockin' LP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee House of the blues LP 14,90
Hooker, John Lee I wanna dance all night LP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee Mad Man Blues 2xLP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee Original folk blues LP 15,00
Hooker, John Lee s/t (Explosive) LP 12,90
Hooker, John Lee the folk lore of .. LP 34,90
Hooker, John Lee The Folk Lore Of John Lee Hooker LP 15,00
Hooker, John Lee The Great Blues Sounds Of .. (Still Sealed) LP 24,90
Hooker, John Lee The Healer LP 14,90
Hooker, John Lee The King Of Folk Blues LP 15,00
Horace Parlan Musically Yours LP 10,00
Horace Silver Quintet & Trio Blowin' The Blues Away CD 5,00
Horn, Paul Inside (USA pressing) LP 15,00
Horn, Paul Inside The Cathedral LP 7,90
Horn, Paul Inside The Great Pyramid 2xLP 15,00
Horn, Paul Inside The Great Pyramid CD 6,50
Horn, Paul Inside The Magic Of Findhorn LP 7,90
Horn, Paul Inside The Taj Mahal CD 6,50
Hornweb Saxophone Quartet Hornweb Sixteen LP 10,00
Horton, Peter / Sigi Schwab Guitarissimo LP 9,90
Hot Mallets s/t CD 6,50
Howlin' Wolf Blues roots vol. 14 LP 10,00
Howlin' Wolf Chess blues master series 2 2xLP 20,00
Howlin' Wolf No place to go LP 10,00
Howlin' Wolf Poor boy (dutch pressing '67) LP 29,90
Howlin' Wolf The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions LP 18,00
Human Chain s/t LP 15,00
Hykes, David / The Harmonic Choir À L'Ecoute Des Vents Solaires / Hearing Solar Winds CD 10,00
Hypotic Brass Ensemble s/t 2xLP 17,90
Isham, Mark Tibet CD 8,00
Itchy Fingers Teranga LP 10,00
Jackson, David The Long Hello Volume Three LP 14,90
Jackson, Mahalia il gospel lp 8,00
Jackson, Mahalia In Memoriam 5xLP 10,00
Jackson, Mahalia s/t LP 9,90
Jackson, Mahalia This is Mahalia Jackson - the worlds greatest gospel singer 2xLP 13,00
Jackson, Milt .. and the hip string quartet (D / 1968) LP 30,00
Jackson, Milt Be bop LP 7,90
Jackson, Milt Second nature - the Savoy sessions 2xLP 12,90
Jackson, Milt / Brown, Ray Montreux '77 LP 7,90
James Blood Ulmer Are you glad to be in America? LP 13,00
James Blood Ulmer Freelancing LP 9,90
James, Bob Lucky seven LP 10,00
James, Harry The Golden Trumpet Of .. LP 7,90
Jankowski, Horst Gäste Bei Horst LP 15,00
Jarrett, Keith Best of .. LP 9,90
Jarrett, Keith Eyes Of The Heart 2xLP 10,00
Jarrett, Keith Fort Yawuh LP 14,90
Jarrett, Keith Hymns spheres 2xLP 15,00
Jarrett, Keith Invocations / The Moth And The Flame 2xCD 10,00
Jarrett, Keith My Song LP 13,00
Jarrett, Keith Solo-Concerts 3xLP 20,00
Jarrett, Keith Spirits 2xLP 17,90
Jarrett, Keith Staircase 2xLP 17,90
Jarrett, Keith Standards, vol. 1 LP 15,00
Jarrett, Keith The Celestial Hawk LP 13,00
Jarrett, Keith The Köln Concert 2xLP 15,00
Jarrett, Keith / Dejohnette, Jack Ruta And Daitya LP 13,00
Jarrett, Keith / Dejohnette, John / Peacock, Gary Changes CD 8,00
Jarvis, Jon Evolutions I (direct to disc) LP 8,00
Jazz Focus '65 s/t (original pressing) LP 60,00
Jazz Track First call LP 10,00
Jazzmachine Radio CD 4,90
Jimmy Smith Trio The Master CD 9,90
Jochen Schrumpf's Ceddo Step By Step LP 18,00
John Coltrane Quartet Africa / Brass CD 6,50
John Coltrane Quartet Africa / Brass (colored vinyl) LP 17,90 NEU
John Scofield Quiet CD 6,50
John Scofield Time on my hands CD 6,50
John Scofield Quartet Meant to be CD 6,50
John Stevens Dance Orchestra Ah! LP 24,90
Johnson, J.j. / Mingus, Charles / Lewis, John / Winding, Kai / Green, Benny / dennis, willie Four Trombones Volume 1 LP 8,00
Johnson, J.j. / Mingus, Charles / Lewis, John / Winding, Kai / Green, Benny / dennis, willie Four trombones volume 2 LP 8,00
Johnson, J.j. / Powell, Bud / Stitt, Sonny s/t CD 10,00
Johnson, J.j. / Winding, Kai / Green, Bennie Early bones 2xLP 12,90
Johnson, Lonnie Steppin' of the blues LP 10,00
Jones, Norah Come away with me (deluxe edition) CD+DVD 6,50
Jones, Nyles The Welfare Blues LP 18,00
Jones, Quincy Back on the block LP 8,00
Jones, Quincy Big band bossa nova CD 4,90
Jones, Vince Trust worthy little sweet hearts LP 9,90
Joos, Herbert / Koinzer, Joe s/t LP 14,90
Jordan, Lonnie Different Moods Of Me LP 8,00
Jukka Tolonen Band Dum's have more fun LP 13,00
Jukka Tolonen Band Montreux Boogie LP 14,90
Jukka Tolonen Band s/t LP 14,90
Jump Up, Lake, Oliver Dancevision LP 4,90
Känguru Tierisch LP 10,00
Kapingbdi Born in the night LP 22,90 NEU
Kenny Clarke Francy Boland Big Band Jazz Is Universal LP 13,00
Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Yeh jo halka halka CD 6,50
Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band Tailgate LP 9,90
King, Albert San Francisco '83 LP 20,00
King, Albert Talkin' blues CD 7,90
King, Albert the big blues CD 10,00
King, Albert Travelin' To California LP 15,00
King, B.b. Blues is king LP 17,90
King, B.b. His Definitive Greatest Hits 2xcd 5,00
King, B.b. Six Silver Strings LP 9,90
King, B.b. The Best Of LP 10,00
King, B.b. the great B. B. King LP 10,00
King, B.b. / Bland, Bobby Together For The First Time... Live 2xLP 25,00
King, Freddie 14 Hits LP 13,00
King, Freddie My feeling for the blues LP 20,00
Kip Hanrahan Days And Nights Of Blue Luck Invertet LP 12,90
Kip Hanrahan Desire Develops An Edge LP+12" 17,90
Kip Hanrahan Tenderness LP 10,00
Kip Hanrahan Vertical's Currency LP 9,90
Kirk, Roland Early roots LP 12,90
Kitt, Eartha at Tivoli LP 8,00
Klaus Ignatzek Group Today Is Tomorrow - Live In Leverkusen 2xLP 13,00
Klein, Miriam By Myself LP 7,90
Klugh, Earl Key notes LP 8,00
Klugh, Earl Magic in your eye (w/o obi, Japan pressing) LP 12,90
Klugh, Earl / James, Bob Two of a kind LP 10,00
Knut Kiesewetter Train Stop! Watch! And Listen! (MPS CRM 743) LP 30,00
Kokoroko s/t LP 25,00
Kolbe, Martin / Illenberger, Ralf 7 LP 13,00
Kolbe, Martin / Illenberger, Ralf Flieger LP 7,90
Koller, Hans Vision LP 40,00
Kölner Saxophon Mafia Die Eiserne Nachtigall LP 7,90
Kölner Saxophon Mafia Drümmele Maa LP 12,90
Koltermann, Eckard Wie Schrecklich Schwinden Unsere Kräfte CD 6,50
Konitz, Lee Medium rare LP 10,00
Köppen, Bernd / Becker, Heinz Tanz Der Altarfiguren LP 14,90
Köppen, Bernd / Jörgensmann, Theo Für Den Letzten Gast LP 9,90
Korner, Alexis Me (Jeton) LP 19,90
Kotche, Glenn Mobile CD 6,50
Krall, Diana live in Paris CD 6,50
Krog, Karin Jazz moments (german Vogue (damage to rear of sleeve) LP 30,00
Kronos Quartet Released 1985-1995 2xCD 8,00
Kronos Quartet White Man Sleeps LP 12,90
Krupa, Gene / Rich, Buddy The Original Drum Battle LP 13,00
Krzysztof Sadowski And His Group Three Thousands Points LP 15,00
Kühn, Joachim Snow in the desert (still sealed) LP 9,90
Laine, Frankie / Clayton, Buck Jazz spectacular LP 9,90
Last, James Voodoo-Party LP 9,90
Latin Jazz Quintet Latin Soul LP 15,00
Laws, Hubert Afro-classic LP 14,90
Leadbelly the legendary .. LP 12,90
Led Bib The People In Your Neighbourhood CD 6,50
Lenny Mac Dowell Airplay (Jeton) LP 12,90
Lenny Mac Dowell Flute power LP 8,00
Lenoir, J.B. Natural Man LP 13,00
Lester Bowie The Great Pretender LP 13,00
Lester Young-Teddy Wilson Quartet Pres And Teddy LP 15,00
Leuchter, Manni / Melrose Kein schöner Land CD 4,90
Lincoln Mayorga And Distinguished Colleagues The Missing Linc (Volume II) LP 15,00
Listen Listen Featuring Mel Martin LP 7,90
Lito Vitale Cuarteto Ese amigo del alma LP 15,00
Lockran, Gerry Blues blast off! LP 15,00
Loef, Frank / Wilden, Gert Just fun LP 10,00
London, Julie Swing me an old song LP 15,00
Lookout Farm At Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall Hamburg 1975 2xLP 22,00 NEU
Loose Tubes Delightful Precipice LP 10,00
Lorenzen, Lori / Nagel, Ottmar Alvorada LP 9,90
Lorenzen, Lori / Nagel, Ottmar Cap Ferret LP 7,90
Lösekes Blues Gang Red hot mama LP 19,90
Lounge Lizards Voice Of Chunk LP 75,00
Lourau, Julien the rise CD 5,00
Lumpp, Andy / Küttner, Michael / Read, Hugo Midnight Sun LP 7,90
Maarten Altena Octet Rif CD 8,90
Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds Of Fire LP 10,00
Mahavishnu Orchestra The Inner Mounting Flame LP 10,00
Makowicz, Adam Live Embers LP 8,00
Mangelsdorff, Albert Rooty toot LP 10,00
Mangelsdorff, Albert Star edition 2xLP 13,00
Mangelsdorff, Albert The Wide Point LP 18,00
Mangelsdorff, Albert Trombirds LP 15,00
Mangelsdorff, Albert / Dauner, Wolfgang Moon At Noon LP 12,90
Mangelsdorff, Albert / Members of Klaus Lage Band Listen and lay back LP 10,00
Mangelsdorff, Albert / Pastorius, Jaco / Mouzon, Alphonse Trilogue - Live LP 12,90
Mangione, Chuck Feels So Good (Israel pressing) LP 12,90
Mann, Herbie Afro Jazziac LP 7,90
Mann, Herbie At The Village Gate CD 5,00
Mann, Herbie Hold on, I'm coming (quadradisc CD-4) LP 10,00
Mann, Herbie live in Rio LP 25,00
Mann, Herbie Mellow LP 9,90
Mann, Herbie Memphis Underground CD 5,00
Mann, Herbie Memphis Underground LP 10,00
Mann, Herbie Sound of Mann LP 9,90
Mann, Herbie Stone Flute LP 13,00
Mann, Herbie Yellow fever LP 9,90
Mantilla, Ray Mantilla LP 10,00
Mardi Gras Brass Band Heat CD 6,50
Mardi Gras Brass Band Supersmell 2xCD 6,50
Mardi Gras Brass Band Zen rodeo CD 4,90
Mariano, Charlie Intuition No. 2 LP 10,00
Mariano, Charlie live LP 10,00
Mariano, Charlie / Karnateka College of Percussion Jyothi LP 12,90
Mariano, Charlie, Modern String Quartet 17.01.02 CD 9,90
Masekela, Hugh Tomorrow LP 13,00
Masqualero Aero LP 20,00
Massada Live 2xLP 12,90
Max Roach Drums unlimited LP 12,90
Mayafra Combo Mayafra LP 35,00
Mayorga, Lincoln Lincoln Mayorga & Distinguished Colleagues - Volume III LP 18,00
Mccann, Les A bag of gold LP 9,90
Mccann, Les Change change change - live at the Roxy LP 10,00
Mcduff, Jack Rock Candy 2xLP 12,90
Mcferrin, Bobby Spontaneous Inventions LP 7,90
Mcferrin, Bobby The Voice LP 10,00
Mcferrin, Bobby / Newton, Lauren / Dudziak, Urszula / Lee, Jeanne / Clayton, Jay Vocal Summit LP 9,90
Mcghee, Brownie, Terry, Sonny Back Country Blues LP 12,90
Mcgriff, Jimmy Outside looking in LP 14,90
Mcgriff, Jimmy / Crawford, Hank Steppin' Up LP 7,90
Mcgriff, Jimmy / Thompson, Lucky / Freeman, George / Levy, O'Donel Friday the 13th - Cook County Jail LP 18,00
Mclaughlin, John Belo Horizonte LP 7,90
Mclaughlin, John Extrapolation LP 13,00
Mclaughlin, John Natural Elements LP 9,90
Mclaughlin, John / Santana, Carlos Love Devotion Surrender LP 8,00
Mcshann, Jay / Quinichette, Paul / Tate, Buddy Kansas City Joys LP 7,90
Mehler, John / Nash, Kenneth Light the night LP 15,00
Mendes, Sergio Alegria LP 7,90
Metropole Orchestra / Louis Van Dyke Trio Metro's Midnight Music - Rare Jazz Tracks From The Dutch NOS Radio Show 1970 - 75 2xLP 18,00
Mezzoforte Volcanic CD 7,90
Mezzrow, Mezz / Ladnier, Tommy Really The Blues LP 12,90
Michael Sell Brass Ensemble 50 Stücke für 11 Instruemtalisten LP 24,90
Michal Urbaniak Fusion LP 15,00
Mingus, Charles Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus CD 6,50
Mingus, Charles Pithycanthropus erectus CD 6,50
Mingus, Charles Right now CD 5,00
Mingus, Charles s/t LP 8,00
Mingus, Charles Statements LP 10,00
Mingus, Charles the best of .. LP 10,00
Mingus, Charles the sound of love CD 5,00
Mingus, Charles Three of four shades of blues CD 6,50
Mingus, Charles / Givens, Spaulding Strings And Keys LP 14,90
Mingus, Charlie dynaysty - live at Montreux lp 10,00
Minton, Phil / Weston, Veryan Ways LP 15,00
Mirabassi, Gabriele Latakia Blend CD 6,50
Modern Jazz Quartett / Voss, Jan Art & Music collection LP 7,90
modern jazz sextet s/t (Japan pressing) LP 15,00
Moll, Dieter Das Buch des Blues BUCH 20,00
Monk, Thelonious At Newport 1963 & 1964 2xCD 8,00
Monk, Thelonious Greatest Hits LP 10,00
Monk, Thelonious Misterioso LP 20,00
Monk, Thelonious Monk (I Love Jazz) LP 10,00
Monk, Thelonious The Man I Love (UK red cover) LP 20,00
Monk, Thelonious The Nonet Live 2xLP 25,00
Monk, Thelonious with John Coltrane LP 19,90
Monk, Thelonious / v/A That's The Way I Feel Now - A Tribute To Thelonious Monk 2xLP 13,00
Montgomery, Wes Bumpin' (Mfsl 1-508) LP 40,00
Montgomery, Wes Ful house LP 18,00
Montgomery, Wes the incredible jazz guitar of .. LP 20,00
Moore, Ada Jazz Workshop Volume Three (lim. 1000 numbered copies) LP 34,90
Moore, Anita the lady LP 10,00
Moraz, Patrick / Bruford, Bill Music for piano and drums LP 13,00
Mouzon, Alphonse the man incognito LP 15,00
Mouzon, Alphonse Virtue LP 12,90
Mukai, Shigeharu / Gilberto, Astrud So & So Mukai Meets Gilberto CD 7,90
Mullen, Morrissey Life On The Wire LP 9,90
Mulligan, Gerry .. meets Enrico Intra LP 9,90
Mulligan, Gerry presenting the Gerry Mulligan Sextet LP 13,00
Mulligan, Gerry the age of steam LP 9,90
Mulligan, Gerry / Piazzolla, Astor s/t LP 10,00
Myra Melford Extended Ensemble Even the sounds shine CD 8,00
Narell, Andy Hidden treasure LP 10,00
Narell, Andy Light in your eyes LP 7,90
Nauseef, Mark Suba LP 15,00
Nauseef, Mark Sura LP 9,90
New York Jazz Guerilla Methd to the madness part 1 CD 5,00
Nexus Night Riding LP 14,90
Niagara s/t LP 150,00
nicole, danielle cry no more cd 8,00 NEU
Nonet, Joe Lovano New morning - the Paris concert DVD 4,90
Nucleus Snakeships etcetera (UK original) LP 50,00
Ochoa, Eliades Sublime Ilusion CD 6,50
Odean Pope Almost Like Me LP 9,90
Opa Magic time LP 20,00
Oregon Ecotopia CD 6,50
Oregon Ecotopia LP 13,00
Oregon In performance 2xLP 12,90
Ornament & Crime Arkhestra s/t CD 5,00
Oscar Peterson Trio / Eldridge, Roy / Stitt, Sonny At Newport CD 4,90
Oslender, Simon About time 2xLP 30,00 NEU
Out Of The Blue Spiral staircase LP 9,90
Paco De Lucia s/t LP 12,90
Paco De Lucia / Marin, Castro s/t (Japan pressing) LP 12,90
Page, Hot Lips / Williams, Rubberlegs s/t LP 9,90
Pam Pam Club Wily Mood Music For Stained People CD 5,00
Paolo Achenza Trio Do It LP 10,00
Paris Reunion Band French Cooking LP 15,00
Parker, Charlie All star jam LP 8,00
Parker, Charlie Bird At St. Nick's LP 9,90
Parker, Charlie Bird On 52nd Street LP 12,90
Parker, Charlie Jazz History Vol. 13 2xLP 12,90
Parker, Charlie Lullaby In Rhythm LP 9,90
Parker, Charlie Memorial vol. II LP 10,00
Parker, Charlie the Charlie Parker story (mono) LP 15,00
Parker, Charlie the very best of Bird 2xLP 14,90
Parker, Maceo Life On Planet Groove CD 4,90
Pass, Joe live at Donte's 2xLP 12,90
Passport 2 originals of... (Doldinger / Second) 2xLP 12,90
Passport Ataraxia LP 8,00
Passport Blue tattoo LP 7,90
Passport Blues Roots LP 12,90
Passport Earthborn LP 10,00
Passport Garden of Eden LP 10,00
Passport Hand Made LP 10,00
Passport Heavy Nights LP 9,90
Passport Iguaco LP 8,00
Passport Looking Thru LP 9,90
Passport Ocean Liner LP 9,90
Passport Talk back LP 7,90
Pastorius, Jaco the weather years (Japan pressing) CD 15,00
Pat Metheny 80/81 CD 8,00
Pat Metheny Works LP 15,00
Pat Metheny Zero tolerance for silence CD 8,00
Pat Metheny Group American garage CD 6,50
Pat Metheny Group American garage LP 15,00
Pat Metheny Group Offramp LP 18,00
Pat Metheny Group s/t LP 13,00
Pat Metheny Group The Road To You CD 8,00
Pat Metheny Group Travels 2xLP 18,00
Peacock, Gary / Zigmund, Eliot / Lande, Art Shift In The Wind LP 15,00
Pee Wee Bluesband A Soft Suicide (Signed) LP 14,90
Pee Wee Bluesband bootlegged in hamburg lp 10,00
Pekka Lehti Outo Voima CD 6,50
Pentagon s/t (Japan pressing) LP 14,90
People in Sorrow s/t CD 5,00
Peoria Jazzband Passport To Jazz LP 9,90
Persussion Everybody's talking LP 8,00
Pete Christlieb / Warne Marsh Quintet Apogee LP 10,00
Peter Sonntag / Wayne Darling Bass Force LP 18,00
Peter Sonntag Trio New Experiences LP 14,90
Peterson, Oscar Hello Herbie (Mps) LP 17,90
Peterson, Oscar In Tune LP 12,90
Peterson, Oscar My favorite instrument LP 12,90
Peterson, Oscar Night Train LP 13,00
Peterson, Oscar Piano Giant (Special Birthday Edition) 2xLP 15,00
Peterson, Oscar plays My Fair Lady LP 12,90
Peterson, Oscar The History Of An Artist 2xLP 14,90
Peterson, Oscar Tracks LP 12,90
Peterson, Oscar / Grappelli, Stephane Oscar Peterson - Stéphane Grappelli Quartet Vol. 2 LP 13,00
Peterson, Oscar / Grappelli, Stephane s/t 2xLP 12,90
Pharoah Sanders Jewels Of Thought CD 8,00
Pharoah Sanders Karma CD 5,00
Phil Woods Quartet Phil Talks With Quill LP 8,00
Phil Woods Quartet Stolen moments CD 5,00
Phillips, Barre For All It Is LP 30,00
Piano Red Dr. Feelgood LP 12,90
Piazzolla, Astor Live In Wien LP 9,90
Piazzolla, Astor Nuevo Tango: Hora Zero LP 14,90
Piazzolla, Astor / Burton, Gary the new tango LP 15,00
Pili Pili Be in two minds (white label w/ promo sheet) LP 14,90
Pine, Courtney the vision's tale LP 10,00
Pino Daniele Bonne Soirée LP 10,00
Pinski Zoo the city can't have it back LP 10,00
Pirchner, Werner / Pepl, Harry Gegenwind LP 13,00
Pohjola, Pekka Urban Tango LP 15,00
Ponty, Jean Luc Civilized Evil LP 8,00
Ponty, Jean Luc Cosmic Messenger LP 7,90
Post No Bills s/t CD 5,00
Powell, Baden s/t (Superbudget) LP 9,90
Powell, Baden Samba triste LP 9,90
Powell, Baden Tristeza On Guitar LP 13,00
Powell, Bud 1924-1966 CD 8,00
Powell, Bud Blue Note Cafe, Paris 1961 LP 15,00
Powell, Bud Rio del valsas CD 6,50
Power Rock... direct-to-disc LP 14,90
Purim, Flora Butterfly Dreams / Stories to tell 2xLP 15,00
Ralf Illenberger's Circle s/t CD 4,90
Rare Earth Ecology LP 13,00
Rasa Everything You See Is Me LP 9,90
Ratko Zjaca Now & Then CD 7,90
Ratzer, Karl Dancing on a string LP 12,90
Ray Draper Quintet featuring John Coltrane LP 25,00
Rebillot, Pat Free fall LP 7,90
Redbone, Leon Double time LP 10,00
Reebop Melodies in a jungle mans head LP 14,90
Regina, Elis 13th Montreux Jazz Festival LP 9,90
Reich, Steve Sextet - Six marimbas CD 10,00
Reinhardt, Django Die andere Saite (HörZu) LP 13,00
Reinhardt, Django Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France LP 7,90
Reinhardt, Django s/t (Profiles) LP 7,90
Renaud Garcia-Fons Navigatore CD 9,90
Repercussion Unit In need again CD 8,00
Return To Forever live LP 10,00
Rh Factor Distraction CD 6,50
Ribot, Marc Saints CD 8,00
Rich, Buddy / Eldridge, Roy / Torme, Mel / Burns, ralph / Phillips, flip / powel, specs / ventura, charlie 1947 WNEW Saturday night swing session LP 7,90
Ricker, Ramon The Ramon Ricker Improvisation Series Volume 6 Great Jazz Tunes Of Gerry Mulligan LP 10,00
Riot Green And Blue LP 19,90
Risager, Thorbjorn live at Victoria CD 8,00
Rivers, Sam Dimensions & extensions (DMM) LP 49,90
Rod Mason Jazz Band Stars Fell On Alabama (Jeton) LP 10,00
Rogers, Roy Sidewinder LP 7,90
Roidinger, Adelhard Schattenseite LP 19,90
Ronald Shannon Jackson And The Decoding Society Barbeque Dog LP 15,00
Rosie O' Grady's Good Time Jazz Band Dixie-Direct LP 7,90
Roulette, Freddie Spirit Of Steel CD 4,90
Rubalcaba, Gonzalo live in Havanna volume 1 LP 7,90
Rubalcaba, Gonzalo live in Havanna volume 2 LP 7,90
Runo Ericksson's Omnibus s/t LP 18,00
Saluzzi, Dino Kultrum LP 12,90
Sanborn, David As We Speak LP 8,00
Sanchez, Poncho El Conguero LP 18,00
Sauser-Hall, Bernard Address the four wals CD 10,00
Schäfer, Gitta Translucency CD 5,00
Scharnweber, Karl / Klemm, Thomas / Schmiedt, Wolfgang Another view LP 14,90
Schifrin, Lalo Piano strings and bossa nova CD 7,90
Scott / Stivín / Dašek Conversation LP 15,00
Scott, Tony Homage To Lord Krishna LP 14,90
Scott, Tony Music For Zen Meditation LP 7,90
Seager, Bert / Donchev, George / Mugavero, Nat Freedom of Assembly CD 6,50
Seals,Son Chicago Fire LP 10,00
Serah & Friedemann Flight of the stork LP 17,90
Shadowfax Too far to whisper LP 7,90
Shadowfax Watercourse way LP 9,90
Shankar, Ravi Who's To Know LP 8,00
Sharrock, Sonny Guitar LP 30,00
Sharron, Avrey Oasis (Re-Issue (250 Copies)) LP 44,90 NEU
Shaw, Cha Cha Kingdom come LP 15,00
Shearing, George Getting The Swing Of Things LP 9,90
Shearing, George On Target LP 7,90
Shearing, George / Wilson, Nancy The Swingin's Mutual LP 7,90
Shepp, Archie Soul song CD 10,00
Shepp, Archie / Family of Percussion Here comes the family LP 79,90
Sheppard, Andy Soft on the inside LP 8,00
Sidran, Ben Feel Your Groove LP 20,00
Sidran, Ben Puttin' In Time On Planet Earth LP 13,00
Sigi Schwab & Percussion Acadamia Live 2xLP 15,00
Sigurdur Flosason DeLUX 4TET Here And Now CD 6,50
Silva, Silva / The Celestrial Communications Orchestra The Shout - Portrait For A Small Woman LP 29,90
Simopoulos, Nana Wings and air LP 14,90
Singer, Ludger Aspherix CD 5,00
Sioux S/t LP 9,90
Sir Douglas Band Texas tornado LP 13,00
Slide Hampton - Joe Haider Orchestra Give Me A Double LP 30,00
Slim, Memphis Recital Memphis Slim A Lausanne LP 9,90
Slim, Memphis / Dixon, Willie the blues every which way LP 20,00
Slinky & P'Tit Loup Zone Bleue Disque obligatoire LP 15,00
Smith, Bessie the Bessie Smith story volume 1 LP 9,90
Smith, Jimmy A Walk On The Wild Side 2xLP 13,00
Smith, Jimmy Peter & The Wolf LP 13,00
Snowball Defroster LP 9,90
Spann, Otis Half ain't been told LP 10,00
Specht, Ansgar Nu bar trax CD 4,90
Specht, Ansgar On the move CD 4,90
Specht, Ansgar Who cares CD 4,90
Special EFX Confidential CD 4,90
Special EFX Double feature CD 4,90
Special EFX Modern manners CD 4,90
Spisek Sześciu Complot Of Six LP 15,00
Spyro Gyra Incognito LP 9,90
Spyro Gyra Morning Dance LP 9,90
Spyro Gyra Stories without words LP 8,00
Steig, Jeremy / Gomez, Eddie Rainforest LP 9,90
Steps Ahead Magnetic CD 4,90
stern, mike big neighborhood cd 6,50
stern, mike Time in place CD 6,50
steve coleman and five elements On the edge of tomorrow LP 13,00
Stitt, Sonny Genesis 2xLP 12,90
Stitt, Sonny Stomp off let's go LP 14,90
Stivin, Jiri / Dasek, Rudolf System tandem LP 13,00
stripsearch s/t cd 5,00
Sun Ra Calling planet earth CD 8,00
Sun Ra Spaceways CD 8,00
Surman, John s/t (VJD 505/2) LP 10,00
Sweet Emma .. and her Preservation Hall Jazz Band LP 10,00
Sweet Emma Her last recording LP 10,00
Sykes, Roosevelt The Original Honeydripper LP 10,00
Taj Mahal Happy just to be like I am LP 12,90
Taj Mahal Like Never Before LP 14,90
Taj Mahal Music fuh ya' LP 10,00
Taj Mahal Oooh So Good 'N Blues LP 10,00
Taj Mahal Taj LP 10,00
Tatum, Art The Greatest Piano Of Them All LP 9,90
taylor, otis clovis people vol. 3 cd 5,00
Ted Brown Sextet Free Wheeling (Japan pressing) LP 24,90
Tetterapadequ And The Missing R CD 7,90
the Blech s/t LP 13,00
the Dice of Dixie Crew 1st throw LP 9,90
the Dice of Dixie Crew Second sight LP 9,90
the Jeff Lorber Fusion Wizard island LP 12,90
the Nick Gravenites John Cipollina Band Monkey medicine LP 13,00
The Piano Has Been Drinking ... Nachtgedanken LP 12,90
The Piano Has Been Drinking Der Märchenprinz LP 14,90
The Piano Has Been Drinking S/t LP 7,90
the President Bring yr camera LP 8,00
The Quintet Jazz At Massey Hall LP 13,00
The Schismatics Vazen vol CD 10,00
the Tuba Trio Essence - The Heat And Warmth Of Free Jazz Vol. I LP 25,00
the Tuba Trio Essence - The Heat And Warmth Of Free Jazz Vol. II LP 25,00
the Tuba Trio Essence - The Heat And Warmth Of Free Jazz Vol. III LP 25,00
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble Live Im Schützenhaus LP 10,00
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble Teamwork LP 10,00
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble the break even point LP 10,00
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble Zwischenbilanz LP 10,00
Theo Jörgensmann Quartet Song of BoWaGe LP 12,90
Thompson, Barbara live in concert 2xLP 12,90
Thompson, Barbara / Argent, Rod / Hiseman, Jon / Clempson, Clem / Mole, John Shadowshow LP 9,90
Thompson, Danny Whatever next LP 10,00
Tibbetts, Steve Yr LP 30,00
Titz, Christoph Here & now CD 6,50
Titz, Christoph Magic CD 7,90
Tjader, Cal Primo LP 20,00
Tonwerkstatt Kunstwesen LP 30,00 NEU
Tony Rice Unit Mar West LP 10,00
Topham, Top Ascension heights LP 14,90
Torme, Mel It's A Blue World (Japan pressing) LP 12,90
Toshiko Akiyoshi - Lew Tabackin Big Band live at Newport II (Japan pressing) LP 20,00
Tri Atam s/t LP 12,90
Trilok Gurtu Living Magic CD 6,50
Trioscapes Seperate realities CD 8,00
Tristano, Lenni That's jazz 15 LP 9,90
Tristano, Lenni The New Tristano (Japan pressing) LP 14,90
Troijano, Domenic Burnin' At The Stake LP 9,90
Tsuyoshi yamamoto trio summertime lp 120,00
Turner, Mark Ballad session CD 7,90
turre, steve lotusflower cd 6,50
Tyner, Mccoy Cosmos 2xLP 25,00
Tyner, Mccoy Just Feelin' LP 7,90
Ultramarine De LP 9,90
United Future Organization Jazzin' LP 19,90
Us 3 Broadway & 52nd 2xLP 34,90
Us 3 Hand On The Torch CD 5,00
V.s.o.p. Tempest in the colosseum 2xLP 12,90
V.s.o.p. The Quintet 2xLP 14,90
V/A 1. New Jazz Festival Hamburg '75 LP 12,90
V/A A highly ragged guide to my king of blue(s) CD 10,00
V/a A Night Of Chesky Jazz LP 14,90
V/a Back To Blues 2xLP 10,00
V/a Back To Blues vol. 2 2xLP 10,00
V/A Bay area blues CD 6,50
V/a Blues from Big Bill's Copa Cabana LP 10,00
V/A Blues groove LP 12,90
V/A Bunt CD 5,00
V/A Dark muddy bottom blues LP 12,90
V/A Echoes of Enja LP 10,00
V/A Enja special LP 10,00
V/a Gershwin Classics 3xLP 9,90
V/A Jazz flavours at the Atlantic Jazz Festival - We're the cats that make it happen LP 9,90
V/A Jazz meets the world 2xLP 29,90
V/A Jazz Of The 60th - Free Jazz / Volume 20 2xLP 20,00
V/A Kings of drums 2xLP 9,90
V/a Masters Of Dixieland Vol. 1-6 6xLP 14,90
V/a Mo' Cookin' CD 4,90
V/a Mojo Club presents - dancefloor jazz LP 20,00
V/a New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival 1976 2xLP 13,00
V/A Session at midnight LP 12,90
V/A Tennessee Blues! LP 19,90
V/A Texas rhythm and blues LP 10,00
V/A the Atlantic Family Live At Montreux 2xLP 12,90
v/a the blues (6 records set) 6xlp 15,00
V/A the blues guitar album LP 7,90
V/A the blues legend (box set) 4xLP 19,90
V/A the blues legend vol. II (box set) 4xLP 20,00
V/A the blues legend vol. III (box set) 4xLP 19,90
V/A the Blues project LP 25,00
V/A the Eric Dolphy memorial album LP 12,90
V/a The Melody Maker - Tribute To Louis Armstrong (Box Set) 3xLP 9,90
V/A the progressives 2xLP 12,90
V/A the real Bahamas volumes I & II CD 8,00
V/a The Story Of The Blues 2xLP 7,90
v/a verve - history of jazz 10xlp 30,00
V/A Wildflowers 1 (The New York Loft Jazz Sessions) LP 20,00
V/A Wildflowers 2 (The New York Loft Jazz Sessions) LP 20,00
V/A Wildflowers 3 (The New York Loft Jazz Sessions) LP 20,00
V/A Wildflowers 4 (The New York Loft Jazz Sessions) LP 20,00
V/A Wildflowers 5 (The New York Loft Jazz Sessions) LP 20,00
Vahsen, Andreas Songs From A Pink Garage LP 7,90
Valktrio / Schild, Udo / Soll, Hendrik In the wee small hours of the morning CD 4,90
Valle, Ramon Plays Ernesto Lecuona CD 7,90
Van 't Hof, Jasper Hoomba hoomba LP 12,90
van der Geld, Tom / Children at play Out patients LP 14,90
Van Morrison / Donegan, Lonnie / Barber, Chris the skiffle session - live in Belfast CD 7,90
Van't Hof, Jasper the door is open LP 14,90
Van't Hof, Jasper The Selfkicker LP 20,00
Vaughn, Billy Golden disc (Japan pressing) LP 15,00
Virgo Lutello (wofc) LP 7,90
Volker Kriegel House-Boat (G/f Cover) LP 15,00
Volker Kriegel Inside: Missing Link 2xLP 25,00
Volker Kriegel Spectrum LP 18,00
Volker Kriegel Star Edition 2xLP 14,90
Volker Kriegel Tropical Harvest LP 18,00
Volker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra live in Bayern LP 15,00
Volker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra Octember Variations LP 15,00
Volker Kriegel & Spectrum Mild maniac LP 20,00
Vollbrecht, Timo Fly magic / Faces in places CD 8,00
von Westernhagen, Thilo Sunbeam LP 7,90
Voodoo-Gang Return of the turtle LP 14,90
Vor Der Flut Hommage An Einen Wasserspeicher 2xLP 12,90
Walker, T-Bone Stormy Monday Blues LP 17,90
Walker, T-Bone the great blues vocals and guitar of .. (Japan pressing) LP 13,00
Warsaw Stompers New Orleans Stompers LP 14,90 NEU
Washington, Grover Jr. A secret place LP 13,00
Washington, Grover Jr. Come Morning LP 7,90
Washington, Grover Jr. Feels So Good LP 13,00
Washington, Grover Jr. live at the Bijou 2xLP 13,00
Washington, Grover Jr. Mister Magic LP 13,00
Washington, Grover Jr. Reed seed LP 9,90
Washington, Grover Jr. Winelight LP 10,00
Waters, Muddy Can't get no grinding 7" 10,00
Waters, Muddy Electric mud (re-issue) 2xLP 20,00
Waters, Muddy Fathers And Sons 2xLP 18,00
Waters, Muddy Hard again LP 15,00
Waters, Muddy Muddy Mississippi Waters Live LP 15,00
Waters, Muddy the hoochie coochie man LP 15,00
Waters, Muddy the London sessions LP 25,00
Waters, Muddy the original Hoochie Coochie Man LP 10,00
Watkins, Mitch Curves CD 6,50
Wdr Big Band Al' Arab Jazz CD 6,50
Weather Report Domino Theory LP 7,90
Weather Report Heavy Weather LP 13,00
Weather Report Mr. Gone LP 10,00
Weather Report Mysterious Traveller LP 10,00
Weather Report Night Passage LP 10,00
Weather Report the collection 2xLP 13,00
Weber, Eberhard Little Movements LP 15,00
Weber, Hajo / Ingenbbold, Ulrich Winterreise LP 30,00
Wells, Junior Sings Live At The Golden Bear LP 20,00
Westbrook, Mike / Surman, John Citadel/Room 315 CD 15,00
White Eagle New Orleans Band Down In Honky Tonk Town LP 14,90
White, Josh Empty bed blues (US '62) LP 10,00
Willem Breuker the message LP 50,00
Willem Breuker Kollektief Klap op de vuurpijl 1985 LP 15,00
Williams, Anthony Spring LP 25,00
Williamson, Sonny Boy Portraits In Blues LP 10,00
Wilson, Cassandra Point Of View LP 13,00
Winston, George All the seasons of .. CD 5,00
Winston, George Autumn - Piano Solos LP 7,90
Winston, George Ballads And Blues 1972 LP 10,00
Winston, George December - Piano Solos LP 7,90
Winston, George Plains - Solo Piano CD 4,90
Winston, George Winter into spring LP 10,00
Witherspoon, Jimmy Ain't nobody's business LP 10,00
Wlodek Pawlik Trio Live At Birdland CD 7,90
Włodzimierz Nahorny Trio Heart (mono) LP 40,00
Wolfhound Another Moon Song (Jeton) LP 9,90
Xalam Goree LP 10,00
Yeti Chambers Somebody stole Gabriel's horn (direct to disc) 12" 10,00
Young, Lester Newly Discovered Performances, Vol. 1 LP 14,90
Young, Lester the Aladdin session 2xLP 20,00
Young, Lester These Foolish Things CD 4,90
Young, Mighty Joe The Legacy Of The Blues Vol. 4 LP 10,00
Yuri Honing Trio Star Tracks CD 20,00
Zawinul Dialects LP 13,00
zoepf, joachim solo reeds - elements lp 9,90
Zoller, Attila When It's Time CD 7,90