24-7 Spyz Harder than you LP 8,00
A Life Once Lost Ecstatic Trance CD 6,50
Aaron, Lee S/t LP 15,00
Ac/dc '74 Jailbreak CD 6,50
Ac/dc Back In Black LP 20,00
Ac/dc Back In Black LP 22,00 NEU
Ac/dc Ballbreaker CD 6,50
Ac/dc Black Ice CD 4,90
Ac/dc Black Ice (Hardcover Edition) CD 7,90
Ac/dc Blow Up Your Video CD 6,50
Ac/dc Blow Up Your Video LP 20,00
Ac/dc Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap CD 8,00
Ac/dc Flick Of The Switch (remastered) CD 6,50
Ac/dc Fly On The Wall CD 6,50
Ac/dc High Voltage CD 8,00
Ac/dc High Voltage LP 20,00
Ac/dc Highway to hell LP 22,00 NEU
Ac/dc If You Want Blood CD 6,50
Ac/dc If You Want Blood LP 15,00
Ac/dc Iron man 2 CD 6,50
Ac/dc Let There Be Rock DVD 6,50
Ac/dc Let There Be Rock CD 6,50
Ac/dc Let There Be Rock LP 18,00
Ac/dc Live (2 Cd Collector's Edition) 2xCD 8,00
Ac/dc live at River Plate 2xCD 10,00
Ac/dc Powerage CD 8,00
ac/dc pwr up cd 5,00
Ac/dc Pwr/up (box set w/ bottle opener) CD 13,00
Ac/dc Rock Or Bust CD 6,50
Ac/dc Rocker in flames (#468/500 (clear vinyl)) 2xLP 39,90
Ac/dc Stiff Upper Lip CD 6,50
Ac/dc Stiff upper lip (re-issue) LP 20,00
Ac/dc the razors edge CD 6,50
AC/DC Through the mists of time (picture) 12" 25,00 NEU
Ac/dc Who Made Who LP 15,00
Ac/dc Who made who? CD 6,50
Accept Balls To The Wall (Remastered) CD 4,90
Accept Balls to the walls restless & wild CD 5,00
Accept Best Of LP 14,90
Accept Blood of the nations CD 6,50
Accept Metal masters CD 6,50
Accept Objection Overruled CD 6,50
Accept s/t (Brain) LP 25,00
Accept Staying a life 2xCD 10,00
Aeverium Break Out 2xCD 9,90
After Forever Invisible Circles (mediabook) CD 10,00
Against Evil All hail the king (limited 350 copies) LP 35,00 NEU
Agathodaimon Phoenix CD 6,50
Agents Of Abhorrence Charracter Dissection LP 9,90
Aiden Disguises CD 4,90
Alestorm Leviathan CD 5,00
Amaranthe the nexus CD 6,50
Amon Amarth Deceiver Of The Gods CD 5,00
Amon Amarth Jomsviking CD 6,50
Amon Amarth Twilight Of The Thunder God CD 6,50
Amorphis Circle (box set9 CD+DVD 10,00
Amorphis Tales From The Thousand Lakes CD 8,00
Amorphis The Beginning Of Times 8DIGIBOOK9 CD 10,00
Amorphis Value box 2xCD 15,00
Anathema Serenades LP 49,90
Ancient Night Visit CD 7,90
And Aeternus LP 12,90 NEU
Angel White hot LP 8,00
Angel Witch Doctor Phibes LP 30,00
Annihilator Suicide Society 2xCD 9,90
Anthrax Among the living LP 30,00
Anthrax Armed And Dangerous 12" 25,00
Anthrax Only MCD 6,50
Anthrax Spreading The Disease LP 35,00
Anthrax Worship music CD 6,50
Anvil Hard 'n' Heavy LP 13,00
Apocalyptica 7th symphony (w/ bonus CD) 2xCD 10,00
Apocalyptica Cult CD 5,00
Apocalyptica live DVD 6,50
Apocalyptica Plays Metallica CD 5,00
Apocrypha the eyes of time LP 20,00
Apokalyptischen Reiter All You Need Is Love CD 6,50
Apokalyptischen Reiter Have A Nice Tip CD 6,50
Apothesary Accept Loss Forever CD 5,00
April Wine The Nature Of The Beast LP 10,00
Arch / Matheos Sympathetic Resonance CD 6,50
Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One Space metal (mediabook) 2xCD 10,00
Arkenstone s/t CD 5,00
Armageddon Embrace The Mystery & Three 2xCD 5,00
Armored Saint La raza CD 8,00
Armored Saint March of the saint LP 25,00
Armored Saint Nod To The Old School 2xcd 6,50
Armored Saint Punching the sky (deluxe edition) CD+DVD 30,00
Armored Saint Revelation CD 5,00
Asking Alexandria s/t CD 5,00
Asking Alexandria Stepped Up And Scratched CD 4,90
Atoma Skylight CD 6,50
Atrocity Gemini CD 4,90
Atrocity Willenskraft (w/ bonus CD) CD 4,90
Austrasian Goats, Neige Morte Split 10" 9,90 NEU
Ava Inferi Onyx CD 6,50
Avantasia The Scarecrow (Special Edition) CD+DVD 6,50
Avenger Depraved To Black 12" 74,90
Axe Battler the wrath of my steel LP 20,00
Axe Witch Pray for metal (green vinyl) 12" 49,90
Axe Witch Visions Of The Past LP 20,00
Axegrinder The Rise Of The Serpent Men LP 50,00
Axxis Access All Areas - Live CD 6,50
Axxis Hold You 12" 7,90
Axxis Kingdom Of The Night LP 10,00
Axxis Utopia CD 6,50
Ayreon 01011001 (special edition) 2xCD+DVD 10,00
Ayreon Day eleven: Love CD 6,50
Ayreon the final eyperiment CD 6,50
Azotic Reign Abstract Maledictions CD 4,90
Back Out Evilla CD 4,90 NEU
Backwater Revelation LP 15,00
Bad Steve Killing the night LP 7,90
Baghdad S/t LP 9,90
Barilari s/t CD 7,90
Bask American Hollow LP 14,00 NEU
Bassinvaders Hellbassbeaters CD 6,50
Bathory Jubileum Volume I CD 8,00
Bathory Requiem CD 10,00
Battle Path Empiric LP 5,00 NEU
Better Tomorrow Home Is Where Your Heart Is CD 4,90
Black Label Society Alcohol fueled brutality live CD 6,50
Black Majesty In your honour CD 10,00
Black Math Horsemen Wyllt CD 6,50
Black Sabbath 13 CD 6,50
Black Sabbath Attention Vol. 2 LP 12,90
Black Sabbath Born again CD 8,00
Black Sabbath Evil Woman / Wicked World (German Sleeve / 6059 002) 7" 29,90
Black Sabbath Live At Last CD 8,00
Black Sabbath Live At Last LP 25,00
Black Sabbath Master of reality CD 8,00
Black Sabbath Mob rules CD 8,00
Black Sabbath Mob rules 2xCD 15,00
Black Sabbath Never Say Die! LP 25,00
Black Sabbath Paris 20-12-1970 LP 50,00
Black Sabbath Reunion 2xCD 8,00
Black Sabbath s/t (german swirl) LP 70,00
Black Sabbath s/t / Sabbath bloody sabbath 2xCD 8,00
Black Sabbath Sabotage CD 8,00
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy LP 15,00
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy CD 15,00
Black Sabbath The Dio Years CD 6,50
Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol CD 6,50
Black Sabbath Tyr CD 8,00
Black Sabbath We sold our soul for rock 'n' roll 2xLP 25,00
Black Sabbath (Feat. Tony Iommi) Seventh Star LP 20,00
Black Shape Of Nexus Carrier 2xLP 14,90 NEU
Black Star Riders Heavy fire (mediabook) CD 7,90
Black Symphony Tears of blood 2xCD 6,50
Black Veil Brides Set the world on fire CD 5,00
Black Veil Brides Wretched and divine CD 5,00
Blackfoot Highway Song Live LP 8,00
Blackmore's Night Autumn Sky LP 119,90
Blackmore's Night The Village Lanterne CD 6,50
Bleeding Through The Truth CD 4,90
Blight The Green River Burial 7" 4,90 NEU
Blind Guardian A Twist In The Myth 2xCD 6,50
Blind Guardian And then there was silence MCD 5,00
Blind Guardian At The Edge Of Time 2xCD 6,50
Blind Guardian Beyond the red mirror CD 8,00
Blind Guardian Imaginations From The Other Side CD 6,50
Blind Guardian live 2xCD 6,50
Blind Guardian the bard's song MCD 10,00
Blind Guardian the sacred worlds and songs divine tour 2010 CD 6,50
Bloodattack Alphakiller LP 12,90 NEU
BloodThorn In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings 2xLP 30,00
Body Count Born Dead CD 5,00
Body Count S/t CD 5,00
Bolt Thrower Warmaster re-issue) LP 25,00
Bonded By Blood Exiled To Earth CD 4,90
Bonfire live in Wacken CD 8,00
Bonfire Point Blank LP 10,00
Borknagar Empiricism LP 40,00
Borknagar The Olden Domain LP 30,00
Bosque Beyond LP 14,90
Brainfever Capture The Night LP 30,00
Breslau Volksmusik CD 10,00
Breslau Volksmusik LP 13,00
Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal CD 6,50
Bring me the Horizon That's the spirit CD 6,50
Bullet Execution (belgian pressing w/ different cover) LP 10,00
Bullet For My Valentine the poison CD 5,00
Cachemira Jungla CD 7,90
Caliban ghost empire cd 6,50
Caliban I Am Nemesis 2xCD 9,90
Candlemass Ashes To Ashes - Live CD+DVD 8,00
Candlemass Tales Of Creation LP 40,00
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding CD 15,00
Carpathian Forest morbid fasciantion of death cd 8,00
Celestine At The Borders Of Arcadia CD 8,90
Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying CD 13,00
Cemetary Last Confession CD 6,50
Chainsaw Hell's Burning Up LP 25,00
Chimaira The Impossibility Of Reason 2xCD 6,50
China Sign In The Sky LP 12,90
Chroming Rose Garden Of Eden (Picture) LP 20,00
Cinderella Long Cold Winter CD 6,50
Cinderella Long Cold Winter (embossed cover) LP 20,00
Circus Of Power Magic & Madness CD 5,00
clockwork 1991 mcd 4,90 NEU
Clockwork Gombessa lp 14,90 NEU
Clockwork Gombessa CD 9,90 NEU
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ Nagrö Läuxes VIII CD 10,00
Cloven Hoof s/t (dutch pressing) LP 40,00
Communic Conspiracy In Mind CD 4,90
Cooper, Alice Bed Of Nails MCD 6,50
Cooper, Alice Billion dollar babies LP 18,00
Cooper, Alice Collection LP 10,00
Cooper, Alice Flush the fashion LP 9,90
Cooper, Alice From The Inside LP 12,90
Cooper, Alice Greatest hits cd 5,00
Cooper, Alice live on air (colored vinyl) LP 24,90
Cooper, Alice Muscle Of Love (USA box set) LP 24,90
Cooper, Alice Poison 12" 10,00
Cooper, Alice The Last Temptation CD 5,00
Cooper, Alice the life and crime of .. (box set) 4xCD 50,00
Cooper, Alice the nightmare returns DVD 6,50
Cooper, Alice Toronto Rock 'n' roll Revival 1969, Volume 4 LP 13,00
Coronatus Fabula Magna CD 7,90
Coverdale, David / Whitesnake Too Many Tears MCD 4,90
Craaft S/t LP 7,90
Cradle Of Filth Midian CD 8,00
Cradle Of Filth Thornography (yellow/green vinyl) 2xLP 80,00
Creed Human clay CD 5,00
Crematory Fly CD 6,50
Crematory Live .. At The Out Of The Dark Festival CD 4,90
Criminal Cancer CD 4,90
Criminal Dead Soul CD 9,90
Crimson Glory Transcendence LP 25,00
Crown of Asteria Ire of a bared fang CD 6,50
Crows The Dying Race LP 15,00
Cryptic Carnage Rozelowe CD 4,90
Cultural Warfare Future Kill CD 5,00
Cultural Warfare Warmageddon CD 6,50
Cyco Miko Lost My Brain! (Once Again) CD 5,00
Damian s/t 12" 14,90
Damien s/t 12" 10,00
Damn Yankees s/t LP 24,90
Damnation Angels The Valiant Fire CD 6,50
Danzig s/t CD 6,50
Dario Mars And The Guillotines The Day I Died 7" 6,90 NEU
Dark Moor The Gates Of Oblivion CD 10,00
Dark Tranquility Atoma CD 10,00
Dark Tranquility Skydancer & Of Chaos And Eternal Night CD 8,00 NEU
Darkest Era Severance (Brown Vinyl) LP 25,00
Darkest Era The Journey Through Damnation CD 4,90
Darkthrone F.o.a.d. LP 25,00
Darkthrone Too Old Too Cold (white vinyl) 12" 18,00
Dawn Heist Catalyst CD 9,90 NEU
Dawnrider Fate is calling (pt. 1) CD 6,50
Dead Christ Satans hunger 7" 14,90
Dead Register Fiber (200 copies) LP 9,90
Deadmask Under Luciferian Wings CD 5,00
Deaf & Dumb Lightnessdark 7" 4,90
death in action Toxic waste LP 20,00
death power the bogeyman LP 40,00
Def Leppard Adrenalize CD 6,50
Def Leppard High And Dry LP 14,90
Def Leppard Hysteria LP 25,00
Def Leppard Love Bites MCD 4,90
Def Leppard Pyromanis (deluxe edition) 2xCD 10,00
Def Leppard Two Steps Behind (Tin Box) MCD 8,00
Defcon Suicide LP 15,00
Deftones Adrenaline CD 6,50
Deftones Around The Fur CD 4,90
Demon Breakout LP 25,00
Demon British Standard Approved LP 15,00
Demon One helluva night - live in Germany 2xLP 25,00
Demon the unexpected guest lp 15,00
Depressive Age First Depression CD 20,00
Deserted Fear My empire CD 8,00
Desperate Corruption / Massground split 7" 4,90
Destruction Mad Butcher (picture) 12" 24,90
Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland Sealing Off The Vagina By Sewer Lid CD 5,00
Devastating Enemy Pictures And Delusions CD 6,50
Devils Slingshot s/t CD 5,00
Dew-Scented Icarus CD 6,50 NEU
Dew-Scented Impact / Inwards 2xLP 25,00
Dew-Scented Insurgent CD 6,50 NEU
Dew-Scented Invocation CD 6,50 NEU
Diamond Rexx Golden gates CD 8,00
Die Vorboten Existenz CD 6,50
Dimension Zero This Is Hell CD 6,50
Dimmu Borgir For All Tid (digipack w/ bonustracks) CD 8,00
Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions (picture) LP 35,00
Dio Diamonds - the best of .. CD 5,00
Dio Dream Evil CD 7,90
Dio Dream Evil LP 20,00
Dio Holy Diver - Live 2xCD 8,00
Dio Intermission LP 13,00
Dio Killing the dragon (limited tour edition w/ poster) CD 15,00
Dio Lock up the wolves LP 30,00
Dio Sacred Heart LP 20,00
Dio The Collection CD 6,50
Dirty Dogs Running Wild LP 7,90
Dismal Euphony Python Zero CD 4,90
Dissection Live Legacy LP 175,00
Disturbed Believe CD 4,90
Disturbed Ten thousand fists CD 5,00
Disturbed the sickness CD 5,00
Divine:Zero the cold asylum CD 7,90
Dog Eat Dog all boro kings cd 5,00
Dokken Tooth And Nail LP 15,00
Dokken / OST Dream warriors (USA pressing) 12" 25,00
Dornenreich Her von welken Nächten CD 10,00
Doro A Whiter Shade Of Pale 12" 14,90
Doro Angels never die CD 5,00
Doro Calling The Wild CD 5,00
Doro Fear No Evil CD 6,50
Doro Force Majeure CD 6,50
Doro Force Majeure LP 10,00
Doro Hard Times / Für Immer 12" 19,90
Doro Rare Diamonds CD 5,00
Doro s/t LP 10,00
Doro s/t CD 5,00
Doro S/t (W/ Poster) LP 18,90
Doro the ballads CD 6,50
Doro True At Heart CD 5,00
Doro Unholy Love 12" 14,90
Down s/t CD 6,50
dr. mastermind s/t LP 12,90
Draconian Where lovers mourn CD 7,90
Dragon Fallen angel LP 25,00
dream theater A change of Season CD 8,00
Dream Theater Awake CD 8,00
dream theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings CD 6,50
dream theater Distance over time CD 5,00
dream theater Octavarium CD 6,50
Dream Theater Once in a live time 2xCD 6,50
Dream Theater s/t CD 6,50
dream theater s/t (special edition) CD+DVD 5,00
Dream Theater Score 2xCD 7,90
Dream Theater Six degrees of inner turbulence 2xCD 6,50
Dream Theater the astonishing 2xCD 8,00
dream theater Train Of Thought CD 8,00
dream theater When Dream And Day Unite CD 8,00
Dreams of Sanity Masquerade CD 4,90
Drecksau Brecher CD 4,90
Drifter No where to hide LP 15,00
DVC Descendant upheaval LP 20,00
Edguy Rocket Ride (mediabook) CD 6,50
Edguy Vain glory opera CD 8,00
Eikostate Tribute To Perseverance CD 4,90
Eisenpimmel Befreit Abbu Bimbel 7" 7,90
Eisregen Knochenkult CD 7,90
Electric Mary III CD+DVD 8,00
Elis God's silence, devil's temptation CD 4,90
Elis Griefshire CD 4,90
Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse (Blue Vinyl) LP 50,00
Ensiferum Two paths CD 6,50
Ensiferum Victory songs CD 6,50
Epitaph Return to reality LP 15,00
Epitaph See You In Alaska LP 10,00
Epithaph live LP 12,90
Equilibrium Sagas 2xCD 9,90
Equilibrium Turis fratyr CD 7,90
Eskimo Callboy s/t CD 8,00
Eternal Rot Cadaverine CD 10,00
Europe Out Of This World LP 10,00
Europe The Final Countdown 12" 5,00
Evanescence Anywhere But Home CD+DVD 8,00
Evergrey live - a night to remember 2xCD 6,50
Evidence One Tattooed heart CD 4,90
Evil Spirit Cauldron Messiah CD 8,00
Evile Enter the grave CD 10,00
Exciter Heavy Metal Maniac LP 30,00
Exciter Unveiling The Wicked LP 20,00
Exodus Pleasures Of The Flesh LP 20,00
Extreme Cold Winter World Exit CD 8,00
Exumer Possessed By Fire LP 50,00
Exxplorer Symphonies Of Steel LP 34,90
Eynomia Break Free CD 6,50
Faithful Breath Rock Lions LP 15,00
Fen Ancient Sorrow CD 4,90
Feto In Fetus, Fulcrum, Norylsk The Strange Case Of The Missing Corpse CD 4,90
Fifth Angel s/t LP 30,00
Finntroll Nifelvind (box set) CD 15,00
Five Finger Death Punch .. and justice for none CD 10,00
Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six CD 4,90
Five Finger Death Punch The Wrong Side Of Heaven .. Vol.2 CD 5,00
Fjordheska / Cellahead Split CD 7,90 NEU
Flash Future Rock Rock CD 11,90 NEU
Forced Entry Uncertain Future (original) LP 64,90
Forever Autumn Soulscape CD 9,90
Fortress Take the night 12" 50,00
Freaky Funkin Weirdoz Mao mak maa 2xLP 30,00
Frehley's Comet Second Sighting LP 15,00
Fuck The Facts / Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay Live Split CD 5,00
Funeral In Heaven / Plecto Aliquem Capite Astral Mantras Of Dyslexia CD 7,90
Fvneral Fvkk Carnal Confessions CD 8,00
Fvzz Popvli Fvzz Dei CD 6,50 NEU
Gamma Ray Heading For Tomorrow (w/ Kai Hansen slipcase) LP 25,00
Gamma Ray Powerplant (longbox) CD 14,90
Gamma Ray the best .. 2xCD 6,50
Gamma Ray To The Metal CD 6,50
Gardenian Soulburner CD 7,90
Gathering How to measure a planet? CD 6,50
Gathering Nighttime Birds CD 6,50
Ghost Machinery Out For Blood CD 5,00
Gillan Magic (picture) LP 15,00
Girlschool Demolition LP 13,00
Girlschool Hit And Run LP 10,00
Girlschool Nightmare At Maple Cross LP 10,00
Girlschool Screaming Blue Murder LP 13,00
Giuffria S/t LP 9,90
Glamour Of The Kill The Summoning CD 6,50
Glass Hammer Culture of ascent CD 10,00
Glass Tiger the thin red line LP 7,90
Glory Bells Century rendezvous LP 15,00
Godiva Call Me Under 666 CD 5,00
Godz Nothing Is Sacred LP 7,90
Golgatha Unmaker of worlds LP 15,00
Good Rats Live At Last 2xLP 10,00
Grand Magus Hammer Of The North CD+DVD 10,00
Grave Digger War Games LP 20,00
Graveworm (N)Utopia CD 4,90
Graveworm Engraved in black CD 6,50
Graveworm When Daylight's Gone CD 4,90
Graveyard Hisingen Blues CD 7,90
Graveyard Innocence & decadence (lim. digipack w/ bonus track) CD 7,90
Graveyard Lights out CD 7,90
Graveyard s/t CD 7,90
Great White Hooked LP 45,00
Great White Once bitten LP 14,90
greta van fleet anthem of the peaceful army cd 6,50
greta van fleet from the fires cd 6,50
Grim Vision War Agony (Pink Vinyl) 7" 4,90 NEU
Grind Inc. Lynch And Dissect CD 7,90 NEU
Groinchurn / Wojczech split 7" 4,90
Guillotine Bring down the curtain LP 13,00
Guitar Pete's Axe Attack Nitemare LP 20,00
Guns N' Roses Ain't It Fun MCD 4,90
Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction CD 5,00
Guns N' Roses Estranged MCD 4,90
Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits CD 5,00
Guns N' Roses Knockin' On Heaven's Door MCD 4,90
Guns N' Roses Lies CD 5,00
Guns N' Roses Live and let die MCD 4,90
Guns N' Roses live era '87-'93 2xCD 6,50
Guns N' Roses live Tokyo '92 DVD 6,50
Guns N' Roses Since I Don't Have You MCD 4,90
Guns N' Roses the broadcast collection 1988-1992 4xCD 14,90
Guns N' Roses The Civil War Ep (Limited Edition) MCD 6,50
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 1 DVD 6,50
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 1 CD 5,00
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 2 DVD 6,50
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 2 CD 5,00
Haan Sing Praises LP 12,90 NEU
Haemorrhage Grume (picture) LP 35,00
Hagar, Sammy Cosmic Universal Fashion CD 6,50
Hagar, Sammy s/t LP 10,00
Hagar, Sammy Street machine LP 7,90
Hail Of Bullets On divine winds CD 6,50
Haken Affinity CD 9,90
Haken the mountain CD 9,90
Haken Vector CD 9,90
Halestorm the strange case of .. (deluxe) CD 6,50
Hammerfall Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken CD 6,50
Hammerfall Glory to the brave CD 6,50
Hammerfall Infected CD+DVD 8,00
Hammerfall Renegade MCD 4,90
Hammerfall Steel meets steel - ten years of glory 2xCD 7,90
Hanoi Rocks Up around the bend 12" 7,90
Havoc The Grip LP 30,00
Hawkwind Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music LP 17,90
Hawkwind Doremi Fasol Latido CD 6,50
Hawkwind Hall Of The Mountain Grill LP 19,90
Hazzard s/t LP 15,00
Heat Day In Day Out 7" 4,90 NEU
Heat Labyrinth LP 14,90 NEU
Heat Old Sparky LP 14,90 NEU
Heaven Shall Burn Iconoclast II - Bildersturm [The Visual Resistance] - CD+2xDVD 14,90
Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer (deluxe book set) 3xCD 19,90
Heir Apparent Graceful Inheritance CD 10,00
Helix Walkin' The Razor's Edge LP 15,00
Hellanbach Now hear this LP 13,00
Helloween 7 Sinners CD 7,90
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Legacy 2xCD 7,90
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part. I & II 2xCD 17,90
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part. II LP 20,00
Helloween s/t (deluxe edition) 2xCD 15,00
Helloween s/t (marbled vinyl) 2xLP 28,00 NEU
Helloween Skyfall (orange vinyl) 12" 18,00 NEU
Helsótt Slaves And Gods CD 5,00
Helstar Burning Star LP 25,00
Helstar Remnants Of War LP 25,00
Hermaphrodit s/t (blue vinyl) 7" 4,90
Hiss From The Moat The Harrier CD 5,00
Holy Moses Queen Of Siam (Aaarrg Records) LP 40,00
Holy Moses Terminal Terror (w/ insert) LP 30,00
Holy Moses World chaos LP 25,00
Horisont Second assault CD 8,00
Huntress Starbound beast CD 4,90
Hvosch Thornsmoat LP 10,00
Iced Earth Dark genesis 5xCD 9,90
Iced Earth Incorruptible CD 5,00
Iced Earth Something wicked this way comes CD 4,90
Iced Earth The Dark Saga CD 5,00
Illegal Corpse riding another toxic wave LP 15,00 NEU
Immolation Failures For Gods CD 8,00 NEU
Immured the obvious transitoriness of being 7" 14,90
impellitteri stand in line lp 10,00
In Aevum Agere The Shadow Tower CD 5,00
In Extremo Kunstraub CD 6,50
In extremo Quid pro quo (w/ bonus CD) CD 6,50
In Extremo s/t CD 6,50
In Extremo Saengerkrieg CD+DVD 6,50
In Extremo Sieben CD 6,50
In Extremo Sterneneisen CD 5,00
In Extremo Sünder Ohne Zügel CD 4,90
In Extremo Verehrt Und Angespien CD 6,50
In Extremo Weckt Die Toten CD 6,50
In Flames Colony (w/ bouns CD-Rom) CD 5,00
In Flames Siren Charms (digibook) CD 6,50
In Flames Whoracle CD 5,00
Infectious Grooves the plague that makes your booty groove CD 8,00
Inferi Vile genesis (Maelstrom variant) LP 50,00
Insomnium Shadows of the dying sun CD 8,00
Inverted Empire of darkness 7" 9,90
Iron and Stone Petrichor LP 10,00
Iron Maiden A matter of life and death CD 6,50
Iron Maiden A Real Dead One CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Best Of The Beast (box set) 2xCD 20,00
Iron Maiden Brave New World CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Dance Of Death CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Edward the great CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Fear of the dark (enhanced CD) CD 8,00
Iron Maiden From Fear To Eternity 2xCD 10,00
Iron Maiden Killers LP 20,00
Iron Maiden Killers (enhanced CD) CD 8,00
Iron Maiden live after death CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Maiden Japan (4 track german pressing) 12" 19,90
Iron Maiden No Prayer For The Dying (enhanced CD) CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Piece of mind LP 25,00
Iron Maiden Powerslave (enhanced CD) CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Rock In Rio DVD 8,00
Iron Maiden Rock In Rio 2xCD 8,00
Iron Maiden s/t LP 25,00
Iron Maiden s/t CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son (enhanced CD) CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time .. The Best Of 1980-1989 CD 8,00
Iron Maiden Stranger In A Strange Land 12" 30,00
Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls 2xCD 6,50
Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls - Live Chapter 2xCD 8,00
Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls - Live Chapter 3xLP 40,00 NEU
Iron Maiden the clairvoyant 12" 20,00
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier (Mission Pack) CD 6,50
Iron Maiden the history of Iron Maiden: the early years DVD 7,90
Iron Maiden Virtual Xi (3d cover) CD 8,00
Iron Savior Coming home CD 7,90
Iron Savior Condition red CD 7,90
Iron Savior Dark assault CD 7,90
Iron Savior Interlude CD 7,90
Ironbourne s/t CD 8,00
Isengard Vinterskugge LP 30,00
J.b.o. Meister der Musik CD 6,50
Japanische Kampfhörspiele Hardcore aus der ersten Welt LP 20,00 NEU
Jones, Steve Mercy LP 7,90
Jorn Spirit black CD 8,00
Jorn The Duke CD 8,00
Judas priest British steel DVD 5,00
Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith CD 6,50
Judas Priest Demolition - Live In London DVD 8,00
Judas Priest Firepower CD 5,00
Judas Priest Killing Machine LP 15,00
Judas Priest Killing Machine (Remaster) CD 5,00
Judas Priest live (180gr) 2xLP 25,00
Judas Priest Living After Midnight (Old Gold) 7" 4,90
Judas Priest Metal Works '73-'93 2xCD 8,00
Judas Priest Point of entry LP 15,00
Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls CD 6,50
Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls (mediabook edition) 2xCD 9,90
Judas Priest Sad Wings Of Destiny LP 25,00
Judas Priest Unleashed In The East CD 4,90
Judas Priest Unleashed In The East LP 12,90
Kadath / Immured split 7" 9,90
Kamelot The Shadow Theory 2xCD 9,90
Karma To Burn Wild Wonderful Purgatory CD 7,90
Keel the final frontier LP 10,00
Kellermensch S/t CD 6,50
Killer Shock Waves LP 18,00
Killswitch Engage s/t CD 4,90
King Diamond Abigail LP 40,00
King Diamond Fatal Portrait LP 50,00
King Diamond In concert 1987 - Abigail CD 8,00
King Diamond In concert 1987 - Abigail LP 50,00
King Diamond the best of .. CD 8,00
King Diamond the dark sides LP 20,00
King Diamond the dark sides CD 8,00
King Diamond the graveyard (digipack) CD 8,00
King Diamond the spider's lullaby CD 10,00
King Diamond Them LP 35,00
King Diamond Voodoo CD 10,00
King's X Ear candy CD 4,90
King's X s/t CD 4,90
Kingdom Come s/t CD 4,90
Kiss Ace Frehley LP 15,00
Kiss Alive 2xLP 20,00
Kiss Alive (180g editon w/ booklet & innersleeves) 2xLP 29,90
Kiss Alive 2 2xLP 18,00
Kiss Alive 2 (W/ Booklet) 2xLP 17,90
Kiss Alive II 2xCD 10,00
Kiss Animalize LP 19,90 NEU
Kiss Best of solo albums LP 15,00
Kiss Carnival Of Souls - the final sessions LP 25,00
Kiss Creatures Of The Night LP 30,00
Kiss Destroyer LP 20,00
Kiss Dirty livin' / 2000 man 12" 13,00
Kiss Double Platinum CD 6,50
Kiss Double Platinum 2xLP 15,00
Kiss Dressed To Kill LP 20,00
Kiss Dynasty LP 15,00
Kiss Dynasty (Rotes Vinyl) LP 40,00
Kiss Gene Simmons LP 15,00
Kiss Greatest CD 5,00
Kiss Hot In The Shade LP 25,00
Kiss Hotter Than Hell LP 20,00
Kiss I Was Made For Lovin' You 12" 10,00
Kiss I Was Made For Lovin' You (Red Vinyl) 12" 25,00
KISS Kiss my a** DVD 6,50
Kiss Love Gun LP 18,00
Kiss Paul Stanley LP 15,00
Kiss Peter Criss LP 15,00
Kiss Psycho-Circus (3D Sleeve) CD 8,00
Kiss Revenge CD 4,90
Kiss Rock And Roll Over LP 20,00
Kiss Rocks Vegas Nevada 2xLP+DVD 35,00
Kiss S/t LP 18,00
Kiss the elder LP 15,00
Kiss the elder LP 19,90 NEU
Kiss Unmasked LP 13,00
Kiss / V/a Kiss My Ass CD 6,50
Kolp The Covered Pure Permanence CD 7,90
Korn 3 CD+DVD 6,50
Korn Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD 4,90
korn s/t (2007) cd 5,00
Korn See You On The Other Side CD 5,00
Korn Take A Look In The Mirror CD 5,00
korn the path of totality cd 5,00
Koroded the absurd beauty of being alone CD 4,90
Korpiklaani Ukon Wacka CD 6,50
kotzen, richie electric joy (cover vg) lp 15,00
Kouvenant Animatronic CD 6,50
Krawallbrüder Venganza CD+DVD 6,50
Kreator Outcast CD 6,50
Krokus Dirty dynamite CD 5,00
Krokus Headhunter LP 13,00
Kymera Animality LP 18,00
L.a. Guns Waking The Dead CD 6,50
Lamb Of God Ashes Of The Wake CD 6,50
Lamb Of God Sacrament CD 6,50
Leftover In Other Climes CD 5,00 NEU
Legion Of The Damned Slaughtering... CD+2xDVD 8,00
Life Of Agony River Runs Red CD 6,50
Life Of Agony Ugly CD 6,50
Limp Bizkit significant other cd 5,00
Living Colour Biscuits ep 12" 10,00
Living Colour Time's Up LP 12,90
Living Death Back To The Weapons LP 18,00
Living Death Metal Revolution LP 35,00
Living Death Protected From Reality LP 25,00
Lizzy Borden Love You To Pieces LP 18,00
Lord of the lost Empyrean CD 8,00
Lordi Get Heavy CD 5,00
Lost In Misery Carousel Of Memories CD 5,00
Lost Prophets The Betrayed CD 6,50
Loudness Lightning strikes LP 15,00
Lucifugum Клеймо Эгоизма CD 4,90
Lukather, Steve Luke CD 4,90
Lunatic Invasion Totentanz CD 8,00
LYriel Leverage CD 6,50
M99 Too cool for Satan LP 7,90
Mabel Extranos (w/ Mike Tramp (WHITE LION)) LP 15,00
Machine Head Burn My Eyes (limited edition) CD 8,00
Machine Head Catharsis CD 6,50
Machine Head Hellalive CD 6,50
Machine Head Supercharger CD 5,00
Machine Head Through The Ashes Of Empires 2xCD 5,00
Magica Hereafter CD 6,50
Magnum Chase the dragon LP 13,00
Magnum Marauder LP 15,00
Maineeaxe Going for gold LP 10,00
Majesty Thunder rider CD 7,90
Malmsteen, J. Yngwie Facing the animal CD 6,50
Malmsteen, J. Yngwie Inspiration (w/ bonus tracks) CD 6,50
Malmsteen, J. Yngwie Magnus opus CD 6,50
Mandragora Scream Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves CD 5,00
Manilla Road Crystal Logic (Blue Vinyl) LP 64,90
Manowar Battle Hymns CD 6,50
Manowar Fighting The World CD 6,50
Manowar Gods of war (metal sleeve) CD+DVD 13,00
Manowar Hail to England (remastered) CD 8,00
Manowar Hell On Earth 4 2xDVD+CD 10,00
Manowar Into Glory Ride CD 6,50
Manowar Kings Of Metal CD 5,00
Manowar Kings of metal MMXIV 2xCD 17,90
Manowar Louder Than Hell CD 6,50
Manowar Sign Of The Hammer CD 6,50
Manowar the hell of steel CD 5,00
Manowar the Sons Of Odin (immortal edition) CD+DVD 13,00
Manowar The Triumph Of Steel CD 6,50
Manowar Thunder in the sky 2xCD 9,90
Manowar Warriors Of The World (gold edition) CD 19,90
Mantus Weg ins Paradies CD 8,00
Marduk World Funeral LP 50,00
Marilyn Manson we are chaos cd 10,00
Masters of Cruelty Spit on the holy grail LP 15,00
Medieval Steel Dark Castle LP 25,00
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction CD 6,50
Megadeth Dystopia CD 6,50
Megadeth Risk CD 5,00
Megadeth Rust In Pace CD 6,50
Megadeth So Far, So Good ... So What! CD 5,00
Megadeth So Far, So Good ... So What! LP 30,00
Megadeth Thirt3en CD 6,50
Megadeth Train Of Consequences MCD 4,90
Megadeth United Abnominations CD 5,00
Megora Waiting (w/ CD limited 300 copies) LP 19,90 NEU
Mekong Delta The Music Of Erich Zann (remastered) CD 13,00
Mercyful Fate Dead again (promo) CD 6,50
Mercyful Fate In the shadows CD 10,00
Mercyful Fate Into the unknown (digipack) CD 8,00
Mercyful Fate Return Of The Vampire CD 8,00
Mercyful Fate the bell witch CD 8,00
Mercyful Fate the best of .. CD 6,50
Mercyful Fate Time CD 10,00
Metal Church Blessing in disguise CD 8,00
Metallica ... And Justice For All CD 6,50
Metallica Creeping death (picture) 12" 40,00
Metallica Death Magnetic CD 6,50
Metallica Enter Sandman MCD 5,00
Metallica Enter Sandman 7" 25,00
Metallica Garage Inc. 2xCD 13,00
Metallica Kill 'em All CD 6,50
Metallica Kill 'em all (2nd UK pressing) LP 40,00
Metallica Load CD 5,00
Metallica Master of puppets CD 6,50
Metallica No Leaf Clover MCD 4,90
Metallica Nothing Else Matters (With Michael Kamen) MCD 4,90
Metallica One 12" 30,00
Metallica Reload CD 5,00
Metallica Ride The Lightning CD 6,50
Metallica S/t CD 6,50
Metallica S&m 2xCD 8,00
Metallica S&M2 2xCD 10,00
Metallica Some kind of monster (special collector's edition ep) CD 6,50
Metallica St. Anger CD+DVD 10,00
Metallica St. Anger CD 6,50
Metallica The $5,98 E.p. - Garage Days Re-Visited 12" 25,00
Metallica The $5,98 E.p. - Garage Days Re-Visited (Colored Vinyl) 12" 18,00 NEU
Metallica Until It Sleeps (Part 1) MCD 4,90
Metallica Wherever I May Roam MCD 5,00
Metallica Whiskey In The Jar (part 3) MCD 5,00
Metallica / Guns N' Roses / Bon Jovi An hour of power CD 4,90
Metallica / Reed, Lou Lulu 2xCD 7,90
Metropolis Behind Mysterious Walls CD 9,90
Metropolis Shadows Of The Past CD 9,90
Michael Schenker Group, The (Msg) Assault Attack LP 10,00
Michael Schenker Group, The (Msg) Built To Destroy LP 13,00
Michael Schenker Group, The (Msg) Msg LP 10,00
Michael Schenker Group, The (Msg) One night at Budokan 2xCD 5,00
Michael Schenker Group, The (Msg) S/t LP 10,00
Mindgrap Unlike you CD 4,90
Minion out of the carnage... lp 12,90 NEU
Mnemic Mnemesis CD 6,50
Mob Rules Among the gods CD 6,50
Mob Rules Hollowed by the name CD 6,50
Mob Rules Tales from beyon 2xCD 8,00
Molly Hatchet 25th anniversary - best of re-recorded CD 7,90
Molly Hatchet Beatin' the odds LP 9,90
Molly Hatchet Take No Prisoners LP 9,90
Monachus Out Of The Blue LP 8,00 NEU
Monster Magnet Dopes To Infinity CD 4,90
Monster Magnet God Says No CD 6,50
Monster Magnet Powertrip CD 4,90
Moonsorrow Tulimyrsky EP CD 8,00
Moore, Vinnie Mind's eye LP 12,90
Moore, Vinnie Time odyssey LP 12,90
Morgana Lefay Aberrations Of The Mind CD 10,00
Morgana Lefay The Secret Doctrine CD 13,00
Morgoth the eternal fall LP 40,00
Morifade Imaginarium CD 4,90
Mortal Pain Where somewhere is nowhere 7" 7,90
Mortification Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Promo) CD 6,50
Mötley Crue Generation swine CD 5,00
Motley Crue S/t CD 4,90
Motörhead 1916 CD 5,00
Motörhead Aftershock CD 6,50
Motörhead God Save The Queen MCD 7,90
Motörhead Inferno CD+DVD 12,90
Motörhead Iron fist LP 24,90
Motörhead March Or Die CD 6,50
Motörhead On Parole (the Rock file) LP 20,00
Motörhead Sacrifice CD 5,00
Murg Strävan LP 19,90
Mystic Prophecy Regressus CD 6,50
Naglfar Pariah LP 20,00
Napalm Cruel Tranquility LP 25,00
Napalm Zero to black LP 9,90
Napalm Death Fear, Emptiness, Despair LP 100,00
Nargaroth Prosatanica shooting angels CD 10,00
Nashville Pussy From Hell To Texas CD 10,00
Nasty Savage Indulgence LP 19,90
Nazareth Close Enought For Rock N Roll LP 12,90
Nazareth Greatest hits (Vertigo swirl label) LP 15,00
Nazareth Love hurts LP 8,00
Nazareth Malice In Wonderland LP 10,00
Nazareth Malice In Wonderland CD 4,90
Nazareth Snaz 2xLP 15,00
Neorite Banner of Defeat lp 17,00 NEU
Nevalra The Black Flame CD 5,00
Nevermore Enemies Of Reality CD 4,90
Nevermore in memory CD 6,50
Nevermore The Obsidian Conspiracy (Box Set W/ Bonus Cd) 2xCD 9,90
Night Ranger 7 wishes LP 10,00
Night Ranger Big life LP 9,90
Night Ranger Dawn patrol LP 14,90
Night Ranger Midnight madness LP 7,90
Night Ranger Sister Christian 12" 7,90
nightfyre from fortune to ruin lp 12,90 NEU
nightfyre shattered lands lp 13,00 NEU
Nightslug Dismal Fucker LP 9,90 NEU
Nightwing Stand up and be counted (picture) LP 13,00
Nightwish Century Child CD 6,50
Nightwish Dark Passion Play CD+DVD 8,00
Nightwish Highest Hopes - The Best Of .. CD 6,50
Nightwish Imaginaerum 2xcd 8,00
Nightwish Once - platin edition CD 8,00
Nightwish Over The Hills And Far Away CD 5,00
Nine Miles Down Fractures (w/ CD, limited 500 copies) LP 22,90 NEU
Noble Creed 100% handmade CD 5,00
Noble Creed For your pleasure CD 5,00
Nugent, Ted s/t cd 5,00
Nuit Noire Infantile Espiglery CD 7,90
Nuitmoire Delirant 7" 4,90
Obelyskkh The Providence 2xLP 15,00 NEU
Obituary Cause Of Death (original) LP 80,00
Obsecration Oblivious 7" 9,90
Obus Poderoso como el trueno LP 20,00
Occult 1992-1993 CD 6,50
Old Mother Hell s/t (digipack) CD 10,00
Omega Massif Geisterstadt LP 17,90 NEU
Omnium Gatherum Spirits And August Light CD 7,90
Onkel Tom Angelripper Nunc Est Bibendum CD 8,90
Opeth Sorceress 2xLP 35,00
Opeth Sorceress 2xCD 9,90
Opeth The Devil's Orchard CD 8,00
Opprobrium Discerning Forces CD 7,90
Ortega The Serpent Stirs 12" 8,00 NEU
Osbourne, Ozzy Bark At The Moon LP 30,00
Osbourne, Ozzy Bark At The Moon CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Black rain CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Blizzard Of Ozz LP 30,00
Osbourne, Ozzy Blizzard Of Ozz CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Diary Of A Madman CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Don't Blame Me DVD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Down To Earth CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Just Say Ozzy CD 5,00
Osbourne, Ozzy Live & Loud (Metal Sleeve) 2xCD 17,90
Osbourne, Ozzy Memories of a madman CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy No More Tears CD 5,00
Osbourne, Ozzy No Rest For The Wicked LP 35,00
Osbourne, Ozzy No Rest For The Wicked CD 4,90
Osbourne, Ozzy Ozzmosis CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Randy Rhoads Tribute CD 10,00
Osbourne, Ozzy Scream CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Speak of the devil CD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Speak of the devil DVD 6,50
Osbourne, Ozzy Speak of the devil 2xLP 24,90
Osbourne, Ozzy the Ozzman cometh - the best of 2xCD 8,00
Osbourne, Ozzy The Ultimate Sin LP 30,00
Over Kill 6 Songs CD 8,00
Over Kill W.f.o. CD 6,50
Overcharge Accelerate LP 9,90 NEU
P.u.s. Third World 7" 14,90
Pantera Cowboys From Hell CD 5,00
Pantera Reinventing The Steel CD 4,90
Pantera Vulgar Display Of Power CD 4,90
Paradise Lost Draconian Times CD 5,00
Parasite Inc Time tears down CD 10,00
Pariah Envision CD 10,00
Paris s/t LP 10,00
Pathogen Miscreants Of Blood Lusting Abberrations CD 6,50
Pell, Axel Rudi Best of .. anniversary edition CD 7,90
Phantom Blue s/t LP 20,00
Pianos Become The Teeth Wait for love (clear vinyl W7 black/gold splatter) 2xLP 35,00
Planks / Tombs Split LP 14,90 NEU
Plasmatics New Hope For The Wretched LP 15,00
Plasmatics / Williams, Wendy O. Maggots: The Record LP 18,00
Poison Flesh & blod CD 5,00
Poison Flesh & blood LP 30,00
Powergod Evilution part 1 LP 19,90
Primal Fear Nuclear fire CD 6,50
Primal Fear Nuclear Fire (Picture) LP 30,00
Procer Veneficus Ghostvoices CD 5,00
Prong Cleansing (tour edition) CD 8,00
Prong Third From The Sun 12" 8,00
prophets of doom Access to wisdom LP 20,00
Pungent Stench Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin 2xLP 60,00
Queensryche Bridge MCD 6,50
Queensryche Hear in the now frontier CD 6,50
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime CD 6,50
Queensryche Rage For Order LP 18,00
Queensryche Sign of the times MCD 4,90
Queensryche Silent lucidity MCD 6,50
Queensryche Take Cover CD 6,50
Queensryche the verdict CD 5,00
Queensryche The Warning LP 18,00
Quick change Circus of death LP 18,00
Quiet Riot Mental health CD 6,50
Rabbits Lower Forms (Black/white Splatter Vinyl) LP 14,90 NEU
Rage Black In Mind (Remastered) CD 4,90
Rage Speak Of The Dead CD 7,90
Rage XIII CD 4,90
Rage / Lingua Mortis Orchestra Metal meets classic live CD+DVD 13,00
Ragnarock Dornig CD 6,50
Ratt Invasion Of Your Privacy LP 15,00
Ratt Out Of The Cellar LP 20,00
Ratt Reach for the sky LP 14,90
Ratt S/t MLP 13,00
Raunchy A Discord Electric CD 6,50
Raven All For One LP 13,00
Raven Live At The Inferno 2xLP 15,00
Reinforcer the wanderer (w/ CD, limited 300 copies) LP 22,90 NEU
Remain Untamed s/t CD 4,90 NEU
Requiem Government Denies Knowledge CD 6,50
Rhapsody Dawn of victory (High-size Digibook With Hard Slipcase) CD 25,00
Rhapsody Power of the dragonflame (limited edition) CD 15,00
Rhapsody Of Fire Triumph Or Agony 2xLP 24,90 NEU
Richthofen Helden der Zeit CD 5,00
Ride The Sky New Protection CD 4,90
Riot the privilege of power CD 7,90
Riot the privilege of power LP 24,90
Rise To Remain City Of Vultures CD 4,90
Rising Abominor LP 13,00
Ritchie Blackmore Connoisseur Rock Profile Collection Volume One 2xLP 35,00
Ritchie Blackmore Connoisseur Rock Profile Collection Volume Two 2xLP 35,00
Rods Let Them Eat Metal LP 15,00
Rose Tattoo 25 to life 2xCD 10,00
Rose Tattoo Bad Boy For Life 7" 12,90
Rose Tattoo Scarred For Life LP 20,00
Rumble Militia Stop Violence And Madness LP 30,00
Running Wild Death Or Glory (EMI Noise Labels) LP 35,00
Running Wild Gates Of Purgatory LP 24,90
Running Wild Masquerade CD 8,00
Running Wild Ready for boarding CD 12,90
Running Wild Riding The Storm 2xCD 7,90
Running Wild Under Jolly Roger CD 25,00
Rust 'n' Rage One for the road CD 10,00
Sabaton the great war CD 8,00
Sacred Reich Alive At The Dynamo LP 20,00
Sacred Reich The American Way LP 30,00
Sacred Rite The Ritual LP 20,00
Sadus A Vision Of Misery (Roadracer Rec.) LP 60,00
Saltatio Mortis Für immer frei 2xCD 13,00 NEU
Saltatio Mortis Wer Wind saet CD 4,90
Samael Eternal (green vinyl) LP 35,00
Sarkom Aggravation of mind CD 4,90
Satan Earh infernal CD 13,00
Savage We got the edge 12" 18,00
Savatage Sirens - Silver Anniversary Collectors Edition CD 10,00
Saxon Best of .. CD 5,00
Saxon Crusader LP 10,00
Saxon Denim and leather LP 10,00
Saxon Power And The Glory LP 13,00
Saxon Rock the nations LP 9,90
Saxon s/t LP 8,00
Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law LP 12,90
Saxon The Eagle Has Landed - Live LP 8,00
Saxon the Saxon chronicles DVD 7,90
Saxon Wheels Of Steel LP 10,00
Scornage Ascend MCD 5,00
Scum Soulstrip 7" 7,90
Sear Bliss Letters From The Edge CD 8,00
Seelenwalzer Totgeglaubt CD 6,50
Sentenced Amok CD 5,00
Sentenced Love & Death CD 4,90
Sentenced the cold white light (digipack) CD 8,00
Sepultura A-Lex CD 6,50
Sepultura Arise CD 8,00
Sepultura Chaos A.D. CD 5,00
Sicarius God Of Dead Roots CD 8,00
Sicarius Serenade Of Slitting Throats CD 5,00
Siena Root Mountain Song 7" 6,90
Silentium Seducia CD 7,90
Sinner Comin' Out Fighting 2xCD 8,00
Sinner Dangerous Charm LP 13,00
Sinner the end of sanctuary CD 6,50
Siren No place like home LP 27,90
Sister Sin Black Lotus CD 8,00
Six Reasons To Kill Architects Of Perfection CD 3,00 NEU
Skid Row S/t CD 6,50
Skid Row S/t LP 30,00
Skid Row Subhuman race CD 5,00
Skin Tower Of Strength (Part 1 Of 2) MCD 9,90
Slash Beggars & Hangers-On MCD 4,90
Slash World On Fire CD 5,00
Slaughter Stick It live LP 24,90
Slayer Christ Illusion CD 5,00
Slayer Diabolus In Musica CD 5,00
Slayer Divine Intervention CD 5,00
Slayer Haunting The Chapel (RR 125508) 12" 35,00
Slayer Hell awaits (w/ bonus track) CD 15,00
Slayer Live Undead LP 20,00
Slayer Postmortem 12" 35,00
Slayer Reign In Blood (first pressing) LP 50,00
Slayer South of heaven (EU original pressing) LP 60,00
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone CD+DVD 7,90
Slipknot Iowa CD 6,50
Slipknot S/t CD 6,50
slipknot vol. 3 ( the subliminal verses) cd 4,90
snakebite rise of the snake lp 12,90 NEU
Sodom Agent Orange (first german) CD 20,00
Sodom Ten Black Years - Best Of 2xCD 7,90
Solemnity King of dreams CD 9,90 NEU
Solitude Aeternus Alone CD 6,50
Solution .45 For Aeons Past CD 4,90
Sonata Arctica The Ninth Hour 2xLP 18,00
Sonic Syndicate Love And Other Disasters CD+DVD 6,50
Sopor Aeternus s/t CD 6,50
Soulfly 3 CD 7,90
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger CD 4,90
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun (Promo) MCD 4,90
Soundgarden Superunknown CD 5,00
Spectral Lore II CD 8,90
Spiritual Beggars Demons CD 6,50
Staind 14 Shades Of Grey CD 4,90
Staind For Your Love MCD 2,90
Staind It's Been A While MCD 2,90
Steel Prophet Book Of The Dead CD 5,00
Steel Prophet Messiah CD 6,50
Steelhouse Lane Slaves Of The New World CD 7,90
Stinky Of Lost Things CD 6,50
Stone Fury Burns like a star LP 18,00
Stone Sour Come What(Ever) May CD 4,90
Stone Sour House Of Gold & Bones Part 1 CD 4,90
Storm Warrior Heathen warrior CD 5,00
Stratovarius Elysium 2xCD 7,90
Stratovarius Infinite (limited edition) 2xCD 6,50
Subway To Sally MCMXCV CD 6,50
Such A Surge under pressure cd 5,00
Suicidal Anorexia MHIIIMB MSBFAR CD 4,90
Suicide Silence Become the hunter CD 8,00
Susperia Predominance LP 20,00
Syranic the windscale inception CD 5,00
System Of A Down Mezmerize CD 5,00
System Of A Down s/t CD 5,00
System Of A Down Steal this album CD 5,00
Tacheless The World Needs Burning CD 6,50
Tafolla, Joey Infra red LP 15,00
Tafolla, Joey Out Of The Sun LP 7,90
Taipan Breakout 12" 18,00
Tank This Means War LP 30,00
Tankard Chemical invasion (first german pressing) CD 20,00
Tankwart Aufgetankt CD 5,00
Tarja Winter storm CD 5,00
Tarot Gravity of light CD 4,90
Ted Nugent Double Live 2xLP 10,00
Ted Nugent Gonzo! 2xCD 6,50
Ted Nugent s/t LP 10,00
Ted Nugent Survival Of The Fittest - Live 2xLP 7,90
Ted Nugent the verybest of .. CD 6,50
Tedeschi Trucks Band Made Up Mind CD 7,90
Teenage Time Killers Greatest Hits Vol. 1 2xLP 14,90
Tefra the last dance CD 9,90
Tenacious D Rize Of The Fenix CD 6,50
Terra Tenebrosa the tunnels 2xLP 30,00 NEU
Tesla Signs MCD 6,50
Testament Dark roots of earth (mediabook) CD+DVD 10,00
Testament Live At Eindhoven LP 15,00
Testament Low CD 5,00
Testament The New Order LP 50,00
The Absence Riders Of The Plague CD 4,90
The Almighty Powertrippin' 2xCD 6,50
The Angels From Angel City Beyond Salvation LP 10,00
The Defiled Daggers CD 4,90
The Firm Mean business LP 10,00
the Firm Radioactive 12" 8,00
The Great Beyond A Better Place LP 12,90 NEU
The Great Beyond s/t (yellow vinyl) LP 12,90 NEU
The Haunted Exit wounds (digipack) CD 6,50
The Moth And Then Rise LP 11,90 NEU
The Moth Hysteria LP 12,90 NEU
The Moth They Fall LP 11,90 NEU
the Old Dead Tree the water fields CD 6,50
The Ruins Of Beverast Eruvia CD 10,00
The Very End Mercy & Misery CD 6,50
The Word Alive Empire CD 6,50
Theatre Of Tragedy Aegis CD 6,50
Theatre Of Tragedy Image MCD 4,90
Theatre Of Tragedy Musique CD 6,50
Theatre Of Tragedy Strom (Limited Edition) CD 6,50
Therion Deggial (digipack) CD 10,00
Therion Leviathan II CD 13,00
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak CD 4,90
Thin Lizzy Johnny The Fox LP 15,00
Thin Lizzy Life - Live 2xLP 20,00
Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous CD 4,90
Thin Lizzy Live At Rockpalast DVD 4,90
Thin Lizzy Lizzy Killers LP 15,00
Thin Lizzy Remembering 2xLP 25,00
Thin Lizzy Renegade LP 13,00
Thin Lizzy Still dangerous CD 6,50
Thin Lizzy the boys are back in town LP 15,00
Thin Lizzy Thunder and lightning CD 6,50
Thin Lizzy Whiskey In The Jar CD 5,00
Thrasher s/t LP 13,00
Thunder Storm Sad symphony CD 10,00
Thunderhead Where You Told The Truth About Hell? CD 6,50
Thurisaz, Wolfszorn Split 7" 6,90
Thyrfing Valdr galga CD 4,90
Tidfall Instinct Gate CD 4,90
Tidfall Nucleus CD 4,90
Tierra Santa Indomable CD 12,90 NEU
Tierra Santa Legendario CD 12,90 NEU
Tobias Sammet's Avantasia the wicked symphany & Angel of Babylon (box set) 2xCD 15,00
Toxic Shock Welcome home .. LP 20,00
Trailer Trash Tracys Ester CD 6,50
Transit Break Away LP 35,00
Transit Dirty Pleasue (South Korea Pressing W/ 2 Bonus Trax) LP 35,00
Träumen Von Aurora Rekonvaleszenz CD 6,50
Tree No Regrets No Remorse CD 6,50
Tribes Of Neurot Meridian CD 7,90
Tristania World Of Glass CD 6,50
Triumph I Can Survive (Promo Cover) 7" 9,90
Triumph Stages 2xLP 15,00
Trivium In waves CD 5,00
Trivium Shogun CD+DVD 6,50
Trivium Silence In The Snow CD 6,50
Trivium the crusade CD 6,50
Trivium Vengeance Falls CD 6,50
Trouble the skull CD 10,00
Trust Repression LP 9,90
Twelfth Night Live and let live LP 10,00
Twentydarkseven Catch a fire CD 13,00
Twisted Sister Under The Blade LP 20,00
Twitching Tongues Disharmony (#41/200 red/black vinyl) LP 29,90
Tygers Of Pan Tang Crazy Nights LP 13,00
Tygers Of Pan Tang Crazy nights (w/ bonus 12") LP 20,00
Tygers Of Pan Tang Spellbound LP 15,00
Tygers Of Pan Tang The Cage LP 13,00
Tygers Of Pan Tang Wild cat LP 18,00
Ufo 1 CD 8,00 NEU
Ufo 2 - Flying LP 29,90
Ufo 2 - Flying CD 13,00
Ufo A conspiracy of stars CD 8,00
Ufo live CD 8,00
Ufo live LP 13,00
Ufo Mechanix LP 13,00
Ufo No Place To Run LP 9,90
Ufo s/t (Die Weisse Serie) LP 13,00
Ufo s/t (Profile) LP 8,00
UFO Seven deadly (limited edition) CD 8,00
UFO Stranger in the night (expanded edition) CD 12,90
Ufo Strangers In The Night 2xLP 18,00
Ufo The Beginning Vol. 8 LP 7,90
Ufo The Best Of .. CD 5,00
Ufo The Best Of .. LP 9,90
Ufo the collection 2xLP 12,90
Ufo The Decca Years CD 6,50
Ufo the visitor (limited edition) CD 8,00
Under The Pledge Of Secrecy Black Hole Mass Evolution CD 4,90
Under The Pledge Of Secrecy Black Hole Mass Evolution LP 14,90 NEU
Unearth Darkness In The Light CD 7,90
Unitra Lock up your daughters CD 7,90 NEU
Unruly Child Waiting For The Sun CD 6,50
V/A Created to kill CD 8,00
V/a Metal Hammer LP 13,00
V/A Metal killers III LP 10,00
V/a Metalmania Vol. 1 LP 13,00
V/A Power, rage and burning angels 2xLP 13,00
V/A the power of Metal Hammer 2xLP 13,00
V/a Will Evil Win ? 7" 6,90
Van Halen 1984 CD 5,00
Van Halen 5150 LP 15,00
Van Halen A different kind of truth CD 6,50
Van Halen Best of volume 1 CD 5,00
Van Halen Fair Warning LP 9,90
Van Halen II LP 13,00
Van Halen II CD 5,00
Van Halen III CD 5,00
Van Halen s/t CD 5,00
Van Halen The Best Of Both Worlds 2xCD 6,50
Van Halen Why can't this be love 12" 8,00
Van Halen Women And Children First LP 10,00
Vardis Quo Vardis LP 9,90
Vengeance Arabia LP 12,90
Venom At War With Satan (scandinavian pressing) LP 35,00
Venom Black Metal (original italian pressing) LP 35,00
Venom Die Hard 12" 20,00
Venom Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 2xLP 25,00
Venom Eine Kleine Nachtmusik CD 8,00
Venom German assault (Roadrunner) LP 30,00
Venom Live : Official Bootleg LP 25,00
Venom Manitou 12" 14,90
Venom Possessed LP 18,00
Venom The Singles 80-86 LP 20,00
Venom Warhead 12" 18,00
Venom Welcome To Hell (Original UK pressing, green lettering, NO poster)) LP 30,00
Versus The World Drink Sing Live Love CD 6,50
Vice Human S/t & Metall Attack CD 7,90
Vicious Rumors Razorback Killers CD 6,50
Victory Don't Get Mad .. Get Even LP 10,00
viking skull Born in hell CD 4,90
Vikivaki Crazy Daisy (Cbs Blitzinfo) 7" 7,50
Vildhjarta Masstaden (blue/white vinyl) LP 55,00
Virgin Steele Guardian Of The Flame LP 20,00
Vision Divine Destination Set To Nowhere CD 6,50
Vixen S/t LP 10,00
Void In the beginning there was .. 7" 9,90
Voivod Lost machine CD 10,00
Voivod the outer limits (black smoke vinyl) LP 20,00 NEU
Volbeat Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (Lim. Editon) CD 5,00
Volbeat Beyond hell / Above heaven (special edition) CD+DVD 8,00
Volbeat Live From Beyond Hell / Above Hell BluRay 6,50
Volbeat Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies CD 4,90
Volbeat Seal the deal & let's boogie CD 5,00
Volbeat Seal the deal & let's boogie (special edition) 2xCD 8,00
Wall S/t LP 9,90 NEU
War From A Harlots Mouth Voyeur CD 6,50
Warlock Burning The Witches LP 18,00
Warlock Für Immer 12" 17,90
Warlock Hellbound LP 13,00
Warlock Triumph And Agony CD 6,50
Warlock Triumph And Agony LP 13,00
Warlock True as steel LP 10,00
Warlock True as steel CD 6,50
Warlock You Hurt My Soul 12" 12,90
Warpath Massive CD 5,00
Warrior Soul The Space Age Playboys CD 6,50
wayward s/t lp 13,00 NEU
While Heaven Wept Fear Of Infinity CD 4,90
While Heaven Wept Of Empires Forlorn 2xLP 19,90
While Heaven Wept Sorrow Of The Angels LP 19,90
While Heaven Wept Vast Oceans Lachrymose 2xLP 24,90
Whitehorse / Upyr split LP 10,00
Whitensnake 1987 ( 30th anniversary edition) 2xCD 10,00
Whitesnake 1987 LP 15,00
Whitesnake 1987 CD 4,90
Whitesnake 30th anniversary edition 3xCD 10,00
Whitesnake Come An' Get It LP 13,00
Whitesnake Forevermore CD+DVD 8,00
Whitesnake Good to be bad (box set) CD 8,00
Whitesnake Greatest hits CD 5,00
Whitesnake Live .. In The Heart Of The City CD 4,90
Whitesnake Live .. In The Heart Of The City 2xLP 14,90
Whitesnake Live .. In The Heart Of The City (remastered deluxe edition) 2xCD 8,00
Whitesnake live at Donington 1990 2xCD+DVD 15,00
Whitesnake Lovehunter LP 13,00
Whitesnake Ready An' Willing 7" 10,00
Whitesnake Saints & Sinners CD 6,50
Whitesnake Slide It In CD 6,50
Whitesnake Slide it in (picture) LP 20,00
Whitesnake Slip Of The Tongue LP 13,00
Whitesnake Starkers in Tokyo CD 10,00
Whitesnake the best of .. CD 6,50
Whitesnake The Purple Album CD 6,50
Whitesnake the silver anniversary collection 2xCD 6,50
Wilde Flamme Die Zeit kommt allein und nicht zu zweit CD 5,00
Wildfire Brute Force And Ignorance LP 20,00
Winger Pull CD 10,00
Wintersun s/t CD 8,00
Wintersun the forest seasons CD 8,00
Wintersun Time I (digibook) CD+DVD 13,00
Wisdom Judas CD 7,90
Wisdom Marching for liberty CD 7,90
Witchfynde Lords Of Sin (Belgium only w/ bonus 12") LP+12" 25,00
Wolfmother S/t CD 6,50
Woodrue Low On Luck LP 11,90 NEU
Woods Of Infinity Hopplös Väntan (Black Vinyl) LP 13,00
Wortmord Wortgeburt CD 4,90
Xandria Eversleeping MCD 4,90
Xerion Cantares das loitas esquecidas CD 5,00
Xulub Mitnal S/t CD 6,50
Zero Degree Surreal World CD 4,90