18 Summers Virgin Mary CD 5,00
A Split Second Firewalker MCD 6,50
A Split Second Flesh (first pressing) 12" 25,00
A Split Second Flesh (white vinyl) 12" 30,00
A;grumh... Rebearth 12" 15,00
Advocatus Diaboli Sterbend durch die Sonne CD 7,90
Alien Sex Fiend Here Cum Germs 12" 8,00
Alien Sex Fiend Liquid Head In Tokyo LP 15,00
Alix van Ripato Red spells LP 20,00 NEU
Analogue Brain Electroshock CD 4,90
And One Spot CD 6,50
And One Virgin Superstar CD 6,50
Ash, Daniel Come alive CD 6,50
Ash, Daniel Coming down LP 15,00
Asmodaeus Lies And Logic LP 19,90 NEU
Atkins, Martin / Ogre Bedside Toxicology CD 6,50
B-Movie Forever running LP 15,00
B-Movie Nightmares in wax CD 10,00
B-Movie Nowhere Girl 12" 20,00
B-Movie Polar opposites (clear vinyl) 12" 15,00
Beborn Beton Poison MCD 4,90
Birmingham 6 Israel /my Girl 12" 12,90
blow hole Killing noise LP 9,90
Bomb Party Fish LP 8,00
Born For Bliss Flowing With The Flue CD 4,90
Boudoir Currency Of The Soul CD 5,00
Cabaret Voltaire Shadow of fear (purple vinyl) 2x12" 22,00 NEU
Cabaret Voltaire The Covenant, The Sword And... LP 13,00
Cassandra Complex (In Search Of) Penny Century 12" 19,90
Cassandra Complex Datakill 12" 9,90
Cassandra Complex Feel The Width 2xLP 14,90
Cassandra Complex Grenade LP 12,90
Cassandra Complex Moscaw Idaho 12" 13,00
Cassandra Complex Satan, Bugs Bunny And Me CD 13,00
Christian Death All The Love All The Hate - Part One: All The love LP 15,00
Christian Death All The Love All The Hate (Part One: All The love) CD 10,00
Christian Death All The Love All The Hate (Part Two: All The Hate) CD 10,00
Christian Death Believers Of The Unpure 12" 10,00
Christian Death Catastrophe Ballet (picture) LP 30,00
Christian Death Death In Detroit CD 6,50
Christian Death Deathwish (Clear Vinyl) LP 50,00
Christian Death I Hate You 12" 10,00
Christian Death I Hate You - We Fall Like Love mcd 6,50
Christian Death Iconologia CD 10,00
Christian Death Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordiaque (picture) LP 24,90
Christian Death Jesus Points The Bone At You? CD 6,50
Christian Death Only Theatre Of Pain CD 10,00
Christian Death Past, Present And Forever (picture) LP 20,00
Christian Death Prophecies CD 8,00
Christian Death Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ CD 8,00
Christian Death Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ (picture) LP 30,00
Christian Death Sick of love 12" 10,00
Christian Death Skeleton kiss MCD 5,00
Christian Death Tales Of Innocence, A Continued Anthology... CD 10,00
Christian Death the bible CD 6,50
Christian Death the decomposition of violets, an evening with .. CD 10,00
Christian Death The Heretics Alive (USA pressing) LP 15,00
Christian Death The Scriptures CD 10,00
Christian Death the wind kissed pictures (w/ booklet) LP 15,00
Christian Death What's The Verdict (3" CD w/ adapter) MCD 10,00
Clan Of Xymox s/t CD 6,50
Clark, Anne Abuse 12" 10,00
Clark, Anne Abuse MCD 5,00
Clark, Anne An Ordinary Life LP 9,90
Clark, Anne Changing places LP 10,00
Clark, Anne Changing places CD 6,50
Clark, Anne Hopeless Cases LP 10,00
Clark, Anne Joined Up Writing LP 13,00
Clark, Anne Our Darkness 12" 10,00
Clark, Anne Pressure Points LP 10,00
Clark, Anne Psychometry CD 6,50
Clark, Anne R.S.V.P cd 5,00
Clark, Anne Self Destruct (Extended Version) 12" 8,00
Clark, Anne Sleeper In Metropolis 12" 7,90
Clark, Anne Sleeper in Metropolis (3" mini CD) MCD 8,00
Clark, Anne The Law Is An Anagram Of Wealth CD 6,50
Clark, Anne the sitting room LP 13,00
Clark, Anne the sitting room CD 6,50
Clark, Anne True love tales 12" 10,00
Clark, Anne Unstill life CD 6,50
Clark, Anne Wordprocessing CD 6,50
Click Click Party hate 12" 24,90
Click Click Skripglow 12" 14,90
Clock Dva White souls in black suits LP 20,00
Coil Panic 12" 24,90
Controlled Bleeding Gag LP 10,00
Controlled Bleeding Songs from the drain LP 10,00
Controlled Bleeding the fodder song 12" 8,00
Covenant Brave New World MCD 5,00
Covenant Dreams Of A Cryotank CD 5,00
Covenant Sequencer: Beta CD 6,50
Covenant Synergy: live in Europe CD 5,00
Crowley, Aleister Eleven CD 10,00
Current 93 All Dolled Up Like Christ 2xCD 15,00
Current 93 Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor CD 5,00
Current 93 Calling For Vanished Faces 2xCD 15,00
Current 93 Crystal CD 13,00
Current 93 I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell CD 15,00
Current 93 live at Bar Maldoror CD 10,00
Current 93 Lucifer over London CD 20,00
Current 93 The Great In The Small CD 10,00
Current 93 The Moons At Your Door (white vinyl) LP 20,00
Daf (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Alles Ist Gut LP 13,00
Daf (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Brothers 12" 10,00
Daf (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Der Mussolini (UK pressing w/ different cover) 12" 15,00
Daf (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen LP 17,90
Daf (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Gold Und Liebe LP 13,00
Daf (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Se Soir 12" 5,00
Dargaard The Dissolution Of Eternity CD 4,90
Das Ich Anit-Christ CD 5,00
Das Ich Die Propheten CD 5,00
Das Ich Satanische Verse CD 8,00
Das Ich Satanische Verse CD 8,00
Daucus Karota Shrine CD 10,00
Dazzling Malicious the ghost cat & the witch house (lim. edition 77 copies) LP+CD 15,00 NEU
Dazzling Malicious / Ahnst Anders / Contagious Orgasm / Hôpital split LP 12,90
Dead Can Dance Aion CD 8,00
Dead Can Dance s/t CD 10,00
Dead Can Dance Spleen And Ideal CD 8,00
Dead Can Dance the serpent's egg CD 8,00
Dead Can Dance Wake 2xCD 8,00
Death in June Born again (picture (gold print)) 12" 30,00
Death in June Operation Hummingbird CD 15,00
Deine Lakaien Forest enter exit CD 6,50
Device s/t CD 6,50
Diamanda Galas Saint Of The Pit LP 20,00
Die Herr kam über Sie Enter the center of lust LP 10,00
Die Krupps II - The Final Option CD 4,90
Die Krupps III - Odyssey Of The Mind (Gimmick Cover) CD 5,00
Die Krupps III - Odyssey Of The Mind (Metal Box) CD 10,00
Die Krupps Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn 12" 15,00
Die Maschine Genetic Escalation CD 7,90
Die Neue Sachlichkeit Untitled 10" 9,90
Dimuzio, Thomas Headlock CD 4,90
Dreadful Shadows Burning the shrouds MCD 4,90
Dreadful Shadows Twist in my sobriety MCD 4,90
Engelsstaub Ignis fatuus: Irrlichter CD 5,00
Engelsstaub Malleus maleficarum CD 5,00
Fields Of The Nephilim Dawnrazor CD 6,50
Fields Of The Nephilim Elizium LP 29,90
Fields Of The Nephilim Elizium CD 5,00
Fields Of The Nephilim the nephilim CD 8,00
Finley, Karen Tales of taboo 12" 10,00
Flesh For Lulu Blue Sisters Swing LP 7,90
Flowerpot Men Walk On Gilded Splinters 12" 4,90
Freya Aswynn Shades of Yggdrasil CD 6,50
Front 242 06:21:03:11 Up Evil CD 6,50
Front 242 Front by front LP 20,00
Front 242 Official version LP 20,00
Front Line Assembly Caustic grip CD 10,00
Front Line Assembly Gashed Senses And Crossfire CD 10,00
Front Line Assembly Iceolate MCD 8,00
Front Line Assembly No Limit / Lethal Compound MCD 8,00
Front Line Assembly State of mind CD 10,00
Front Line Assembly Tactical neural implant CD 8,00
Front Line Assembly the blade (UK promo, w/ infosheet) 12" 9,90
Front Line Assembly Virus 12" 9,90
Gabi Delgado History of a kiss 12" 8,00
Gene Loves Jezebel Immigrant LP 7,90
Gene Loves Jezebel The Cow 12" 4,90
Gene Loves Jezebel The House Of Dolls LP 7,90
Ghost Dance River Of No Return 12" 7,90
Girls under Glass Christus CD 8,00
Girls under Glass Darius CD 6,50
Girls under Glass Positive CD 8,00
Goethes Erben Leben im Niemansland CD 5,00
Harrow, David Our little girl 12" 8,00
Holy Toy Pakt of fact LP 15,00
Hula Black Wall Blue 12" 7,90
Hula Freeze out 12" 4,90
Hunting Lodge Nomad Souls LP 12,90
Huwe, Anja (ex- X Mal Deutschland) Codes (colored vinyl) LP 27,00 NEU
In Strict Confidence Exile Paradise DVD+CD 14,90
In-D Bastion In-D Stress 12" 15,00
Informatics Accidents In Paradise 12" 17,90
Invincible Limit Push! 12" 15,00
Invisible Limits Friends 12" 5,00
Invisible Limits Love Is A Kind Of Mystery (first pressing w/ label info sheet) 12" 17,90
Jack Or Jive Prayer CD 6,50
Johnson Engineering Co. Unleash LP 9,90
Joy Division An Ideal For Living 12" 24,90 NEU
Joy Division Closer CD 6,50
Joy Division Closer LP 24,90 NEU
Joy Division Closer (clear vinyl - 40th anniversary edition) LP 30,00 NEU
Joy Division Closer (Deluxe Version) 2xCD 10,00
Joy Division Peel session vol. 1 CD 10,00
Joy Division Still CD 6,50
Joy Division Still 2xLP 35,00
Joy Division Substance 1977-1980 CD 6,50
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures CD 6,50
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures (Deluxe Version) 2xCD 10,00
Killing Joke Adorations 12" 4,90
Killing Joke Birds Of A Feather 12" 4,90
Killing Joke Me Or You? 12" 9,90
Killing Joke Outside The Gate LP 13,00
Killing Joke S/t (Australian Pressing) LP 24,90
Killing Joke the pandemonium single 12" 14,90
Kingdom scum God eat god CD 6,50
Kirile Loo Saatus - Fate CD 8,00
Kode Iv Silicon Civilisation CD 4,90
Kowalski Schlagende Wetter LP 14,90
Krankheit der Jugend Kahlgrinsleichen LP 145,00
L'ame Immortelle Zwielicht CD+DVD 10,00
Lacrimosa Angst CD 5,00
Lacrimosa Einsamkeit CD 5,00
Lacrimosa Hoffnung CD 5,00
Lacrimosa Inferno CD 5,00
Lacrimosa Satura CD 5,00
Lacrimosa Schakal MCD 5,00
Lacrimosa Stille CD 5,00
Laibach Boji / Sila / Brat Moj (cover vg) 12" 10,00
Laibach Bremenmarsch - live at Schlachthof 12.10.1987 LP 19,90
Laibach Geburt einer Nation 12" 13,00
Laibach Sympathy For The Devil II 12" 8,00
Le Blanc, Keith Einstein 12" 10,00
Le Blanc, Keith Major malfunction LP 10,00
Leaether Strip Japanese Bodies 12" 14,90
Leaether Strip the pleasure of penetration CD 6,50
Legenda Autumnal CD 7,90
Legendary Pink Dots Blacklist 12" 15,00
Legendary Pink Dots Greetings Nine (first pressing) LP 17,90
Legendary Pink Dots Princess Coldheart 12" 15,00
Legendary Pink Dots Stone Circles (Anthology) LP 14,90
Legendary Pink Dots Under Glass 12" 12,90
Lindemann F & M 2xLP 27,90
Lindemann Ich weiss es nicht & Knebel MCD 9,90
Love And Rockets Ball Of Confusion 12" 7,90
Love Like Blood Ecstacy MCD 5,00
Love Like Blood Enslaved + Condemned CD 5,00
Love Like Blood Flags Of Revolution CD 5,00
Malaria Weisses Wasser: White Water (Original) 12" 35,00
Mask For S/t LP 19,90
Meat Beat Manifesto Actual Sounds + Voices CD 5,00
Meat Beat Manifesto Strap Down 12" 7,90
Meat Beat Manifesto Subliminal Sandwich 2xCD 6,50
Mentallo & The Fixer Return to Grimpen Ward CD 8,00
Messageros Killers Boys Hotel Du Labrador LP 17,90
Ministry Filthpig CD 5,00
Ministry In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live) LP 35,00
Ministry Jesus built my hotrod MCD 5,00
Ministry Last tangle in Paris - live 2012 CD 4,90
Ministry Psalm 69 CD 4,90
Ministry With Sympathy LP 30,00
Ministry Work for love 12" 10,00
Mittageisen Automaten (Re-Issue (500 Copies)) 12" 22,90 NEU
Moev Capital heaven (extended mix) 12" 8,00
Moev Yeah whatever LP 10,00
Mr. Hilter Hilt And Run CD 6,90
Mr. Hilter Sultry Womb Phenomena CD 6,90 NEU
Murphy, Peter Final Solution 12" 4,90
Mysterious Arts Omen - The Story CD 10,00
Neon Judgement 1981-1984 LP 30,00
Neon Judgement Games Of Love MCD 6,50
Neon Judgement General Pain & Major Disease CD 10,00
New Mind Fractured CD 6,50
New Order Confusion 12" 13,00
New Order Confusion (Factory Benelux) 12" 15,00
New Order Get Ready CD 6,50
New Order International CD 6,50
New Order Republic CD 4,90
New Order True Faith '94 MCD 4,90
New Order True Faith (Remix) 12" 10,00
New Order World (The Price Of Love) MCD 4,90
New Order World in motion 12" 7,90
New Order World in motion 7" 3,00
New Order World in motion MCD 4,90
New Rage Project Totenlieder 2xCD 7,90
Nine Inch Nails Broken CD 5,00
Nine Inch Nails Fixed CD 4,90
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral CD 6,50
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral (Deluxe) CD 9,90
Nitzer Ebb Ebbheah 2xLP 25,00
Nitzer Ebb Join In The Charts 7" 6,90
Nitzer Ebb Showtime LP 14,90
Nitzer Ebb Warsaw Gehtto MCD 10,00
Nostromo Dept. Evolution 12" 16,90
Obsidian Emergin CD 4,90
Oomph! Augen Auf! MCD 4,90
Oomph! Ego CD 5,00
Oomph! Glaube Liebe Tod CD 4,90
Oomph! Monster CD 5,00
Oomph! Unrein CD 4,90
Oomph! Wahrheit Oder Pflicht CD 4,90
Oomph! Wunschkind CD 5,00
Operation Cleansweep Jerusalem (Brown Vinyl) LP 34,90
Orbo Equitum Solis A Divine Image (Picture) 7" 7,90
Orbo Equitum Solis Animi Aegritudo LP 19,90
Ordo Equitum Solis Solstitii temporis sensus CD 5,00
Pigface Fook LP 34,90
Pornosect The Noose And The Spear LP 20,00
Pornotanz Cysex 12" 9,90
Presser, Gabor Electromantic LP 9,90
Princess Tinymeat Angels In Pain 12" 7,90
Princess Tinymeat Sloblands 12" 7,90
Project Pitchfork Corps D'amour CD 5,00
Project Pitchfork Daimonium CD 6,50
Project Pitchfork Dhyani CD 4,90
Project Pitchfork En Garde! CD 4,90
Project Pitchfork Eon : Eon CD 4,90
Project Pitchfork Lam-'bras CD 4,90
Psy'Aviah Introspection / Extrospection 2xCD 10,00
Psyche Contorting The Image 12" 8,00
Rammstein Engel MCD 4,90
Rammstein Herzeleid CD 5,00
Rammstein Lichtspielhaus DVD 10,00
Rammstein live aus Berlin DVD 7,90
Rammstein Mutter CD 6,50
Rammstein Paris 2xCD 15,00
Rammstein Reise, Reise 2xLP 35,00
Rammstein Reise, Reise CD 5,00
Rammstein Rosenrot CD 6,50
Rammstein Sehnsucht CD 5,00
Rammstein Zeit 2xLP 30,00
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Paint Your Wagon LP 20,00
Relatives Menschsein Gefallene Engel CD 5,00
Renegade Soundwave Probably A Robbery.. MCD 4,90
Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers + Queers LP 19,90
Rhythm & Noise Chasms Accord LP 15,00
S.p.k. Junk funk 12" 10,00
S.p.k. Machine age voodoo LP 15,00
Scorn Colossus CD 15,00
Scorn Deliverance MCD 5,00
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel Ramrod / Boxhead 12" 7,90
Seelenkrank Silent pleasures CD 8,00
Selfless Conjunction CD 5,00
Severed Heads Dead Eyes Open (First Press, W/ "bullet") 12" 29,90
Shock Therapy Cancer CD 7,90
Shock Therapy The Great Confuser LP 12,90
Siouxsie & The Banshees Superstitious CD 13,00
Siouxsie & The Banshees The Scream (first german press) LP 24,90
Sisters Of Mercy A slight case of overbombing (lim. 1000 copies) CD 25,00
Sisters Of Mercy Doctor Jeep MCD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy First And Last And Always CD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy Floodland CD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy Greatest hits volume one CD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy More MCD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy More (USA digipack) MCD 8,00
Sisters Of Mercy More (USA promo) MCD 10,00
Sisters Of Mercy original album series CD 15,00
Sisters Of Mercy Temple Of Love (1992) MCD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy the Reptile House Ep 12" 15,00
Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion 12" 13,00
Sisters Of Mercy This corrosion (digiack) MCD 10,00
Sisters Of Mercy Under the gun MCD 5,00
Sisters Of Mercy Under the gun (DJ promo) MCD 10,00
Sisters Of Mercy When You Don't See Me MCD 8,00
Sixth Comm Asylum LP 20,00
Sixth Comm Content with blood (digipack) CD 8,00
Sixth Comm Content with blood (w/ extras) CD 15,00
Sixth Comm Paradise (numbered picture) 12" 20,00
Sixth Comm Seething (2nd pressing w/ all inserts) LP 45,00
Sixth Comm Turn of the wheel CD 10,00
Sixth Comm / Mother Destruction Pagan dance CD 15,00
Sixth Comm / Mother Destruction the little death 2xCD 15,00
Skinny Puppy Rabies CD 8,00
Sleeping Dogs Wake Sugar kisses CD 8,00
Snowy Red S/t (Re-Issue) LP 19,90 NEU
SOKO Friedhof Die Geschichte eines Werwolfs CD 5,00
Sol Invictus King & Queen (Tursa 006 CD) CD 8,00
Sol Invictus Let us prey (Tursa 005CD) CD 15,00
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller (Aus Dem Schoß Der Hölle Ward Geboren Die Totensonne) CD 15,00
Southern Death Cult s/t LP 15,00
Spasmodique Start to believe 12" 9,90
Strawberry Switchblade Since Yesterday 12" 5,00
Suicide Commando Construct x destruct CD 6,50
Suicide Commando When evil speaks CD 8,00
T99 Invisible sensuality 12" 9,90
Tear Garden Tired Eyes Slowly Burning LP 30,00
Terminal Choice No chance CD 5,00
Terminal Choice Venus CD 5,00
Test Department The Faces Of Freedom 1 2 & 3 12" 9,90
the Blessing Eternity 12" 10,00
The Cure 4:13 CD 8,00
The Cure Boys Don't Cry LP 30,00
The Cure Catch 12" 15,00
The Cure Concert - live CD 6,50
The Cure Disintegration (w/ "smooth" cover) LP 30,00
The Cure Entreat CD 6,50
The Cure Faith CD 8,00
The Cure Faith (first german press) LP 25,00
The Cure Faith (picture) LP 29,90 NEU
The Cure Greatest hits CD 6,50
The Cure High MCD 6,50
The Cure Hot Hot Hot 12" 10,00
The Cure Hypnagogic States Ep CD 4,90
The Cure Injtegration (USA box set) 4xMCD 75,00
The Cure Interview (picture) LP 7,90
The Cure Japanese Whispers CD 6,50
The Cure Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 2xLP 30,00
The Cure Lovesong (USA pressing) MCD 8,00
The Cure Mixed Up 2xLP 24,90
The Cure Mixed Up CD 8,00
The Cure Mixed up (deluxe edition) 2xCD 15,00
The Cure Never enough MCD 5,00
The Cure Never enough 7" 4,90
The Cure Paris CD 6,50
The Cure Pictures Of You (part 1 - green photo) MCD 5,00
The Cure Pictures of you (USA pressing) MCD 8,00
The Cure Pornography LP 24,00 NEU
The Cure S/t CD 8,00
The Cure Seventeen Seconds CD 8,00
The Cure Standing On A Beach - The Singles LP 30,00
The Cure the caterpillar 7" 10,00
the Cure the document CD+DVD 9,90
The Cure The Head On The Door LP 18,00 NEU
The Cure The Head On The Door LP 20,00
The Cure The Head On The Door CD 6,50
The Cure The Top (Remastered) CD 8,00
The Cure the walk 12" 15,00
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys CD 8,00
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys (remastered) LP 23,00 NEU
The Cure Why Can't I Be You 12" 10,00
The Cure Wild Mood Swings CD 8,00
The Cure Wild Mood Swings (picture) 2xLP 39,90 NEU
The Cure Wish CD 6,50
The Essence Like Christ 12" 7,90
The Garden Of Delight ENKI's Temple CD 15,00
The Glove Blue Sunshine (UK pressing) LP 20,00
the Last Bunker before Motorway A thousand gods LP 25,00
The Lost Tapes inconvenience LP 15,00 NEU
The Lost Tapes S/t LP 15,00 NEU
The Mission 1 MCD 5,00
The Mission 1V (box set) 2x7" 15,00
The Mission Afterglow MCD 5,00
The Mission Afterglow (Limited Edition Mixes CD) CD 6,50
The Mission Aural Delight CD 6,50
The Mission Blue CD 5,00
The Mission Butterfly on a wheel MCD 5,00
The Mission Butterfly on a wheel (promo) MCD 8,00
The Mission Carved in sand CD 5,00
The Mission Children CD 5,00
The Mission Children LP 13,00
The Mission Deliverance MCD 5,00
The Mission Deliverance (limited edition) 10" 15,00
The Mission Gods Own Medicine LP 15,00
The Mission II - Like A Hurricane 12" 7,90
The Mission Into the blue MCD 5,00
The Mission Into the blue (UK picture disc) MCD 8,00
The Mission Like A Child Again (numbered edition) MCD 5,00
The Mission live - no snow, no show for the eskimo LP 35,00
The Mission live & last 2xCD 15,00
The Mission Masque LP 18,00
The Mission Never again MCD 5,00
The Mission Neverland CD 5,00
The Mission Resurrection CD 5,00
The Mission Shades of green MCD 5,00
The Mission Shades of green (EU pressing, different label) MCD 8,00
The Mission Sum And Substance CD 5,00
The Mission Swoon MCD 5,00
The Mission Tower Of Strength MCD 5,00
The Mission Tower of strength (limited edition mixes) MCD 18,00
The Mission Wasteland 12" 7,90
The New Sacristy Down Below 12" 7,90
Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth LP 17,90 NEU
Tones On Tail Performance 12" 15,00
Tones On Tail Pop LP 30,00
Tones On Tail s/t LP 25,00
Trail of Tears A new dimension of might CD 4,90
Umbra Et Imago Die Unsterblichen CD 6,50
Umbra Et Imago Gedanken eines Vampirs cd 6,50
Umbra Et Imago Remember dito MCD 7,90
Umbra Et Imago the hard years CD 5,00
Umo Detic Carpe Diem 12" 7,90
Unheilig Gipfelstürmer Teil 3 10" 14,90
Untoten the look of blasphemie CD 5,00
Untoten Vampire Book CD 5,00
V/A Call of the dark 2 CD 5,00
V/A Danse Macabre Sampler Part I CD 5,00
V/a Electronic Body Music LP 15,00
V/A German Mystic Sound Sampler Volume IV LP 30,00
V/A Godfathers Of German Gothic CD 15,00
V/A Monochrome - A Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy CD 8,00
V/a My Precious! vol. 3 - a Waves radio show compilation LP 20,00 NEU
V/a My Precious! vol. 4 - a Waves radio show compilation LP 20,00 NEU
V/A New Beat - A New Style Of Music CD 6,50
V/a No Dance Compilation LP 12,90
V/a Sweet Sub/mission Vol. 1 CD 6,50
V/a The Dice Are Rolling LP 10,00
V/A The Portable Altamont CD 10,00
Velvet Acid Christ Church Of Acid CD 6,50
village of savoonga Philipp Schatz LP 10,00
village of savoonga Score LP 10,00
Village of Savooonga s/t LP 13,00
Virgin Prunes If I die, I die LP 30,00
Walk the beat Robot danzing 12" 12,90
Walking Korpses Firehead! MC 4,90 NEU
Weathermen Deep Down South 12" 7,90
Weed Hard To Kill CD 7,90
Wiseblood Motorslug (W/ Nyak Nyak Fanzine) 12" 9,90
Wiseblood Pedal to the metal 12" 9,90
Wolfsheim Casting shadows 2xCD 6,50
World Below Repulsion CD 6,50
Wumpscut Bone peeler CD+DVD 6,50
Wumpscut Gomorra CD 5,00
X Mal Deutschland Early singles 1981-1982 (colored vinyl) LP 27,00 NEU
X Marks The Pedwalk Abattoir 12" 9,90
Young Gods Only Heaven CD 8,00
Young Gods play Kurt Weill LP 19,90
Zeraphine Blind Camera 2xCD 6,50
Zos Kia Be Like Me (wofc) 12" 17,90