AUSGELEBT - Leben Kann Tödlich Sein

Leben Kann Tödlich Sein

Sunny Bastards

(CD) 12,90 €



German Punk/Core , which remembers with its agressive music and lyrics the best "Emils" ,"Toxoplasma" &"Dritte Wahl" traditions!

Ausgelebt was founded in 2000, just in a drunken mood of their members and the band was only created to get girls, beer and free concerts, or just having fun!

Years later, after chaos, lots of activities in the subculture and their first EP, its now a very serious thing and some new members making "Ausgelebt" together with the founders to a fuckin' great band!, Now Ausgelebt recorded their first longplayer!

"Leben kann tödlich sein" shows from the first tone, that just in these "modern internet-times", with lots of too fast "throwin out recordings", it's not a default to have time and to go the classic way of a band-development!

Hear it for yourtself and tell us if you thought, that this great record is a debut album, with all it's high quality sound and perfect songwriting!

Lyrics about PUNK & Rebellion...hate against politicians and their endless war for profit, fascist scum that dicriminate human kind by their color...coming to you with hardplayed guitar-riffs and brilliant solos with melodic refrains. Some songs have also a "Ska-Punk"-touch, some are more Hardcore or metal-influenced!

And even sometimes "Ausgelebt" joking about themselves, due to the fact that they don't know every solution of all this sad thinks in the world...


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