ANALENA - Inconstantinopolis



released: November 7, 2010





ANALENA is not one of many: ANALENA is an absolutely unique wave of sonic fantasy, rousing your imagination as it rolls uncompromisingly from the beginning to the end of the record. Therefore it is difficult to fit ANALENA’s poetics into a single mould – yet that does not mean that they disintegrate into a hundred pieces. On the contrary, on their new album ANALENA is compact and balanced. So take the journey through Inconstantinopolis – through the full frontal scream of lead vocal Ana, disciplined by sharp cuts of guitar and thickened by a thundering bass, which never escapes the focus of precise and sovereign drumming. Don’t miss the well-concealed melodies, nor the lucid guitar interplays. Abandon yourself to a music at once forceful and atmospheric, uncompromising and dreamy, precise and chaotic, playful and tense – to this complex and harmonious interweaving. A fixture on the map of the underground scene for over a decade, ANALENA has not fallen asleep on the laurels of its past. On the contrary, ANALENA is now even stronger and more determinedly persistent in its do-it-yourself activism.


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1.108: Cedar Calling Dawn
2.Comic Relief
3.Valley Of Things
4.Off With My Head
5.Horror Vacui
7.City Of Sunday Afternoons
8.Life In Exclamation Marks
9.Heads Or Tails
10.Seven Cakes Of Toilet Soap: An Alternative Ending


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