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Arsene Obcene

Zone Industrielle (P. Trash Clubedition #83/100)

Bad Doctors

Burning City (P. Trash Clubedition # 75/100)

City Sweethearts

Sleeping Through Modern Times (P. Trash Clubedition # 86/100)

Headache City

We Can't Have Anything Nice (P. Trash Clubedition # 69/100)


Penis Romantique

Kamikaze Trio

Rain On Your Parade

Last Communion

S/t (P. Trash Clubedition #88/100)

Latex Lovers

S/t (P. Trash Clubedition #77/100)

Local Oafs

Too Dumb To Reason, Too Fucked Up To Dream

Modern Action

Molotov Solution (Clear Vinyl/ Silver-Green Silkscreen Cover/200 Copies)


You're class, I'm trash

Mother's Children

See The Other Guy (P.trash Edition / Clear Vinyl)

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