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Autonomy, Doom Town

Split (Limited Edition Split Color Vinyl)

Bad Luck Charms

S/t (Limited Vinyl Edition)

Black Left Pinky, Frantics

Split (Limited Edition Color Vinyl)

Chip Hanna

Outlaws (Limited Edition)


The Essence Of Anger


The Whiskey Talking / Raging Pissed (Limited Tour Picture 7Inch)

Der Plan

Unkapitulierbar (Limited Edition)

Double Dagger

Masks -Ep- (Limited)

Eat The Gun

Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion


Public Flipper Limited - Live 1980-85

Heartbreak Motel

Handguns Make The Most Love

Landmine Spring

Complete Ride Session (Limited To 130 Copies)


Hit Of The Week (Limited Edition Color Vinyl)

No More Art / Doom Town

Split (Limited Glow In The Dark Edition)

Public Image Limited (Pil)

What The World Needs Now ..

Six Bullet Plan

S/t (Limited Edition)

Voight Kampff

Last House On The Right (Limited Edition)

When There Is None

Warpaint (Limited Mailorder Edition)

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