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Afghan Whigs

In Spades (Loser Edition)

Arbor Labor Union

I Hear You (Loser Edition)

Arcade Fire

Everything Now (Night Edition)

Arsene Obcene

Zone Industrielle (P. Trash Clubedition #83/100)

Autonomy, Doom Town

Split (Limited Edition Split Color Vinyl)

Bad Doctors

Burning City (P. Trash Clubedition # 75/100)

Black Left Pinky, Frantics

Split (Limited Edition Color Vinyl)

Chip Hanna

Outlaws (Limited Edition)

City Sweethearts

Sleeping Through Modern Times (P. Trash Clubedition # 86/100)


s/t (50th aniversary edition (500 copies))

Daughn Gibson

Me Moan (Loser Edition)

Dazzling Malicious

the ghost cat & the witch house (lim. edition 77 copies)

Deaf Wish

Pain (Loser Edition)

Delt, Morgan

Phase Zero (Loser Edition)

Der Plan

Unkapitulierbar (Limited Edition)


9th & Walnut (375 edition - aqua blue vinyl)


The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Loser Edition)

Everyday Things

S/t (Ltd Edition With Beige Cover)


Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic (Loser Edition)

Green River

Dry as bone (Loser edition)

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