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Afghan Whigs

In Spades (Loser Edition)

Arbor Labor Union

I Hear You (Loser Edition)

Arcade Fire

Everything Now (Night Edition)

Arsene Obcene

Zone Industrielle (P. Trash Clubedition #83/100)

Autonomy, Doom Town

Split (Limited Edition Split Color Vinyl)

Bad Doctors

Burning City (P. Trash Clubedition # 75/100)

Bad Luck Charms

S/t (Limited Vinyl Edition)

Black Left Pinky, Frantics

Split (Limited Edition Color Vinyl)

Boy Sets Fire

S/t (Deluxe Edition)


Sugaregg (Loser edition)

Car Seat Headrest

Twin Family (Mirror To Mirror) Rsd Edition

Chip Hanna

Outlaws (Limited Edition)

City Sweethearts

Sleeping Through Modern Times (P. Trash Clubedition # 86/100)

Daughn Gibson

Me Moan (Loser Edition)

Dazzling Malicious

the ghost cat & the witch house (lim. edition 77 copies)

Deaf Wish

Pain (Loser Edition)

Delt, Morgan

Phase Zero (Loser Edition)

Der Plan

Unkapitulierbar (Limited Edition)


The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Loser Edition)

Everyday Things

S/t (Ltd Edition With Beige Cover)

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